Map of Mauritius showing speed cameras


With the first speed camera of a new type reported along the Phoenix-Beau Songes link road in a previous blog post, another blogger informed us of a new speed camera, this time at Paillotte, near the entrance to Candos.

This brings me to write this new post to map them altogether. This blog post will be updated whenever needed with locations of fixed speed cameras as well as those frequent regions where mobile cameras are usually placed.

As usual, you are the most welcomed to report any new fixed speed cameras. Pictures are the most welcomed. You can mail them at yashvin[at]awootar[dot]com.

The Map


  • Map initially created with existing cameras on 10 March 2013
  • New fixed speed camera at Paillotte (10 March 2013)
  • New fixed speed camera at Phoenix (11 March 2013 – Location confirmed by Muzzammil)
  • New fixed speed camera at St Paul (13 March 2013 – Location confirmed by Siganus)
  • Two new fixed speed camera locations at Phoenix and Chemin du Sucre confirmed by Bryan on 18 March 2013)
  • New fixed camera at Mr Bricolage, Trianon. Speed Limit = 80Km/hr (Installation late on this evening of 18March2013 – Thanks to Vicki Drawka, Jason and Rikesh)
  • New fixed speed cameras just before the Trianon Flyover Speed Limit = 80Km/hr and at Coromandel’s Eugen Filling Station – 60Km/hr (Reported on 19 March2013 – Thanks to Jason)
  • New fixed speed camera at Bambous Medine (Spotted on 20 March 2013 by Ruben M and Richard T)
  • @as_miii has reported a new camera in Terre Rouge. Unconfirmed location for now. It is somewhere between Dhanush and Winners, near an aluminium shop. (Update 21st March: The camera’s location has been added to the map)
  • Another camera at Terre Rouge, near the police station. Location reported and confirmed by Muzzammil on 20th March 2013. (Update 21st March: The camera itself was not installed yet. Only the 2 flashes).
  • Tushal reported the presence of mobile speed cameras somewhere around Gokoola to L’amitié (and vice-versa) at around 16:30-17:30, apprx 3 days per week.
  • Caudan Flyover fixed speed camera installed today, the 25th March 2013.
  • Grand Riviere (Near Indian Oil)  – Fixed Speed camera spotted by @yurit0s, 60km/hr limit – 27 March 2013
  • A new fixed speed camera was installed yesterday. The camera is shooting cars driving towards the north. Thanks to YasirMx and Yaasir K for notifying me of this one. (26 March 2013)
  • Roddy L. reported a new camera along Sivananda Avenue.
  • Additionally today, Jason(@Yurit0s), Richard T and Nilex Neer reported new cameras near the Stadium at Bambous and at the entrance of Domaine Anna.
  • New camera reported just at the end of St Julien, just before Lallmatie. Location confirmed.
  • Camera reported at Camp Garreau (Central Flacq) by Rohan D. Thagalee on 22nd April 2013.
  • Pont Colville – Fixed/Mobile speed camera – The police started to place mobile cameras or use hand held radars just after the speed limit drops from 110km/hr to 80km/hr, from Bagatelle towards Port Louis (1st May 2013)
  • Bell Village – City Center Flyover – It has been reported that the police is now installing mobile cameras just after the flyover to enter the city center. Direction – From Port Louis towards Reduit.  (1st May 2013)
  • New fixed speed camera reported at Petite Riviere (near Indian Oil) by Marga while I personally found the police using hand held radar at Jumbo Phoenix (5th May 2013)
  • yurit0s has a picture of the recently painted iron structure of the camera’s support (Bambous – 24 May 2013)
  • Today (2 June 2013), I saw police officers stopping vehicles along the motorway besides Supercash (Phoenix) while one of them was armed with the hand held laser gun.
  • 2 new fixed cameras have been reported along the A7 road (From Quartier Millitaire to Flacq) by Jason ( 21 Nov 2013). Exact locations have not been confirmed yet.
  • A new speed camera, the first in Triolet has been reported on 23 November 2013. It is found along the Chemin 20 Pieds, near the new TBS garage.
  • New fixed speed camera locations at Calebasses (motorway), mobile speed camera near Ripailles Roundabout and hand held radar near Montagne Longue along the new Terre Rouge Verdun Link Road.
  • New fixed speed cameras reported by Yaseen Khadun and confirmed by Preetesh Prayag added at Midlands, La Flora and La Vigie on 30 Jan 2014
  • @yurit0s is back with his reports : 2 new speed cameras, at casela and cascavelle respectively. (14 March 2014)
  • Reports coming shows another batch of speed cameras are being installed since the last days, namely at Pont Colleville, Floreal, Poudre d’Or Hamlet, Pamplemousses / Mon Gout and Piton ( 2 August 2014 – Thanks to Yurit0s, Mishna, Neecharl, Preetesh and Rwishi)
  • New camera report at Petite Riviere by Yurit0s on 12 August 2014
  • New camera report at Riviere Noire by Yurit0s on 2 September 2014
  • Ashvin U. reported a new speed camera in St Julien d’Hotman on 05 Sep 2014
  • I decided to update the map after a very long time.
    Changes made on 16 July 1016 are:
    – Phoenix Beau Songes camera moved from the Medpoint area to the new location along the same road
    – Fixed speed camera in Arsenal Near St Joseph
    – Hand held radar at the exit of Terre Rouge Verdun on the motorway in the north
    – Hand held radar at the diversion created following crack on Terre Rouge Verdun


Rambo has captured the guys installing the cameras (27 March 2013) : 


Speed camera warning signs are being placed in the concerned areas (29th March):


New look of the cameras (24 May 2013)



Hand held Radar Camera:

Mobile Speed camera in Soreze


Camp Chapelon

Installing mobile camera in Roche Bois:


Phoenix Beau Songes


Paillotte (Siganus Sutor reported this new camera)

Camera Paillotte

Phoenix (Siganus Sutor reported camera too)


St Paul (Siganus Sutor reported camera too)


Coromandel – Near Eugen Filling Station – 60km/hr (Credits to Jason)


Trianon 1 (Near Bricolage – Camera placed just before Speed limit change from 80Km/hr to 110Km/hr)


Trianon 2 (From Phoenix Towards Trianon Flyover – just before speed limit change from 110Km/hr to 80Km/hr)


Terre Rouge, near the “Patisserie” situated in between the temple and Dhanush (60km/hr)


Terre Rouge, near the two famous bus stops  (



camera bambous

Grande Rivière (Near Indian Oil)


RCPL Port Louis (Near Caudan flyover – Limit = 80km/hr)


Roche Bois Fixed Speed Camera


Lallmatie (At the end when driving towards St Julien) (Credits to Siganus Sutor)






Pont Colleville

La Flora (1st speed camera) :


La Flora (2nd speed camera)


Petite Riviere


Riviere Noire


Post will be updated with new pics as soon as available….

Say Cheeeeeeeeseee!

The government had previously announced its intentions to introduce some dozens of cameras in the next months. Well, let’s follow up the installation of these cameras!

Don’t forget to smile 🙂

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  1. There’s one thing which pple have not noticed. the camera @ camp chapelon has 2 flash lights. one which is in same direction the camera is facing and the other is in the opposite direction.

    The opposite direction flash is just to give you impression that it works and does not. Already experienced this 🙂


      1. I want to know what is going to happen if someone put a ” fausse plaque numero immatriculation ” ? will the picture be clear enough to identify the driver ?


  2. The other evening on the motorway I was overtaken near Plaine Lauzun by Navin and the usual cohort of aggressive policemen on motorbike travelling at great speed in a flurry of flashing lights, as if somebody’s life depended on how fast they could get home. Watching them from a distance, I expected the flash to trigger when the mighty convoy passed next to it, but nothing happened. The speed camera might have been programmed not to function when the speeding vehicles are police motorbikes or large black BMWs perhaps.

    Incidentally, watch out when you drive after dusk on the motorway past Victoria station. You might think that 70 or so km/h, or even 80 km/h, is reasonable enough on a dual carriageway, especially after the peak hour has passed, but you would be wrong since the speed is limited at 60 km/h there. And the mobile speed camera has been placed there more often than not in recent times. A juicy business it must have been.


  3. Mr Brake a Phoenix, juste avan Farouk dream price, en direction de curepipe.
    mem modele ar beau songes link road la.


  4. These cameras are annoying. All accidents happen when people drive at 110 km/h +? There are places where the speed limits are insanely low. Limits on the M1 are theoretically and practically ridiculous. “Opération escargot” is illegal as well? ARGH! Ayo mone plein moi.


    1. Many places (Including Camp Chapelon and Roche Bois) are areas whereby people cross the motorway without using flyovers. Yet, the authorities have not been able to find a viable solution (The security grid they placed has already been tampered with). So, the only thing that the same authorities have thought to do:
      Place speed cameras to slow down vehicles so that they can actually see people crossing and take appropriate actions in time.

      Another example; The soreze deviation. What did they do? Place speed cameras while the road design itself s*cks big deal!


  5. This post must be sticky. Really helpful. We should do it like oversee. With real time updates etc. Yashvin can you work on this? Thx


  6. You beat me to it Yashvin.The speed camera map was on my todo list but I’ve got my hands in too many pies and never got round to doing it. Anyway, that’s going to be really helpful, so kudos 🙂


  7. The Route Du Sucre one has the following gps coordinates -20.302718,57.496535

    There is another one in front of Hamedo Car Gallery in Phoenix is at -20.279407,57.501454


  8. Hi. Can someone please tell me if those new cameras can track cars in both ways? As the one at Paillotte, Phoenix & St Paul are all set up in “opposite” direction. Thanks.


      1. i doubt it will be able to flash for both directions of traffic. may be it will snap for a photo in front of you or for a photo behind you. i don’t know. we’ll have to wait and see.


  9. If am not mistaken…..until and unless the government places pre-sign like “CAMERA ZONE AHEAD” and “CAMERA ZONE PASSED”, isn’t it illegal to shoot people without their authorization?? If I remember well, a man was caught high speeding at Pailles but then went to court and won coz their was no pre-sign of the camera. Someone please correct me if am wrong…thanks!


      1. ca meme qui appele 1 republique bananière cot ca ban ti bolom bleu la interprete la loi dan n’importe qui facon. mo esperer ena sign post la ba. du moment ena sign post mo penser dimoune pu besoin ralenti.


    1. you are right. there were no signs stating a speed camera zone. and he won his case. but afterwards road traffic act 2012 does not state the set up of signs to warn drivers.


  10. thx for the update yashvin, but got a question, shouldnt these cameras have a warning sign indicating all drivers ure entering in a camera zone? coz else its illegal ! coz got a frd who told me he was flashed at st paul with the new cam… but theres still no warning signs there :S


  11. Hello Mate

    Another one on the motorway just before St Jean ( going towards Phoenix ) just in front of Mr Bricolage ( -20.254935,57.490178 )


  12. ehh sa bann camera la p mari kass nissa. :s. P manz patin frein pou narien, dans simin la descente p mett camera pou tini masinn kan chemin libre. Patin frein p izE ar sa. KaavE letat in decide pou donne subside lor patin frein?

    Si pas tini ar frein p bizin mett lor pli gro vitesse pou retrogradE, b kaavE l’etat p monte prix lessence lerla p dir roule lor gro vitesse, ki sa bann manigance la sa.


  13. hey man thank you a lot…

    BAMBOUS -20.261171,57.407384 (FIX CAMERA) 60 Kmh

    CASCAVEL -20.288288,57.402669 (MOBILE CAMERA) 60 Kmh

    sorry no pic


  14. The mobile speed camera is 3 days at a particular road between 16.30 and 17.30.
    From Gokoolah to L’amitier and vice versa.
    Speed limit is 60km/h


  15. ene bne batiara ki ena sa , zot apiye toi lor Lessence lor permis sipaki mo goblet , lor radar, lor patin frein kom dit kamarad Eldergod Selven . Pomme d’amour cher dans bazar, reservoir zamais plein selment tous les zour lapluie torentiel ban pilluoneeee zot apiye to meme. mari difé sa , panik dans kaba


  16. Yashvin, tout to ban posts et articles seryes mais selman lor sa sujet camera la mo pas d’accord ar toi. Publier ene la liste de camera cache mo pas penser ene bon zafer. Parski sa invite dimoune a roule vite dans tout region sauf kot zot coner ena camera. Tandis ki si zot pas ti coner kot ena camera zot ti pou roule dans la limite vitesse et avec prudence. Au lieu pense fer automobiliste economise casse l’amende pense impe plis a sauve la vie dimoune. Mo ena 2 camarades et 1 membre la famille kine perdi la vie lor la route akoz chauffard ki pe roule trop vite lor chemin. Pense ene tigit aussi de point de vue pietons et lezot usagers la route parski nu tout ena camarade et fami ki usagers de la route. Nu pas envi ki demain zot perdi zot la vie akoz chauffeur ine apran lor Yashvin blogs ki pena camera dans sa region la. Alors accelerer et balier zot. Dans tout to ban articles et posts ena raison mais malheureusement sanla non. Sorry.


    1. Hi man.

      Mo vraiement dsl pu to bane proches. Mes sympaties avant tout

      Mo apprecier seki tone dir mais pause camera partout zamais ti pu resoudre probleme accident dans maurice, et surtout si p zouer cachiette. Le but c’est bien informer la population mais en aucun cas mo pas p incite dimoune roule vite. .

      Dimoune la si pane truv camera la azordi, demain ou dans ene semaine li pu fini par truv li ou so camarde pu dir li.

      Le but camera excess, c’est decourage dimoune roule vite dans sa region la. Ena dimoune si li fou et line sorti pu faire vilain, meme camera pas pu arrete li. Li pu zis peze ene frein pu 50m et li pu continier appiyer.


    2. Tout à fait le contraire ! Le but sa bane caméras là c’est bien de faire dimoune respecter limite là. Quand ène dimoune conner éna caméra li obliger respecter limite là. Si li pa fer li limem ine roder.

      Par contre si li pa conner li pou appiyer ek dépasse limite; ki li gagne ène contravention li secondaire, li fine roule pli vite ki supposer.


    3. mo trouver li ene bon kitsoz saki piti la p faire.. kumsa osi nu kav koner ki bane region ki pou pliss strangled par camera ek speed limit ! et osi ki bane regions kotte pou kav roule a l’aise !! .. apparement nek bane la ville ! .. alors ki la vigie kot ena plein accident.. pena ditout camera ziska airport ! bien drole sa !
      Pena camera non plus lors simer 20 pieds dans le nord.. et non plus lors sa simer ki alle st julien la.. kotte fine ena boucou accident mortel ! alors ki p vine mette camera dans coromandel ! ek pliss enkore rond point caudan.. !! kot si wadirer ou p alle 60km/hr la bizen dire miracle sa ! lolzz


    4. Hello @Veeraj.

      Merci pu to bane commentaires recemment 🙂
      A seki concerne sa l’article camera la, mo truver ki au contraire, li pena narien de mal. Sinon, kifer eski ti pu important ki bisin met panneau ki montrer ena camera pli devant? Eski li pas faire bane soffers roule d’apres limitation vitesse?


  17. Trianon 2:

    From Phoenix to Trianon. isn’t the camera after the speed limit change from 110km/hr to 80km/hr?


    1. Yes you are right: Probably, if you don’t drop your speed before reaching the 80km/hr, the camera will take a nice photo. There’s some unconfirmed news about more cameras in this region apart from the two ones mentioned on the motorway before and after the flyover.


      1. many don’t drop after the 80km/hr sign post. on saturday sometimes the hand-held radars are on the fly-over which leads to ebene. despite it being 110km/hr many go way above. moreover have you noticed that there are some which are on the left hand side of the road but facing the other way? .. like the on in coromandel and paillote. i thought it should face oncoming traffic on the left but its facing the other way, may be it will snap from the rear of the vehicle i don’t know, confusion confusion. pu ena sapin noel ki pu glow impe partout dan maurice.


  18. thanks for the share. it will be nice to know which frequency those speed cameras are using as many have reported they that their speed detectors are detecting something but none has said which frequency.

    moreover, people who already have speed camera / radar detector, and which are detecting those newly installed speed cameras, it will be nice to share the brand / models of their detectors to help others who are considering to buy such equipment.



    1. The new cameras work on the K band.Well, at least 2 of those fix new ones using the K band and are always operational. I will update which ones are already up and running.


  19. There will be more accidents with all those new speed cameras. Why? Everyone will be too busy looking at their dashboard and always looking at their speed instead of looking at the road.


    1. At 60km/h, it’s 16metres per second that you are travelling in each second, so if you are like 2-3 metres away and the car infront of you just press on the brake while seeing the policeman, and you checked ur speedometer in 1 second, then it will actually be too late ! 🙂
      This is absolutely not a joke 🙂


      1. I never said “slowed down” .. i said “just press the brake while seeing the policeman” this is like emergency braking..
        Now, it should be ME asking you if you drive mate because if that didn’t happen to you even ONCE !.. i doubt you drive often at least !
        “A whole second” lolz.. drivers always take a second or even more sometimes when you are just at the speed limit and you brake just to remain in the limit and you check your speedometer.
        Seemingly you either don’t drive or don’t take the highway often mate !
        My scenario is based on reality, ask all those vehicles ki “tappe par derriere la” I am sure they have a lot to tell you about their experiences.


      2. actually my comment was based on my own experience.. i just seen a police officer appear on montebello.. and i braked quickly.. unfortunately.. not enuf !! got a fine ! lolz 🙂


      3. driving 2-3m from someone else is called tailgating..and is one of the most common cause of accidents. there is usually a safety distance which needs to be kept from the vehicle you are driving 60kmh, this distance should be at least 20-30 m. nonetheless, i know many of you will flame me saying it is not possible, but then, you simply have to drive slower. and there are some asshole driver who think that the security distance you keep, is where they should be driving after changing lanes..and very often, without even using their signal lights..

        oh and if you can a whole second to see you speedometer, then try one of the following :

        1. change your seating position

        2. clean your dashboard

        3. wear specs

        4. change car

        all indicators on a car, specially the speedometer, are designed to be read at a glance by normal humans. which is also one of the reason why it is bigger than other dials on the dashboard. mirror also are to be position in such a way that just a glance gives you the information you need, if you have to turn your head or spend a whole second, man..i wouldnt wanna be driving on the same roads as you..


      4. I couldn’t not reply you after the long comment you took the time to write 🙂 hehe
        Yes my friend, it’s called tailgating 🙂 People usually do it in the fast lane to push cars driving at 60km/h in the fast lane.
        I would be interested to know what you mean by safe driving distance ?
        How can there be a safe driving distance ?
        As far as i know, you can have a safe stopping distance and my friend for a car at 60 km/h, you will need 36m in dry weather and 72m in wet weather. Can you keep 36m infront of you on the motorway ?
        To give you a comparison, a car is about 5m, That would mean keeping a safe stopping distance of 7 cars infront of you and in wet weather, a safe stopping distance of 14 cars 🙂
        That’s when you are driving only at 60km/h !
        I will not discuss about the fact of the safety and so on because it is mathematically correct that it is actually the distance you would need to stop.
        But Realistically and that’s what matters, because on the road it is all reality and people as you mentioned do not really drive well in Mauritius. I must say i am very harassed everyday by the carelessness of drivers.
        I used to speed on the motorway but since i got fined, i must say, I take some precautions now. 🙂
        Now arguments,
        1. Drive slower, I cannot drive slower, That’s why their is a limit, i am allowed to drive up to that limit, i do it if i need to or if i want to, Furthermore, Fuel is costly, driving at slower speeds of 60km/h is considered unefficient, uneconomical and thus, unecological. The efficient and economical speed for most cars is 60 km/h. (depending on the number of passengers and car engine but on average that’s it)

        2. I confirm I check my speedometer for 1 second and sometimes even more, actually, not that much in my car. But in the car of my fiancee which is a daihatsu cuore, you sit up straight and it’s tuned sporty type, with a small sporty steering wheel, so I need Atleast one second. Furthermore, i absolutely do not understand how you find this amazing that people do not do it ! For your info, i can also look for a cigarette and use a matchstick to light it up while driving.

        3. Change seating position: well, it can be done, for that, i should be able to actually change seating position, keeping the moving and no accident is not the tough part of it !

        4. Clean your dashboard, if you knew how many times, i dropped mayonnaise on me while eating a zinger and driving ! haha.. and then clean all the mess and dashboard too when i spill my soft drink while driving 🙂

        5. I do not wear specs, but many times, i wear my sunglasses while driving, this is actually the moment where you remember you forgot to put them on .. so I have to open the box, lean on the passenger side, remove the sunglasses and get back to my position.. how many seconds would that be ? i wonder ! lolz

        6, Change, obviously I will leave that to you 🙂 I am not a stunt master. But hey, it can be done ! 🙂

        7. last point and that’s where you go nasty.. Giving me a design lesson 🙂 mate really, you shouldn’t 🙂
        The reason is aesthetic, anthropometric and ergonomic. All 3 factors have a weight in that decision.
        Apparently you should check out the dashboard of the Mini Countryman, of the Mini Cooper, of the Toyota Yaris, of the Saturn Ion.. Well.. i could go on !.. Maybe you should give the car designers, a design lesson, yea ? 🙂

        Sometimes what matters, for drivers, is the aesthetic and ergonomic rather than the anthropometric part and that does matter but not really much anymore

        Talking about dials.. mate, dials are kind of vintage ! .. now with the digital display.. what will you tell me ? 🙂 hahahhaa..

        Ok you wouldn’t want to be driving on the same roads of me, I usually use the M1, royal rd in pl, and inner pl roads, that’s all you can stop using 🙂


      1. Au lieu ki GOVT p investi dans cameras,li ti supposer investi 1 peu l’argent dans ban equipment meteo.Ziska ler maurice p enkor fier la reunion pou koner si pou ena gro la pluie ou non. ANTI GOVT


  20. Ossi, tou les gramatin apartir 7hr ziska 9hr, ena camera (mobiles) lor chemin ki sorti depi rhill pou all reduit, en passant par ebene. Zot kasiette kot filling shell. Speed limit 60km/h. mone ggn mo coup moi.. pren conte.


  21. Saw this posted by Le Mechant on Facebook

    “There are now 33 speed cameras in total.
    From Port-Louis to Plaisance : Caudan to Bell Village, Camp Chapelon to Grewals, Montagne Ory to Bagatelle and St. Jean Flyover.
    From Port-Louis to Pamplemousses : Place d’Armes to Quai D, Quay D to Cocoterie/Roche-Bois, Cocoterie to Riche-Terre.
    From Port-Louis to St Jean : Cité Vallijee to GRNO/Pointe-aux-Sables, From Brabant Street to Bell Village, From Gamma Civic (Chapman Hill) & Richelieu to Beau-Bassin.
    From Port-Louis to Centre-de-Flacq : Nicolay to Abercrombie, Le Hochet to Terre Rouge.
    Rivière Noire : Bambous to junction at Médine up to La Gaulette.
    Terre Rouge to Triolet – Grand-Baie : Triolet from Lady Sushil SSS to Route Bon Air, near Solitude Junction.
    Mapou to Goodlands : Grand-Gaube Junction to Goodlands.
    Moka to Camp-de-Masque – Flacq : From junction with Route B47 to St-Pierre Bus Terminal.
    Savanne : From St Aubin to Union Ducray.
    Phoenix to Plaisance : From St. Paul to Phoenix, From Eau-Coulée to Curepipe.
    Plaine-Magnien to Mahébourg : Beau Vallon to Mahébourg.
    Candos to Vacoas : From La Caverne to Bonne-Terre.
    St Paul : From Route Berthaud to Golf Course-Gymkhana.
    Coastal Road from Rivière-Noire/Savanne – Riambel.
    The Vale : From Bois Rouge to Fond-du-Sac.
    Plaine-des-Papayes : From Police Station to Bois Mangues.
    Montagne-Longue/Crève-Cœur : Notre-Dame.
    Flacq to Mahébourg : From Caroline to Bel-Air-Rivière-Sèche.
    Flic-en-Flac : From Médine to Anna Branch Road.
    Vingt Pieds : From Sottise to Plaine-des-Papayes.
    Sivananda Road : From Curepipe to Floréal.”


  22. With reference to the speed camera on the motorway towards the trianon flyover where the speed suddenly drops from 110kms/hr to a huge drop to 80kms/hr where there is no warning that drivers will have to reduce their speed so drastically…. how is that possible unless drivers hit the brakes like in an emergency stop to kill that speed and more importantly are dirvers suppose to remember by heart where the speed is reduced every time drivers use that motorway…. I don’t think so unless there was clear warnings…. Now as always this system has been devised by our ingenious experts, the road management team who either want you to fill the pockets of the governement with speed fines or to get that flimsly A4 paper, aka permis a point filled in ever so quickly or more plausibly they just have no clue at all…


    1. Did you notice that the 110km/h signs got disappeared at Trianon?
      The idea of the permis a point is to BAN us all from driving to help down congestion on the road. It was a brilliantly thought idea.
      If we don’t get to drive, the roads won’t be jammed up with so many cars.


  23. The camera ar RCPL is operational as from 12/04 as i saw the yellow flash going all out on cars leaving PL towards pailles. seems the one at GRNW too as my detector went BEEP BEEP on thursday 11/04


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