45th independence anniversary celebrations at Stade Anjalay

Hi! As you can guess, I was at the Anjalay Coopen stadium for the traditional flag raising ceremony under the theme of “Ene pays, ene nation, ene destin…” with the following logo which won Rs100, 000. I won’t be long since for the past 2 hours, I’ve been editing the pictures for this post. No captions for pictures right now, perhaps I’ll add them later on.

My comments about this evening

Stade Anjalay cannot accommodate all the people. The police had to close down all entries to the stadium at a point in time. The huge growing crowds were angry at the doors and they blocked the doors to vehicle access inside the stadium. They are not to be blamed; the authorities have been inviting Mauritians for the past days lol. The police finally allowed them to enter and most of them were placed behind the two large screens, behind which the space was not used. But shortly after the ceremony started, the host asked the people to move from there because they can be electrocuted by the screens, which at the same time could not be used until the area was safe. All of them (probably 1/5 of the whole people at the ceremony) were moved under high security to prevent anyone entering the show area.

The show itself was ok, nothing extraordinary as compared to the ones I assisted in Champs de Mars. At least there in Port Louis, there was no crowd rush like those ones today. btw, that’s the first time I have seen so much people at one place!!! Finally, I left the place just after the closing parade and did not follow the rest of the programme, not even on TV.

Happy 45th Independence day and 21st anniversary of the Republic of Mauritius to all!

Who was there too? How did you find the show?


Police opening one of the gates to allow people in:

People entering...

Once inside the stadium; the covered part for the luckier ones:

The Stadium

To my right; Notice the coloring of the “gradin”:


One of the two screens behind which access was (initially) restricted:

The screen

Hiding from the burning sun:


Police removing security bars to allow more space for people:


The Rs100, 000 worth logo:

The official "logo"

Most probably, the organising event company:


The “mascotte” which was dancing:


Just showing – Tablet Photography:


MBC Videography:


High security


Blocking access to prevent people from entering the stadium which was (nearly) full:


^^ In case you are wondering, that’s me above ^^

Proudly showing his flag:


Showing the flag… in all ways…


Finally, allowing people to get into this part of the stadium:


Removing the flag banners all round the “gradins”:


High security, not for the show but to prevent people from entering the show area;


People officially allowed to sit in the un-used space behind the screens:


The opening parade:


MBC blocking my view grrrrrrrr:


The PM arriving, some minutes before 6pm:


Followed by the President;


The crowd growing everywhere:


Stupidity in its simplest form:


Arrival of the guest, The President of India, for the national celebrations.


Marée humaine:


Flag (middle) raising done. The flag was rolled and did not float as it should be:


And they march in!


As usual, the flag high up in the sky:


The helicopters with Emirates A380 in the far background:


The french vessel, the Transall C-160:


hehe 😛


Getting ready for its show, nothing new as compared to last year:


An Indian heli:


The National Coast Guards:


The A380 flying above the stadium:


Security deployed to move people from behind the screen to the track area:


French parachutes:


First one of them landed:


The second one carried a Mauritian Flag:


Closing Parade:


The stadium at around 7pm:


~ The end ~

30 thoughts on “45th independence anniversary celebrations at Stade Anjalay

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  1. La polis inn sekestre bann members Azir Moris zordi, ek ziska ler pankor kone kot zot ete, pankor large ziska ler; zot ti pou deploy enn gro NO TO COAL dans stade


  2. ImP matte.. quand to conNE ki kaliT souffrance population pe fer face.. apres pe vine depense sa quantiT cash la dans ene fete!

    apres PM vini pou dire ki ban moricien pe baigne dans la satisfaction!,,


    1. We celebrate Independence Day one time per year. I don’t think we have wasted money too much on the shows. The show was nice particularly the different lights they used. If like this we should not celebrate.


    2. Nope, I don’t have any number! But how much you think it was? 1 billion? 2 billions?

      We did not welcome any famous international singer this year, most of the animations, dances and artists were mostly the same, they only added some light effects to enrich the beauty of the show.

      And also, do you have a number of what was the cost?


  3. Organising Company ; Move for art, Impact pproduction, DBvision, BEdouin tents, Focuslite, Damoo, etc… All majors Audiovisual companies was working together for creating this show since January.


  4. I found the shows nice. The dances at the beginning were good to watch.

    However, I was a bit disappointed the amount of time they took to begin the movie on the TV. They had to disperse the crowd as well when they could prevent this earlier by installing barriers around. This was totally not well-planned! Sadly, not all equipment from SMF also were shown compared to previous years.


    1. Probably because Champs de Mars was too “low class” to welcome the President. Seriously, I think that they wanted to have more people attending but they never expected that amount of patriots to come! They underestimated the Mauritian people 🙂


      1. Because there was a barrier trial on Tuesday for the horses plus with the new horse racing season starting next week, the MTC declined to host the event there.


    2. coz they voted a beget of Rs60m to renovate the Anjaley stadium for the 12 march ceremony.

      Cot ena $$$ zot la meme


  5. What I liked:

    – the only acrobat of the show who was not captured on TV, but on Yashvinblogs only: had he fallen…

    – very well prepared parades, especially by uniformed forces

    – LED-lined costumes for athletes like Milazar

    – lights show and laser-lined lanes for Milazar to run in the dark

    – LED-lined stick figures of red-blue-yellow-green colours running around merrily

    – costumes of singers / dancers: incredibly original, should be retained for the next Miss Mauritius.

    – air show with helicopters, airplanes, special manoeuvres and parachutes: wow!

    – the official logo (yeah, I know) of the Mauritian celebrations painted on the A380: nice hommage to the welcome that Emirates has received here

    – The screens and general preparations: well coordinated, no ‘temps mort’, lively and upbeat

    – the crowd cheering like one: the last time I heard that was the football final of Indian Ocean games of 2003 won by Club M

    What I disliked:

    – overdose of Indian presence: bollywood songs, Indian navy, Indian helicopter parading with an Indian flag, Indian president (we already had Pratibha Patil some years ago), Indian-tinged ‘La Rivière Tannier’…

    – The songs… The Eski-like spoken-word / pseudo-poem

    – The Fazsoi: still with their tricolore, probably unaware that Isle de France is now Mauritius who drives on the left, not a DOM-TOM, Quoique, certains avec leur mentalité de DOM-TOM-pom…

    – The blatantly amateurish unpreparedness of prison officers parading out-of-synch, in the middle of other perfectly synchronised forces…

    – The combination of (1) unpreparedness of organisers concerning the success of their promotional campaign (they unfortunately bargained on Mauritians being not patriotic enough to join the national celebrations: that’ll teach them next time!), (2) unprofessionalism of security services for letting people in ‘under pressure’ from the crowd, (3) uncouth manners from the people who did not realise that there was no way they could get inside the jam-packed arena – probably an extension of their ego and never-back-off attitude (4) stupidity of the same people with no sitting accomodation who ventured to wander on the pitch, despite being warned of the potential dangers – what a sight for the foreign guests of honour…

    – Last but not least: Veena R wearing black spectacles (kankréla) just like those of Nandini S… There, I said it: hit me! 🙂

    Overall, one of the best shows we’ve been given for years. pourvu qu’ça dure!


    1. I miss those years during which the Mauritius Police Force Moto Traffic Officers did a show with their vehicles. If some of you still remember, they moved around in different formations and even showing some acrobatic moves.

      Nothing new for this year’s show. Lasers and blabla don’t count in the beauty of the original show and associated parade.


      1. Ah, yes, these were the Dayal days!

        Until he became too familiar with our devotees’ coins in his temples and with motorbike suppliers… Remember that comment that the Senior Judge wrote in his Enquiry about his way of conducting affairs: “That’s what we can call life!”


        But if you don’t want post-2000 lasers and LED’s you can still suggest lépok margoz candles and hand-held calistenics (remember these?) 🙂


  6. “stupidity in its simplest form” LOL
    haha 😀

    i saw the women with the flag dress on my way towards nicoliere btw 😛

    the host stated abt moving form the screen area with wordings like ” ena 10000 volt dan sa bane laser la , ena bkp cas dimune zt liziE in brilE avec laser”, seriously were they taking mauritians for fool that moment? 10000 volt?


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