Summoned 2 police officers to take appropriate action against a car washer

Good morning friends.

Wonderful Saturday, isn’t it? And some people thought that it was the ideal sunny day to wash their cars. Their worst mistake, as long as I’m around. Let’s see how.

Some mins ago, I was walking to my car, parked near MCB Triolet when I noticed a guy washing his car with a running water through a hose, in a private lane. I observed carefully. Yes, it was a water hose, connected to a water tap, just like any other one.

Just then, 2 police officers (including a woman police officer) passed by, totally ignoring the car washer, even though water was overflowing the private lane and started to flow over the main road of Triolet too.

Police Officers, Y U NO SEE?

I approached the two of them, and asked them politely : “Eski gagne droit lave loto r lanse?”.

“No” replied the woman police officer.

“B kouma zotte pas ine remarker ki sa boug la p lave so loto en grand avec 1 lanse?” I replied back, pointing to the car. As far as I know, there is a prohibition for washing of cars/buildings since the 9th February 2012. The other police officer got closer and asked what was the problem. I told him the same thing and drew their attention on the fact that they have not noticed this water wastage.

It was then that they decided to walk to the spot while I stood at a distance, snapping pictures with my temporary 2MP mobile camera. They were noting down something on their notepad when I approached them to inform them that I will personally come to the Police Station to follow up the matter. One of the police officers asked for my name, which I gave without hesitation.

Satisfied that I fulfilled my responsibility as a law abiding Mauritian, I walked to my car while more people (including the car owners) gathered around the police officers.

I will keep you updated as I said, I will personally follow up this matter.

Keep tuned and remember, never fear anyone as long as you are confident. Lastly, I repeat, hate me as much as you can, because I dare to say the bitter truth!



Update @ 17:59

As promised, I went to the police station to follow up the case. I spent nearly 30minutes with a police constable, who was very understanding and helpful! A quick sum up for you :

According to the Police Diary Book, the police officers (new recruits) issued only a warning to the vehicle owner. Period.

I asked the police constable if this was what in the law, that is, does the police have a right to issue only a warning, because as far as I know, there is absolutely no warnings to be issued. You are caught wasting water, a police case  is filed against you and appropriate actions will be taken (fines/imprisonment). The police constable agreed with me and I said that I will personally ensure that this case is handled properly.

He wrote an entry into the police diary book  and he assured me that he will look into the matter and verbalise the person, according to the law. He took my phone number and I told him not to worry, I will myself come again to the police station because it is not normal that (1) I had to inform the police officers of their job and (2) No action was taken.

Finally, as some people commented that I am an ass hole. Note to them : Just make sure you don’t come into my way because I may sh*t on you! 😛

Post will be updated as needed. Keep tune for updates.


Update 15th April 2012 :

I paid a visit to the Police Station yesterday and met the police constable who talked to me the week before. I asked him about the case. He told me that he already talked to some police sergeant or inspector who said that they will fine the guy.

“How can I be sure that the work is being done?” I inquired?

He told me that he will give me a call during the week to inform me of any new development in my complaint.

So, till now, nothing yet. Let’s wait…


Update 16th April 2012 :

A police constable from Triolet Police Station gave me a call today. He told me that legal actions are being taken against the person mentioned above. wins 🙂

Still, I will try to see if I can get any proof about what has been said to me over the phone.

Thanks for your support,



99 thoughts on “Summoned 2 police officers to take appropriate action against a car washer

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  1. To action li bon sans vraiment l’etre!! Dimoune la apre pa coner komien mois 1 zour line decide lave so pa trouver ki reservoir ine fini vide kan line fer sa!! Et d’ailleurs mo pa croire dans triolet nu vraiment gagne 1 gro problem delo!! Si boug la vraimem al fermer li pa pu pez lourd lor to conscience sa..cpv ena 1 fami derriere li!!!! Enfin ki pu fer..its a no win situation!!! Pu nou assize devan lecran nek ecrire seki nu envi li extra pa cpv sanz mindset dimoune! Saken pense kumen li envi!! Mais moi si demain mo trouve 1 vieux pauvre malheureux p nettoye so ti lacours etc..avek delo mo pa pu ena courage denonce li!! A+


  2. ena imper le temps avant tou dimune dan moris kompran ki pa bzin gaspille delo…kan to report abus, to pass pu macro lepep, kan to reste trankil, to fer macro r seki p gaspiy delo la…kot p aller dan sa pays la?


  3. Good job..I remember when I did the same when I reported a bus expelling black fumes. Nothing was done. I hope that Police get more responsible in Mauritius.


  4. Update 16th April 2012 :
    A police constable from Triolet Police Station gave me a call today. He told me that legal actions are being taken against the person mentioned above.
    Text :


  5. tel me you gonna take responsibility for your immoral action if i inform the person concerned that you are the villain? that would make 1 more post for you to blog your fate maybe! 
    to 1 dimoune soidisan eduker kine fer universiter.. to pena lesprit pu juger ki reservoir plein a 100% et p deborder. 
    si gagne bon pu met la terre dan manzer dimoune, bein laisse karma fer so travaye! konE ki to p fer!!


  6. except that he will have an excellent defence – he has already been given a warning and therefore no additional action can be taken – autrefois convict


  7. If water is not to be wasted u should not wash ur asshole , or either when u finish washing ur asshole, drink the water instead of flushing it in the pit,, beware of wat u do and say mate. this may return to u. 


  8. Truc bidon sa restriction lave loto la -_-‘ Pays la pa en mank delo ditou. c vier tuyo ki p faire perte delo partou. to roul dan bidonville port louis to trouv tuyo casser, nek CWA pa trouver sa.

    Mone al flacq, si to trouv quantiter delo dan la riviere p d flacq sa, to pa pu dir ena (Soi disan) la secheress dan pays. ki faire ti dimune bisin payer, kan c CWA (ek so minis utilitE publique) ki imcompetent, pena vision.

    Ena dimune lave loto dan garage.

    Ki zot croire loto minis pa p laver?


  9. to 1 mari lacid twa tou sa lapli p tombe la to p make sur pu to kam get punish… wht a hrt u have dickhead…..for me u r just a fucking shit that it


  10. If it was your family instead of some unknown person I am very sure that you would have never done such things, STOP playing the Ideal, If you want to get so GREEN, stop using your car to go work or shop, WALK or Use your Bicycle… U just need some news for people to view your website apart from that u FAIL dude..


    1. Fair enough! mo penser Si envie faire justice, bizin egal irrespective fami ou pas, sipa pa pou cav denonce fami ou friends, pa denonce lot dimoune aussi, et aussi ress a voir si yashvin ti pou denonce ene friend ou fami pareil ou meme ene gros palto, i dont know the guy personally so i cant say


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