Summoned 2 police officers to take appropriate action against a car washer

Good morning friends.

Wonderful Saturday, isn’t it? And some people thought that it was the ideal sunny day to wash their cars. Their worst mistake, as long as I’m around. Let’s see how.

Some mins ago, I was walking to my car, parked near MCB Triolet when I noticed a guy washing his car with a running water through a hose, in a private lane. I observed carefully. Yes, it was a water hose, connected to a water tap, just like any other one.

Just then, 2 police officers (including a woman police officer) passed by, totally ignoring the car washer, even though water was overflowing the private lane and started to flow over the main road of Triolet too.

Police Officers, Y U NO SEE?

I approached the two of them, and asked them politely : “Eski gagne droit lave loto r lanse?”.

“No” replied the woman police officer.

“B kouma zotte pas ine remarker ki sa boug la p lave so loto en grand avec 1 lanse?” I replied back, pointing to the car. As far as I know, there is a prohibition for washing of cars/buildings since the 9th February 2012. The other police officer got closer and asked what was the problem. I told him the same thing and drew their attention on the fact that they have not noticed this water wastage.

It was then that they decided to walk to the spot while I stood at a distance, snapping pictures with my temporary 2MP mobile camera. They were noting down something on their notepad when I approached them to inform them that I will personally come to the Police Station to follow up the matter. One of the police officers asked for my name, which I gave without hesitation.

Satisfied that I fulfilled my responsibility as a law abiding Mauritian, I walked to my car while more people (including the car owners) gathered around the police officers.

I will keep you updated as I said, I will personally follow up this matter.

Keep tuned and remember, never fear anyone as long as you are confident. Lastly, I repeat, hate me as much as you can, because I dare to say the bitter truth!



Update @ 17:59

As promised, I went to the police station to follow up the case. I spent nearly 30minutes with a police constable, who was very understanding and helpful! A quick sum up for you :

According to the Police Diary Book, the police officers (new recruits) issued only a warning to the vehicle owner. Period.

I asked the police constable if this was what in the law, that is, does the police have a right to issue only a warning, because as far as I know, there is absolutely no warnings to be issued. You are caught wasting water, a police case  is filed against you and appropriate actions will be taken (fines/imprisonment). The police constable agreed with me and I said that I will personally ensure that this case is handled properly.

He wrote an entry into the police diary book  and he assured me that he will look into the matter and verbalise the person, according to the law. He took my phone number and I told him not to worry, I will myself come again to the police station because it is not normal that (1) I had to inform the police officers of their job and (2) No action was taken.

Finally, as some people commented that I am an ass hole. Note to them : Just make sure you don’t come into my way because I may sh*t on you! 😛

Post will be updated as needed. Keep tune for updates.


Update 15th April 2012 :

I paid a visit to the Police Station yesterday and met the police constable who talked to me the week before. I asked him about the case. He told me that he already talked to some police sergeant or inspector who said that they will fine the guy.

“How can I be sure that the work is being done?” I inquired?

He told me that he will give me a call during the week to inform me of any new development in my complaint.

So, till now, nothing yet. Let’s wait…


Update 16th April 2012 :

A police constable from Triolet Police Station gave me a call today. He told me that legal actions are being taken against the person mentioned above. wins 🙂

Still, I will try to see if I can get any proof about what has been said to me over the phone.

Thanks for your support,



99 thoughts on “Summoned 2 police officers to take appropriate action against a car washer

Add yours

    1.  To you and the one who liked your comment:

      Thanks to people of your mentality, this country is going to the dogs, literally.
      I guess that you’d have preferred Yashvin just ‘let go’. No, this is actually what encourages uncivilian attitudes that your kind wallow in everyday: batt-batté, approximate amateurish bullshit that gives people like you the arrogance to tell people that rules are for others only.

      And the guts you have to remain anonymous: bravo!


  1. sa tigit sa frero vine bel air station ver 11hrs 30 night to pou trouve GRIMACE. COUMA DIRE ZACO DAN GRAN BASSIN


  2. ….Bonne action comme movaiz action osi de lotre… saki li p fer li pas permit c sur, mais tout de meme, to ti kave ale ver li dire , “boss, pas gaspille delo coumsa, ena fermé ladans!”… at least warm him, la acoz toi. sa owner la (peut etre pere de famille) pou bez fermé acoz ene coulion p envi enbélli so blog…. dsl, mais moi mo truv to l’action inpé tough.. 


    1. Bon, pour commencer, a seki mo koner, c pas boug la ti p lave so loto. D’apres moi c so travailleur. Apres tous sa campagne sensibilisation la, mo pas croire ki li necessaire mo al vers boug la pu dir li ki li gagne droit faire ou pas.

      Mais c’est bien ki to d’accord li pas gagne droit lave so loto. Alors kifer sa injustice la?


  3. You’ve done a great job. I think you’ve done it at the right moment……water cuts have been going low after the rainfall. 

    Giving a car wash by your own self is commendable. But not with water wastage. In my surroundings people “banne content laver glacer chaque weekend” have already started using buckets. And I see how much less water i used. So why can’t others do the same?


  4. pheffff.pas fasil sa mo dire toi :S :S enfin kt moi mem nu servi delo xtra ena ene grand mani de nettoyage et proprete..mais atlst now nu knE ki ena tou sa prob delo we avoid it as  much as possible…


  5. Bne system la mem en gogot dan mru…how can u expect some good things to happen…?,Provide car washing at Petrol station at affordable price for all the population to have access to it…self car washing as well…
    & Yash,if ur close neighbour or ur friend would do that…would u report him or her?,may be not…!!!..human nature?


    1. @laveesh, franchement mo pas koner kot to probleme.
      Depi tone kitte moris, to p declare nepli morisien. kifer, c ene la honte pu toi kant tone grandi dans sa pays la? Ki twa tone faire pu ameliore system la?

      Si to pas au courant, li INTERDIT pu lave loto r delo, ki li dans station l’essence ou nimporte koter.

      Pou repond à to kestion, oui, mo pena oken doute, mo ti pu faire li, akoz la loi li pou tous. Dimoune kone moi assez bien mo croire.


      1. to bien conai ki zis kozer sa. zamais to ti pu fer li. to ena ene problem ego mo croire. mo pa comprend kifer tone bizin acharne twa a ce point lor sa case la. tone denonce boug la, allright, sa tone bien fer. line gagne 1 warning, pa assez pu twa? kifer to envi ki la police poursuiv li tou? 1 warning depui 1 la police li suffi pu ki dimoune la reflechi 2 fois avant li refaire sa. lor 2eme cout li fermer lerla.


    2. Read the regulation closely. It prohibits the usage of a hose, sprinkler or pressure washer or some kind of apparatus to wash vehicles.The easy way to not violate the regulation is to wash your vehicle with water from a pail and not use a hose.

      TL;DR: use a pail instead of a hose.


      1. Exactly. That’s how the rest of the population wash their cars, with a pail (séO). But still, some people are so ignorant. Just try to imagine the amount of water wasted while comparing a hose and a bucket.


    1. C’est aussi ene bane raisons kifer mo pu al station taler. Si fallait, mo pu met 1 deposition contre seki p blaguer lo simin place faire zotte travail. Dimoune pas cpv aveugle a ce point, surtout kant ou ena 1 uniforme la police lo ou!


  6. fran tou to ti kav ale explik li mem si li p faner ale explik li ke li pa bisn fer sa, mem si pa ti owner ti p laver to ti bisn al dir li avan get gard.. la li pou ramass ene tas traka r gard .. dimain ler to pou lav to loto oubien kiken kot toi p lave sali or stuff like that mo geT to conscience ki pour dir toi sipa to bisn met to fami gard.. casse ene pause do.. to pou dir mw merci la?? fer ban comment sanC tro intelligent. be to ene couyon. 


    1. Mr Antiyashvin, do u have enough time go and explain each and everybody. Do u think that person doesn’t know that it is an offense to waste water in such period of time?
      And by the way, if by just an explanation, the whole population would understand, we would not even have this law?????but there is lots of ‘sans compren’ like u….


      Mr Antiyashvin,  now i realise that the govt did a great job introducing this law becouse in our country we have people like u ‘sans compren’


  7. si pa ti ena sa 2 policiers ki ti p passer la, et to fine alle tel la police personellement,lerla mo ti pu dir toi to fine fane ene grand kk (ti kapav ena plusieur raisons ki fer pauvre bougre la ti p lave sa loto la e.g kitfois li ene simple travailleur ki so boss p met derrier li)..mais le fait ki sa 2 policier la pas fine envie trouve sa ou simplement p ignore sa pou degager retourne station ou p alle rode ene manger par la. mo mem mo ti pu dir zot.comment dir bizin force zot pou fer zot travail..parseki ena garde parfois to gagne mari crise..ene grand example..mercredi dernier ene policier ki supposer gere traffic pres ar ene college PL, mo croire so lair fine passer et li bizin retourne station..mais ti toujour ena MARI GROS traffic (cot marchand gato piment, champs de mars). li piss r traffic et li pren so motocyclette li aller…a coz li supposer la bas just pu control traffic kan lecol ti capav bien prend 5min pou largue traffic la un peu


    1.  Mr TL, dapre toi LAVE LOTO PLI IMPORTANT, si faller PENA DELO PU BOIRE, mais sa pauvre bougre la so loto bisin propre….. si sa bouge ki p lave loto la c ene travail donc so employeur pre so responsabiliter


  8. Well done! kan dire pas gaspille delo kifer bisin faire li?! li xtra important pour lave lotto kan ena manquement delo dans pays?!! 


  9. @857e0d3c0ca1df5f814c1dcc80abf3d7:disqus   Yash…mo probleme…is that there too many critics in Mru abt every small things….Abt that accident hap last time….here also there are even worst accident occur…but there are less critics and more improvements being done…no one resigned in the ministry…1 ta palab dan Mru…???…& who is behind that….the population of Mru itself…Im proud to be a MAURITIAN….but when it comes to media,politics & the “word mouth” of mauritian people….ca few mw 1 GRO & GRAN la honte!,I’m not saying…if i would have the power…i would not contribute to the best for MRU…I will do some for the prospect of Mru…but if everyone fink of doing some for Mru interest…it will be so appreciated rather than more criticising…& media is fucked in Mru…??? sometimes critics are good to improve but there so much critics in Mru…that everyone forget to use the critics for a good cause….but use it for the bad one….!”Li interdit lav loto r delo”…then avek ki to lav to loto Mru Ek cot ca…???…in such cases….do we need to buy water from the shop if we plan to wash the car…!!!,i really wish everyone abide to the law but unfortunately…no one do…even here…but here…people are forced to…because we know how harsh the consequences can get…!!!


  10. deja c ene truc inutile pou mette en place. pas capave lave loto… li tro facile dire ki c’est public ki gaspiye delo. to croire sa ban zoive ministe la pas lave zotte loto sa banla?

    big picture, c’est morice so population pe grandi, demande delo pe augmenter.. ki fine fer apres midlands dam pou store plis delo dans pays la?

    la situation imP mieux la.. mais ban fesse ki prend decision, bien piC, zotte nepli pe gagne sa traka la.. pe calcule bataille la foule pour 1er May en ce moment..zotte ava re prend problem manque delo dec.. nov.. quand ban reservoir sec enkor.. zotte pas reactif ditou…

    1 dimoune ki pou arrete lave loto la pas pou change grand zafer.. de toute facon si li pas ti pou lave loto la.. sa delo ti pou fini par perdi mem dan zotte ban fuite tuyau..

    si to envi fer ene difference lotte coute to alle ene meeting dans triolet, demane missier la.. ki pou fer pou dilo dans triolet? pou bizin coummence asT lamok pou ramasse delo la pluie ou li pou fer kitsoz pou le peuple? 🙂

    pas geutte ban ti bataille, ena tro boucou et to pou fini par fatiguer.. geutte ban gros la geurre.. fer ene move la dans si to vraiment envi fer difference..


  11. Bon Dieu in desan lor la terre !!! ena dimoun prend li pou terrible !!! Veille to zafer avan to gagne traka lezot dimoun !!!!


  12. mo reste dan laville, mo ggne delo zis 2 hours per day. avek la pein mo reussi prend 1 shower kan bzin
    ek ici ena dimoune p baigne zot loto???

    good job yashvin! this is called citoyen responsable! si nu tou vine kuma twa, moris redresser par force!


  13. Well done man! You’ve done your civic duty. I’m proud of you.
    There will always be some people bad mouthing about you. Just ignore them, these are people not worthy of living in a civilized country


  14. lasseté dimounes?
    toi ki lass, kifer to pas demande minis kifer cwa pencor truv solution ramass delo tou sa l’annee la? kifer to pa demander kifer zot prend 2semaine pou repare tiyo kasser? (ecoute radio to pou conner). tro facile sa alle raporte 1 dimoune. ki sa pou sanzer ki tone raporte 1 dimoune? Nanier, juste 1 dimoune pou perdi 50,000rs grace a toi.


      1. cher yashvin

        cest tres bien ce que tu fais mais il y a aussi des points contre toi ke je japprecie vraiment.

        En premier lieu tu a pu constater que les deux ti bolom bleu navaient rien a secouer ki boug la p lave so loto?

        Et 2eme..Gouvernment pane fer narien jusqua lheure pou soulage la population so probleme delo..

        Avril 2012 ti ena ca probleme la et aujourdhui nou en Aout 2013 toujours rien concernant la recuperation et le stock deau…

        to penser touriste dans lhotel in arrete relaxer zot dans jacuzzi ou nage dans piscines???

        to ti bizin rapportes les deux policiers aussi…

        mo trouve tone laisse deux imbeciles sauver pou attrape ene sel..

        neanmoins mo trouve toi ene bon citoyen!



  15. …Yash..u didn’t reply me…dont u wash ur cash…where & wz what…i mean where do u get the water from…???


    1. Sorry, perhaps I missed a part.

      So, to be frank, I washed my car some 3 weeks ago, with a bucket of water from the tap. That’s all the water I needed for a quick wash.

      Now, for your info, nothing prevents you from washing your car using a bucket of water. Read the law again in that case. Running water from a water hose, sprinklers etc are unauthorised during this period.


  16. Comme action. C’est vraiment idiot et débile.  Je ne comprend pas comment quelqu’un peut dire a deux policiers de prendre des actions contre quelqu’un…C’est soutenir un gouvernement pourri et renflouer la caisse…Pauvre gars qui lavait sa voiture…Quand on pense que les stations d’essence lavent toujours les voitures mais en utilisant des sceaux. Faut penser que c’est pas a ce pauvre gars de payer l’ingerance de l’eau à Maurice. On sait qu’il y a de pertes d’eau de partout avec la vieille tuyauterie de l’Ile. Franchement….Bien bas de signaler la police….Pffff 


    1.  Gouvernment pouri ou pas, la loi li reste la loi. Ou pas content gouvernment, vote mieux la prochaine fois, all protester si fallait! Moris pas ale en arriere a coz bann mentalite passif ek zaza.

      @d80c9e4feb002ad54c9ed0b263cdfd44:disqus , well done and I wish your act becomes epitome to a new Mauritian attitude!


  17. following last rainfall, Nicoliere reservoir was 100% full right? use common sense ..which is not so common 🙂


  18. En tout cas bravo Yashvin, to fine faire 1 tas MOVAIS citoyens, 1 tas egoistes et 1 tas dromme vides devoile zot lors to blog zordi… franchement ca ban dimounes la degoute moi


  19. Topo net sa … C ki chagrinant ladans c ban policiers la evite fer zot travaye et en toute conscience. En tant ki citoyen nu bzin montrer zot kuma pu protege nou et nu lenvironment.

    Cheers Bro.
    Gud work….


  20. apres tou lapli encore pas gagne droit lave loto are lance.. abe kot nou p aller dans sa pays… ena dimoune content faire travail macro poiu al rapport so voisin pou ene oui pou ene non… 


  21. Mr Yashvin.

    Many meaning to you action. It might be described as an “assholed act” or as a “bon citoyen act” ! Now let me add my grain de sel ! I am as we can say lor la route quite, if not, everyday. There is no drought ! PENA LA SECHERESSE ! OUI you will tell me Mare Aux Vacoas bla bla bla ! But if you are the bon citoyen why not report the one who diverted a river to make a waterfall in his “domaine” ! Because of him you reported someone who was washing a car ! The problem is higher up, did you noticed that !

    More ! All reservoirs are quite full ! Do not only stick to media, go out and see by yourself ! Where is the drought ? We are surrounded by the ocean and we going through drought ! Ironic ! What about the people in Central Africa, Somali and other countries ! This is where the drought is ! Media is bombing us with la secheresse to beze nous ti casse. Water bill being raised and so on ! This is all politics !

    Open your eyes ! And please stop sitting if front of your computers ! Go out and see the reality !


    1. As far as I know, I did something today, and you did what? What if YOU stop talking and get some concrete action done?

      On a more aggressive note : Morisiens zis bon dans zaza, apres kant kikene faire kitchose, la si zotte zaza meme. Kouma dir kant mone tire foto la mo ti plaker devant mo pc. Twa ki plaker devant to pc et p blame dimoune!


  22. Well done. Sometime the insensitivity of some people hits you. It just has to be done. As for all those taking it negatively, they are all so pathetic. That’s just sad really.


  23. First, well done Yashvin!!!  Meme si ena ban imbeciles ki p sour too to few semi bzin 🙂  Sa waii!!! 

    Mais, li vraie ki malgré tout end ban zouaves ki continuer gaspille delo, commencer par CWA meme!!!  Combien fois mo ine telefone pu fer complainte parsi tuyau une casser par ci, par la dans Roches Brunes…

    Bref, lot safer, eski ban Missier de ceci, ou de cela, zot pas rempli zot piscine wk end pour ene ti bbq?

    La loi li la, mais c juste end ti poigné ki respecter li 😦


  24. I’m glad ki tone gagne courage tone fer to duty sa lheure la… si mo ti dan to place, i hope mo ti pou fer la meme chose… dan zournal, dan information, lor ban billboard, p mette la population au courant ki ena la secheresse dan pays… oui lapli tomber, ena place ena inondation, pas compren couma pena delo, mais le fait li la, probleme delo la li la… cest pas yashvin ki bizin alle fer dimoun la comprend ki li p gaspille delo, cest pas ene probleme nouvo sa, depi 1 an p essaye sensitize dimoun… en temps ki mauricien to gagne droit report ene dimoun… si la police ine decide pou ferme lizier, to gagne droit ouvert to la bouche… mo pas gagne comprend kifer dimoun p choker ki yashvin p coz lor ene problem ki nou p fer face tou les zours… 
    demain si yashvin report moi biensur mo pou encolere… mais si ene dimoun kan lor television, dan zournal, lor radio p explik li calmement voila la situation, li pas comprend… b lerla bizin utilise la maniere forte!
    pauvre boug li ti p zis fer so travail li ti p lave patron so loto… mais heureusement ki system la assez fair et cest patron la ki bizin repon…


  25. hey man ki role? zordi 1 zour parfait pu ban blanc rempli zot picine. ale fer 1 letour to pu gagne imper role! LOL


  26. Not surprising what you did considering you mock a college guy for writing a blog while you yourself blog every silly bit of your life online! XD


    1. I would not call “copy-past’ng” some text as ‘mocking’. It’s like quoting some text in an assignment except that we have not put the source lol. btw dude, the title of this blog itself is “Pages of my life” 😉


  27. You did well. The law is the law. And you are a law abiding citizen !
    People cannot pick and choose laws which they want to follow and discard laws they do not want to follow. If some don’t like present laws, vote better next time or create your own political party.
    Again well done !


  28. cki nissa la, cki p critiker, zot anonyme, lol, yashvin omoins li pas cachiete so l’identitE 🙂

    bon, boug la pas ene saint alors li p gagne so kantiT li bizin 🙂 [i don’t know him but he can’t be perfect et li p paye so ban mauvais action lin fer dans so lavi la :p]

    concerning the thing, this wouldn’t be something that anyone would do, i mean, it didn’t affect him still he reported the guy and now someone will think twice before commiting such acts in public even if it isn’t affecting someone, kudos yashvin! 

    Dinesh A Ramchurn.


  29. En passant monn al Station pou al raport enn ka. Deposition pa kapav mete kont sa boug la. Parski li res dan Pakistan. So lacours konsidere kom Pakistan. Immunite Diplomatik.


    1. Are you sure the diplomatic immunity is not because he is a diplomat and not because he holds a pakistan passport?


  30. @ToAllLAverLotoAvecLance Si zot envi lav zot loto san ki gard fouzotdankaso. Kifer zot pa ti lav loto la kan lapli ti p aroz partou. Zot ti kapav profiter pran enn bain tou. Zot ti kapav netoye zot sali dehors. Ayo monn blier. Zot ti pou tremper, zot inn prefer res dans zot lakaz. Abe Servi to lance, ek si mo zwen ar twa, mo met gard ar twa move macro


  31. Bien dire Bhooks! Moissi mo pou al raport ban infractions aster. Mo pou meme prend 1 ti video ou 1 photo ban defaulter la!! Zot napa pou saper!


  32. Great work Yash…BTW alle prend un peu fotos aussi garage la cheminee, chemin bonheur…alle gueter couma ena gaspillage delo las bas tous le jours….


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