Childhood memories : Remember your first bicycle?

This post made me pull out my childhood photo albums from the drawer! I knew that there was a picture of me riding that red tricycle! Just after publishing this post, I’m gonna go through them all again! I advise you to do the same, look for yours!

After the red tricycle pictured above, I had another one, a white one with which I got bruised while trying to ride the cycle without the two extra little wheels! But you must agree that you can’t learn to walk without falling over. Manze la poussière! xD

Most (?) of us did ride a bike at least once in our life, isn’t it? But how many of us here actually still ride one nowadays? 3 years have probably elapsed since I last rode my bike and now, it is rusting in a corner. Recently, some ministers were seen riding their cycle to work. In fact, they wanted to motivate people to do the same on the 23rd April, declared as the Earth Day.

Life made us so lazy. Live it wisely.

Any stories to tell about your biking experience?


One thought on “Childhood memories : Remember your first bicycle?

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  1. Woow… as if very few people
    (1) have ever had a bicycle
    (2) are open to nostalgia

    Strange place, this country…

    As for me, had the same tricycle. But learned the two-wheeled at the very young age  of 13 (thriteen, yes): was a lot harder than I’ve ever imagined…


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