What if you are not allowed to hold/test something you are buying?

This story happened to me today.

I had to buy a simple and cheap touch screen mobile phone (Not for me, don’t worry). To start comparing models and prices, I went to Cash and Carry La Chaussée (Read this post dedicated to their after sales service). Pointing at a particular model, I asked the sales girl if it was possible for her to switch it on since I wanted to see the menus, and more specifically to the size of the touch screen keypad. She nearly shouted “NO”.

I walked out of the shop immediately, crossed the road and entered the 361 shop. There, the salesgirl allowed me to switch it on and have a look. Great. I walked along the streets and finally reached a shop found near Victoria bus terminal. This was the response when I asked the sales girl for the possibility to switch it on :

non, pas capave allimer akoz si allime li, li fini detecter et rente dans nu systeme et lerla li vine second hand“.

What? She just took me for an idiot?

I did another “walk out” and moved to another shop, named Sierra, just besides JKalachand. The owner allowed me to test the phone and even made a discount. Phone was purchased immediately.

Coming back to office, I told them the story to my colleagues and one of my colleagues them said :

“Meme dans bazaar, zotte pas laisse toi choisir to legumes ki twa to p payer r to casse !”

As he rightly said, we are paying for the item with our own money. We are not begging nor asking for them freely. We are paying for god’s sake!

I agree that it might not be applicable for some products (Example bread). What if everyone tries to hold them, turn them around, press to check if it is hard or soft etc.

But come on, we are in a mobile shop! How can you sell something which you don’t even allow the potential customer to touch, hold and feel it?

How would you feel if you are not allowed to touch or try the product you are buying? Did this happen to you too?

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    1.  Last time i bought a mobile phone on ebay, the bloody thing got here locked and i haven’t been able to unlock or find somebody to unlock it for me. So trust me if you buy something in your local shop you want to try it first. And guess what even ebay gives you the option to return a bought item and get a full refund if you don’t like something. Of course it costs a bit more but at least you have the option.


  1. I have a better one for you. Rosehill Gallerie Evershine, there is a shop i can’t remember the shop’s name but its in that corner opposite the escalator, in this shop there’s a sign if you try something you buy it. Seriously??? I mean you can’t even try cloth on?? What kind of business mind bullshit is that??


  2. Never bought an item from Cash & Carry! Saves me the trouble! I would rather go somewhere else to buy the item for a bit more cash where customer satisfaction is paramount for the company! 


  3. What happened to the quote “the customer is always right” ? Maybe we should start a petition to the consumer rights body. I wonder if we would get 25,000 signatures?


  4. Usually they should have a test model. One which they are ready to forfeit or sell at a discount price eventually. It’s 2012 and sales people (and/or their managers) are still rude and untrained. It’s like they don’t want to retain customers. This is plain crazy.
    Every time I’ve been to Cash and Carry, they’ve been apathetic if not down right rude. It’s like they’re working in a public service and they’re giving services/products for free. It seems they think they’re almighty and you have to beg them. Shitty and wrong attitude!


  5. Ebay FTW 🙂 Local shops suck big time. 
    Bought an electrical equipment for Rs18,000 in a shop in R.H and I was told after 5 months that the equipment DOES NOT come with warranty. 


  6. Well, I think dat testing something b4 buying depends on the shop’s policy. A brand new product with package opened etc gives a potential new customer some doubts. e.g You test, then comes another person who sees the package open will definitely not like 2 buy 1. He’ll fink dat it’s an RMA or 2nd hand.
    However some shops do allow but @ their own costs. Dat’s y u r given a warranty of 1 year or more.


  7. at least for guitar gears you get the opportunity to test them, you could even play with the effects on the amps, still they are expensive…pfff
    well i usually go to a guitar shop (quatre borne, cardinal) to try out gears that i can not buy ‘at the moment’, lol, and the tech guy there don’t mind, even give you advice on how to obtain the best sounds, things you cant really do on ebay…


    1. Where more precisely is this shop where you’re able to test the guitar gear? 

      In fact as local prices are usually higher here, that the service or expertise of the seller is bad (or most of the time non-existent) and that there’s no real possibility to test musical equipment without purchasing them immediately, I end up buying them online. At least with this option I can get a fair price.  e.g: This well known music shop in PLouis sells its guitar strings at a price 60% higher than that of an ordinary eBay dealer (shipping & VAT included)


  8. Very good job yashvin in bringing out this terrible customer service in Mauritius, it is about time shop owners and salespersons learn the basics of marketing and simple courtesy.   I have experienced this when trying to purchase wedding sarees at Ajageer sari emporium in Goodlands, the salespersons are horrible and if you ask them to show you something it means you HAVE to buy it!!  NOBODY can make me pay for something i DO NOT want, so i closed my purse went on airmauritius.com bought a ticket to india and it was heaven for a shopper 🙂


    1. Hello.
      My personal experience at Azageer was pretty good. (Not for trying sarees though lol, but rather my wedding stuffs). The salespersons and owner were helpful and give good advice.


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