Contaminated! A new blogger is born…

Yashvin strikes again!

Once again, I have contaminated one more person *cough* *cough* from my immediate surrounding.

At around 1130am today,  Dhaneesha, my darling, has posted her first article on her newly created blog, now moved to

Her introductory text is very interesting, and became even more on the mention of my name 😀

Please note that the disease has been around for quite a long time. It is usually transmissible over the air, touch, mouth-to-ear or even through the Internet (Chat, email, surfing) !

The last infected subject was my sister Dakshinee, and even my cousin Deepa is starting to get the early symptoms.

One of my first victims was Avishna, who created her blog some months ago, but succeeded in getting cured, however for only a short time since she became active again through her comments and her last guest article.


You are prone to catch it if you start to get some or all of the following symptoms:

  • You start visiting blogs, whose existence was totally unknown to you before…
  • You usually find it difficult to or hesitate to react to the posts.
  • Some time after, you want yourself to be heard, and you start adding comments.
  • You react to others opinions and don’t fear to speak out and fight for yours.
  • Usually after some bad experience, you feel the need to speakabout this to others and decide to write an article.
  • Sometimes you write something and send it by mail to your friends, to start a chain.
  • When you are really contaminated, you decide to ask your blogger friend to publish an article on the matter.
  • You decide to create your own blog to post this first article and still quite ensure about the future of the blog, or any future articles.

Too late, you are now already contaminated!

  • After your first blogging experience and some comments, you find this interesting and continue to post more and more articles about things you are interested in.

If you keep on this blogging for some time, then, you are damn sure that blogging is now in your blood!

For those who don’t know Pif yet, check out her hot clip known as “Pif smiling” 🙂

Side effects

The last stage of the blogging disease is when you find it quite impossible to spend a day(s) without the thinking about your next post.

Any happening in your life, experience, incident, accident can be a potential topic of discussion in your blog!

Much people around me are in the first stage of the disease, which consists of reading blogs while quite a lot of them are already in the stage of leaving their own comments…

However some unfortunate contaminated victims are even sharing topics to blog about or submitting guest articles.

I would be happy to know the number of people I have spread the disease to, and also, your degree of contamination…

btw, there is no cure known yet, except to continue to blog….

Yashvin, pages of my life

15 thoughts on “Contaminated! A new blogger is born…

Add yours

  1. am honored to be mentioned again!! mo mem to mention plis dan to ban article…. ( ofcourse no offence to dhanesha bhabhi).

    c vrai to in mem contamine moi, mo pu send toi next post in a few days- how u feel when you change jobs. am grateful to laisse moi send guest articles.

    i hope you contaminate many more, my hearty wishes to you.


  2. @Dou

    lol…twa selman to ena 1 vrai viruse …i always got annoyed by ur blog and website etc….and u see finally mone tasser ….


    Hey dear no offence sa do….ocontraire I ‘m glad that you are always posting comments and articles on yash’s blog …ur encouraging him and for me, yash’s success means a lot……
    Don’t worry in some years u’ll check zat of our kids 2 lol


  3. Wlol….””darling””” tou… mariage kan lol ? 😀

    Well i was contaminated about 8 months ago with my first two blogs (now closed) from a blog called – and since…then my gf re-contaminate me with another version of the blog virus…am just a slave of the blog addiction now lol. Its fun to be however!


  4. franchement g lu la moitié à coz mo p gagne TRO sommei 😦 mé jpense ke je sui osi contaminé par ce phénomène :p j’excelle dan les blogs, pa vré??? :p


  5. Yeah, totally agree with you. I remember the first time it was on your nomad post…lol!

    Anyway thanx for dragging me into it…actually i love to write but now it’s far more interesting 🙂


  6. hehe Piff un top selma..eski to croir li aussi li cpv vin un blogger hehe..
    Bon mo pu xtr kntn si mo vin un blogger 😀 parski tradition sa kot nu n as u said blogging is in our blood..

    Btw mo croir to nxt post pu lor divali..
    dire grand mama pa cuire gato piments ou rot* 😀


  7. Aaaawwww no1 noticed piiifff…
    my lovely doggie!!!!
    def one among my fav doggies like jenny n kim
    love u also pamminder (pam in shrt)

    ps: pppiiifff return back newspaper, i’ve to read also…wat u thot? mo pu ale serce newspaper dan niche moi…. :s


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