[Guest post] Avishna writes about Pedophile

Guest article from Avishna :
I was talking to my colleagues and they all agreed that the pedophiles have to be punished or hanged or shot… However we have never asked will that solve the problem of pedophile? Will people stop forcing children to such atrocities? Why do adults do this to kids, when most of the time they have kids themselves?

A pedophile can be around you, your smiling neighbour, you gentle colleague, your uncle, your best friend, YOURSELF.

Introducing blogging

Hi everyone! I just wrote a page on "Blogging"... Took me about 3hrs to cover different important points on blogging... My main objective was to introduce blogging to newbies, in a simple way, with lots of pictures... You can read it here, and perhaps mention any additional points I have missed out... Lets see if... Continue Reading →

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