Talk of the town at DCDM Consulting

I just got back from the DCDM Consulting’s quarterly briefing which was held at L’aventure du sucre, Pamplemousses.

The Quarterly Briefing is organised once every 3 months, and usually comprises of presentations talking about a status of the company, projects etc, together with the presentation of some projects going on…

For this edition of the event, my team had to carry out a presentation about the project and everything around it, so as other people in the company knows what is going around in the company.

Since more than 1 week, together with my team colleagues, we decided to do something exceptional, compared to the usual power point presentations…Β Indeed, we have presented something so different from what other teams usually do. And everyone is congratulating our team and myself (Producer) for the wonderful work done!

I was responsible for making the presentation with the collaboration of the rest of my colleagues who were involved in the shooting of a few video scenes around our workplace to give a better view of our project to others.

On the eve of the presentation (yesterday night), I worked for the whole night without sleeping much since I was busy editing all videos and scenarios for today’s briefing! I had a quick snap of two hours from 6am, to 830am before getting back to office!

The presentation went on beyond expectations!

We were simply SUPERB and exceptional !

During the whole presentation, the whole audience kept laughing and clapping their hands since together with my colleagues, we presented something new, totally different concept of the company event.

After our performance and throughout the rest of the quarterly briefing, we were continuously congratulated for our excellent job and originality!

The video

I invite you to view one of the extracts of this presentation, which was under the “Team Competencies” Category. It is really funny, I would recommend you to spend a few mins to view it πŸ™‚

Update : I finally removed the video because after all, it remains something internal to the company.

Being the producer, editor and music director of this presentation, I was flattered by all those compliments and congratulations, but once again, I wish to thank all my team members for their help and participation since without them, nothing would have been possible…

RIght now, I’m heading to bed to catch up a few days of sleep with a great feeling of satisfaction. Really proud and ready to sacrifice my time again to do something exceptional πŸ™‚

Yashvin, pages of my life

18 thoughts on “Talk of the town at DCDM Consulting

Add yours

  1. Nice presentation video, I like the funky music. Heavy work going through the different levels of the LAN game, that requires team work!!
    I like the office executive attire.
    Seems like you guys have a sense of “Irish” humour, well done.


  2. mo gate…I’m proud of u…
    ur presentation was superb….tro bon meme….

    kan banla p flate twa, mo ti p senti mwa flater πŸ™‚

    apart mo ti p gagne vomi r to canard si pa kieter la yuk….bhooks and olivier ti extra comic as usual…enfin mone blier tou mo stress travail hier avek to presentation (olivier behaving like sylvain la pli payer hahahaha)

    hats off to ur team gat

    love u…


  3. Manke inper explosions etc kuma mo ti fer pou grosset so class communication mais presentation la amri bon! felicitations! En passant, sa boug ek shorts la ti mari top!!!


  4. Hey man,

    it will take long b4 some1 else coms up with some original idea for quarterly briefing.. zot in set level la xtra high aster…

    lidee fer bane clip la mem ti xtra top n now zot in ajoute humour ladan.. pa kroir kikene pou ressi fer mieu ki sa dan DCDMC..

    congrats team…


    hav fun guys…


  5. Hey!!
    Many thx to Yashvin for living up to our expectations.

    Hey my frends p rode join nou l’equipe as actrice.. ki to dir?

    Nice work dear.. Keep it up..

    Ur the best… We r the best…


  6. awww mone rate ca la ein? Standard ine monter – zot ale fer quarterly laventure du sucre tou astere la! compte comment ene company event ca? wi fer conner, si to bisin actrice depi lot pays tou, I know all about dcdmc’s teamwork, professionalism and commitment hahaa


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