[Guest post] Avishna writes about Pedophile

Guest article from Avishna, here we go!

Taking into accounts about the recent events occurring, I decided to post this article on the blog of my good friend about my perception.

We are all shocked and horrified by the recent events (some of us pa tro occurant about l’acutalité non, like Yashvin :P).

I was talking to my colleagues and they all agreed that the pedophiles have to be punished or hanged or shot… However we have never asked will that solve the problem of pedophile? Will people stop forcing children to such atrocities? Why do adults do this to kids, when most of the time they have kids themselves?

A pedophile can be around you, your smiling neighbour, you gentle colleague, your uncle, your best friend, YOURSELF.

I have just read the profile of a pedophile and am totally disgusted.

Here is a summary.

  • Often the pedophile is male and over 30 years of age and if married, the relationship is with no sexual relations
  • He is often fascinated with children and child activities appearing to prefer those activities to adult oriented activities. He has a job which requires contact with children on a daily basis.
  • He prefers children close to puberty
  • His victims are often shy, handicapped, and withdrawn children, or those who come from troubled homes or under privileged homes
  • Often they also collect “souvenirs” from their victims’ eg porn movies or pictures.

Do you know that pedophiles are women as well as males?  Most of the time it is males.

So this props up a question in my mind…

Why males are more prone to force a child to sex?

In my opinion, testicles are the biggest symbol of the so called evil that most people believe in.

Testosterone causes more irrational behavior than any other chemical in the human body (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pedophilia).

Pedophilia will always be a problem in human society if we continue to be controlled by our emotions. Emotions and feeling don’t solve problems. They usually cause problems. I believe that the brain is the problem. Of all the animals in this earth, men has the most fertile mind, they are civilized and respect each other and not abusing each other.

Unfortunately the brain of some people is diverted from the path of righteousness. If you want to solve a problem as big as pedophilia you have to think big. Putting someone in prison or putting them on a sex offender list is not enough.

The question what can be done to eliminate them?

1.    Protect your children. Talk to your children about sex and make them aware that their body is theirs and no one has to the right to abuse of them. If it happens they should tell an adult as soon as possible.

2.    We should pay more attention when our child talks about an adult which is becoming too close to them.

3.    Teachers and parents or anyone should detect unusual behavior so that actions may be taken as soon as possible against the sex offender.

Ena conner mai pa dir nanien. Si ti zot zenfant eski zot ti pu reste trankil?

4.    The law, we have seen that the law do not always take action when complains are done- this is the biggest crime.

How can the law close their eye on such a complaint I wonder… Its no use trying to go back in the past but we should use this example to prevent it to happen again in the future.

What could be done to prevent pedophiles from society?

Do not hesitate to share your suggestions….

Yashvin, pages of my life

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  1. To Avishna:

    If you watch youtube, just type in “Dateline NBC to catcha predator” without the quotes. Its a show in the US that show pedophiles getting pwned for free on national TV!!! How they get caught in sting operations and how they get busted by the police! Great show!


  2. Talkin about ” teachers ” shuld inform … apres ca dernier incident ki ti ena la … Mr Ba**door … we wonder …mo pas p generaliser .. mais ca in donne un mov limage ….

    Mo penser.. tous ban dimounn ki travail ek zenfant bisin fair un test psychologic de temp a autre ….


  3. Tackling pedophilia is a complex task – bcoz mostly the children who are abused usually fear to reveal what has happened. & that’s why I think children should be made more aware about what’s right & wrong for them.

    Pedophiles around the world are tracked down by enticing them into bogus websites, but I don’t think that can be applied to Mauritius.

    So the only way to combat pedophilia is by making the awareness campaings.

    & I strongly condemn people who think that pedophilia is just deviant social behaviour like being gay.

    That’s wrong to put a pic of Narnia (great film btw) in such an article – which can’t be used in any case coz Mr. Tumnus is a faun! 😛


  4. @Yashvin
    Take the Narnia pic off.

    Do you really think of what you are saying – Do all of your school and college teachers needs to go for a test?

    Are you sure you want to keep MJ’s pic on that post.

    Overall I think that the content of that post is poor. Sorry Avishna. My personal opinion.


  5. “In my opinion, testicles are the biggest symbol of the so called evil that most people believe in.”

    maybe u r not aware that its because of ‘testes’ that u r alive now. If u regret it, u know who-to-blame.


  6. @Bhooks: ok ok, mone tire foto la 😛 but I will keep that of MJ !

    @Carrot : Mone tir foto la (again) 😛

    @Kaviraj : Le source de la vie lol

    @Yusha : That would make loads of tests, its like the question of “Should all drivers undergo a driving test regurlary?”

    @Kunal : Police..lol


  7. @kaviraj

    you taking me wrongly, am not talking about creation of babies ….

    it is not me saying this, i have put up my reference up there. before writing this i have made my research.

    @ Bhooks

    glad we all do not have same opinion as yours.

    @ Kunal

    Thanks for the tip

    @ yashvin

    thanks for putting up the article, My first one ever. 🙂


  8. Quite a challenge for you guys to take up this subject. I guess that Mauritius is now waking up to the fact that evil pervertions are not something exclusive to the decadent Western society. Many years ago, I remember talking to my Mauritian brother-in-law about the Belgian Dutroux case and he said then that this could never happen in Mauritius. Was that statement naive or just the fact that society here was more respectful of family values. My perception is that the changing society is being invaded maybe infected by external influences which are degrading the inbred values of Mauritian society. When a society aspires for change or modernity you can expect evil to creep in. Yes, you need to protect society and its most vulnerable, the children. In the EU, countries have adopted strict morality/police checks on people working in the education sector. Example in Mauritius – I know of teachers who have a drinking problem but yet they just get transferred and continue to work with children. Are your children safe?? No, not until you deal with the problems. This latest incident was a result of a failure to protect children. The alleged perpetrator had a history and was already under suspicion by authorities. Yet, again, the person was allowed to continue working in contact with children. It is not just the law which is at fault here !!


  9. Here in Finland politicans “solved” the child porn “problem” by investing millions of euros to sucky internet filtering system (which doesn’t work. at all. and it can’t work. waste of taxpayer’s money).

    So far they’ve managed to block W3C site (www.w3c.org), Thailand’s princess’es home page which caused rage among thai people, some random webstores and so on. Leaked block list revealed 99% of the blocked sites are not child porn.

    And real child molesters just laugh and continue the business as usual… it’s sad. Hopefully Mauritian goverment actually does something about the problem and does not try to hide it :-/


  10. ti ena 1 ma*ro lor facebook ti send moi request. come into my bed/kingdom sipa ki ki ankor…mone block ek delete li 😛 bizin bez zot dans prison sa bans pds la grrrrr


  11. someone update me on the recent events concerning this issue in mtius please! all i can say this issue is too vast and malgre ke many things are being done, surtout dans bane pays europe et usa, it is veryyyy difficult to control it! e.g. in the uk they have allowed a perv ou Pdofil from australia to roam free in this country! et another case, kot a previously convicted Pdofil was murdered! (something which is still being investigated). all this can lead to different social “catastrophes”…instigating people to take drastic measures and all. neways just a little thing i thought i shud say 🙂 but still very good article girl and i think people should be aware of these things…sinon pou reste dans le noir and like some will say “pez nene boire delhuile” et continuer subir bane atrocités comme sa. 🙂 xxx


  12. Neither the Mauritian society nor the EASTERN societies were ever excluded from the pedophile problem.

    It’s because these societies are more CENSORED than the western ones that you did not hear pedophile reports earlier…


  13. @Yasir: WLOL…. Ki cmsa la zot p rod toi 😀 Retir to photo depi facebook lol.

    @ALL: I think pedophiles are people who are MENTALLY SICK but they don’t agree they are!! Just imagine it…what kinda pleasure he can get by abusing a child??

    Concernant ki ban teachers bizin fer un test psycho… well not all at a time…mai mo pense ki omoin chak 3 ans all bizin fer un test…surtout ban teacher primair ek pre primair! Paski c sa ban zenfant la mem ki plis target.


  14. [re=26221]Yashvin[/re]: The newspaper article says it all, especially about the past. Children were in danger because of a lack of action firstly on the part of the education system. With this trial you will see that the educational authority is very much at fault. it is a case of “non-assistance a personne en danger”.


  15. @ archu

    Thank you very much. i had to make a lot of research to write this article.

    Putting 1 pedo behind the bars do not solve the problem though, there may be hundreds of them in nature…… c triste.


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