Taste the feeling (again)…

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You can taste the feeling again. The so-called “sexist” advert has now the blessings of the Minister of Gender Equality, Child Development and Family Welfare, Mme Aurore Perraud. The latter has issued a communique to cancel the restrictions brought forward by her ministry some days ago. Additionally, an internal inquiry will be made in the ministry regarding the same matter. Thumbs up for this decision. However, it is a shame that at the time of writing, that same communique is not available on the web site of the Ministry.

Personally, I find that the decision to ban the advert was stupid! Hopefully the inquiry can tell us who took the decision on (a single?) protest of a member of the population. As a Mauritian, everyone has the right to express his / her opinion but country-wise decisions should be taken after much thought and deliberation.

To start with, the advert should be seen in the whole context of the campaign itself. The specific picture was taken from the video and obviously, we can’t display each and every frame of a video on billboards (at least, not on all of them). For those who haven’t seen it, click here.

Taste The Feeling

However, this incident has triggered a huge protest campaign in the private media and social networks, especially in defining the limits in advertising in regards to the use of the female gender in adverts. But why only female? Don’t we talk about equality of gender? Anyone still remembers the advert “Occupe toi de mes fesses?

Well, this is a huge debate and I wonder how this will end (if ever). I’m no expert in advertising but I also believe that at the end of the day, creativity is one of the key words in advertising and that’s what makes an advert successful.

The winner in the story : Coca Cola.

We also need to sit around a table (and some cokes beers) to discuss why

L’image est presque pornographique(source)“. Any volunteers?

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  1. Minister Perraud has backed down on her support for the ban, actually.
    What about the ad for a milk powder (or some other cooking ingredient) showing a woman handling a plate, with the male counterpart on the billboard telling her to keep making same dishes…? What about so many other overtly sexist, ageist, paternalistic, stereotyping agendas? Ms Gokhool seems intent on being a job-haver, hopefully for single-handedly screening all these out…


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