Don’t publish anything if you haven’t anything to say…


Copy Paste

For several weeks now, I have noticed a growing number of new Mauritian web sites sharing hot and sensational news. This isn’t a new phenomenon on the web but very recently, several new web sites appeared, mainly on the news-feed of Mauritian fellows.

Their modus operandi is pretty simple :

  1. Subscribe to all the local press web sites or popular Facebook pages / personal profiles.
  2. Copy paste the articles and pictures onto their pages.
  3. Upload original videos onto their own accounts.
  4. Create a large number of fake Facebook accounts in order to post links to their pages
  5. Use various strategies to make people comment on Facebook posts in order to make the posts go viral.

Sometimes, you might even get confused when trying to look for the original article :

Copycats 2

With eye-catching keywords in the title or web site link, they target large number of visits in order to rise rapidly in popularity. In order to maximize the visitors, they don’t hesitate to

  • Play with words
  • Use hot pictures, most often completely unrelated to the topics.
  • Purchase official domain names to original web sites
  • Implement the same web site design in order to mislead people.

Copy TopFM


Copycat 3

Unfortunately, the web site owners run great risk especially when duplicating content from the press and individuals, without their authorization. While they might think that they are safe when running behind anonymous domain name registrations, there exist multiple ways to get back to them. I have personally came across many such web sites copying my content before and fortunately, I have been able to make things clear.

My advice to these people : Create your own content and built yourself an online identity. Stop being a copycat! At the end of the month, you still need to pay your bills, unless you live under your parents’ roof or in jail. Stealing doesn’t last forever.

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