Taste the feeling (again)…

Latest news! You can taste the feeling again. The so-called "sexist" advert has now the blessings of the Minister of Gender Equality, Child Development and Family Welfare, Mme Aurore Perraud. The latter has issued a communique to cancel the restrictions brought forward by her ministry some days ago. Additionally, an internal inquiry will be made in... Continue Reading →

Eski nou pei bien malade?

Since the launch of this "Nou pei bien malade" campaign in the island, all the buzz created around it has turned it into the talk of the town, at least, if we forget the tons of scandals for some time.

Did anyone ask you about your thoughts?

[Guest post] Réclames abêtissantes

Bon ca y est, je ne peux plus m'en empêcher, tellement je pette un câble et ceci à chaque reprise, j'ai envie de casser ce poste de radio à coup de batte de baseball, mais bon, mon attachement pour ce poste incrusté dans ma voiture m'en empêche.

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