Names of cyclones for 2014 – 2015

If you are looking for the origins of the names of the current cyclone Bansi, you might be interested to know that Mauritius has named it. While going through the list, you will probably notice a few names sounding a bit funny, here in our island.

NamesProvided by
ADJALIComoros (F)
BANSIMauritius (M)
CHEDZABotswana (F)
DIAMONDRAMadagascar (F)
EUNICEZimbabwe (F)
FUNDIKenya (M)
GLENDASouth Africa (F)
HALIBASwaziland (M)
IKOLATanzania (F)
JOALANELesotho (F)
KESHASeychelles (F)
LUGENDAMozambique (M)
MAHARAMalawi (M)
NATHANFrance (M)
OSCARSouth Africa (M)
PULENGLesotho (F)
QUENELLE*Madagascar (F)
ROSELINAMozambique (F)
SITARAComoros (F)
TARIKMauritius (M)
UMALIZimbabwe (M)
VUNTUBotswana (F)
WEZIMalawi (F)
XOLANISwaziland (M)
ZITASeychelles (F)


And for those who don’t remember anything about the first cyclone Adjali, named by the Comoros island, it was in our region in November 2014. We were all probably very taken up by the general elections at that time lol.

Be cautious and take good care of yourselves!


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