Names of cyclones for 2014 – 2015

If you are looking for the origins of the names of the current cyclone Bansi, you might be interested to know that Mauritius has named it. While going through the list, you will probably notice a few names sounding a bit funny, here in our island. NamesProvided byADJALIComoros (F)BANSIMauritius (M)CHEDZABotswana (F)DIAMONDRAMadagascar (F)EUNICEZimbabwe (F)FUNDIKenya (M)GLENDASouth Africa... Continue Reading →

Difé lo morice © sok appadu!

After the happenings of today with 3 ppl dead, 2 ppl lost, loads of houses flooded, we may ask ourself, Is Mauritius ready to face a crisis with its existing government, its different essential institutions responsible for monitoring the climate and taking immediate decisions and actions, the existing infrastructure (roads, surrounding of rivers, ...) AND... Continue Reading →

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