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Ladies & Gentlemen,

Warm welcome to the most awaited Awards Ceremony of the Mauritian Web, the Yashvinblogs Awards 2014! Since several weeks, I was very enthusiast to host this third edition event which sounds encouraging, based on the good response for the past editions of 2012 and 2013! And with the general elections held a few weeks back, things got even more exciting! However, the awards ceremony got unfortunately postponed because of the cyclonic weather prevailing since the past few days.

Coming to the selections of winners, you might probably guess that it was not an easy job to draw this final list from the numerous nominees in the different categories. Yes, this same dialogue is repeated over and over again for each award ceremony or competition. For this reason, this year’s jury was quite special : A selected number of Facebook members as well as the executive board members of the blog had that exciting task of choosing the right winners for each of the categories.

awards fb

Without losing any more time, let’s discover our winners!

Please clap your hands for….

  • Best Actor – Navin ( Movie : La chasse aux requins )
  • Best Actress – Nandinee ( Movie : The great escape )
  • Best Actor in a comedy role – Lormesh ( Movie : En dehors du boite)
  • Best Actress in a comedy role – Maya (Movie : Jay Hanumanjee)
  • Best Actor in a supporting role – Ivan ( Movie : Rambo – The return)
  • Best Actress in a supporting role – Sandya ( Gros nenez et ses pti copains)
  • Best Actor in a villain role – Baichoua ( Movie : L’odeur coltar)
  • Best Actress in a villain role – Nita  (Movie : La chasse aux requins )
  • Best Shooting location : No. 5  ( Movie : La chasse aux requins )
  • Most Promising new-comer Actor  Adrien ( Movie : Mon fils, ce heros )
  • Most Promising new-comer Actress  Sheila ( Movie : The Difference )
  • Most awaited release : The journey to Melrose!
  • Best Director – SAJ ( Movie : Rambo – The return)
  • Best Song – Viré mam!
  • Best Movie – La chasse aux requins
  • Best Dialogue – Pravind ( Movie : Omg, I got elected!)
  • Best Profit-making – Xavier ( Movie : Gagnant à 200%)
  • Best Thriller – La chasse aux requins
  • Outstanding Performance Award : SAJ ( Movie : Rambo – The return)
  • Lifetime Achievement Award – Paul
  • Special Jury Award – Kailash  ( Movie : The great escape )

Movies which got cancelled

It is interesting to note that the production of several movies have been directly influenced by the outcome of the general elections of the 10th December 2014. It is so unfortunate that this has halted the production of the following movies, which could actually be best-sellers :

  1. Touch me if you CanGenre Adult (Visa 18R)
    It tells the story of a prime minister who made head and tail to become the President of a country. With complete immunity, the president could do whatever he wanted. Private jets and Rolls Royce were only some of his luxuries. However, all his dreams shattered when he got thrown to jail to pay for his sins.
  2. Scandal No 10 Genre Drama
    The story of an old lady who wanted to influence the electors by proposing bribes to the electorate. However, a courageous elector recorded her to expose her deeds to the media. A complete shame to the party. The untold secret in the story is all about the relationship of that elector with the old lady.
  3. Clarisse House, My DreamGenre Fiction
    Tired of occupying the same seat for the past decades, an old guy decides to change his fate by betraying each and every of his principles. He joins hands with the evil in order to achieve his dreams but unfortunately, he did not expect the unexpected!
  4. Nillu and BulldozerGenre Romantic
    Everything started with a kiss, highly publicized by the media but it all ended in a tragic way, like always! The evil lady was sent back to her origins while the bulldozer was confronted to his fate, that of drinking the magic Lysol potion.

That’s all!

Big thanks to all members of the jury for their help and also, to the sponsors, without whom it would have been impossible to create this event. I hope that the list of winners is up to your expectations and in case you have other suggestions, please feel free to comment below. Any other additional ideas for posts or events are the most welcomed.

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      1. Wai… ar manierr ki sa nouvo gouvernment-la pe travail, wadir zott presser pou bril sa vag entouziasm ki lepep Dodoland ti ena depi rezilta elexion-zeneral – 85% approval pa pou re-gagner enkor sa – eskiz l’expression: “tir kaka mett petter”.

        Ek sa trio-la bizin rename zott “Les 3 Mousquetons”


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