Mauritius Elections 2014 – Bravo LEPEP!

Today, I feel proud. Proud to be a true Mauritian!

Results are now final. L’alliance LEPEP wins the elections with a total of 47 seats while PTR/MMM got only 13 seats. The defeat of Navin Ramgoolam in his own constituency, the No 5 (Triolet / Pamplemousses) should be written in the history of Mauritius. Ranked at the 4th position, he can’t even enter the national parliament as a member of the opposition. However, the exiting leader of opposition, Paul Berenger scored very badly too, but succeeded in securing the 3rd place in his constituency, enough for him to enter the parliament in the opposition party.

The final results as displayed by l’express :


This year’s election is the proof that Mauritians are not that stupid as Navin and Paul thought!!!

Like thousands of people all around the country, I’m very glad to see that Mauritians have realised that the country badly needed a change. A change which became more than necessary especially after the numerous scandals and problems faced in the country, ruled by the Labour Party for the past 9 years now while the last elections were held in May 2010. The population used their right to vote against the current government as a saction vote. Through this election, the electorate has also massively rejected the project of second republic proposed by the current government of Navin Ramgoolam, in coalition with the opposition party, lead by Paul Berenger. You can read more in my previous post here.

The number 23 is unlucky for the Ramgoolam


Jagdish Seebaruth has rightly forecast Navin’s defeat in the edition of “Triolet News”, published on 8 December 2014. I quote :

“Le chiffre 23 pourrait marquer à jamais la vie du Premier Ministre sortant . Son père, feu Sir Seewoosagar Ramgoolam, était aux commandes du Parti Travailliste pendant 23 ans. Maintenant, les observateurs politiques, surtout ceux qui pratiquent une forte croyance dans l’astrologie et la superstition, soutiennent que le chiffre de 23 ans pourrait recréer une histoire pareil pour Navin Ramgoolam.

Navin Ramgoolam avait fait son entrée en politique en 1991. En 2014, sois exactement 23 ans après, il brigue de nouveau les suffrages. Est ce que le chiffre ’23’ pourrait jouer un tour au Premier Ministre tout comme son père?”


He should now say bye to Sournack, socio-cultural thugs, his pti copains and rodères boutes to whom he gave away our island’s assets such as lands and beaches. Now, he should be careful about his moves because Sir Aneerood Jugnauth promised that he will re-open several police cases and if needed, he will send Navin to jail 🙂

The electoral campaign


Personally, I believe that the private radios and social networks played a very important role during this general elections while there was a very unfair practice by the national television, MBC, in regards to the coverage given to parties other than that currently forming the government. It is without any doubt that the success of the clip “Viré Mam” contributed a lot in this campaign, leaving a huge impact on the electorate while being the talk of the town for several weeks!

A few cases of electoral bribes have been reported, although unofficially and hopefully, the authorities can now investigate the matter. The national television, accused of manipulating videos broadcasts, were sent away from each and every political meeting of the winning team. On the other hand, the members of the government have not participated in any political debate on the private radios probably because they did not want to face humiliation when publicly confronted to the l’alliance Lepep. A sad news during the electoral campaign is the death of a political agent in a road accident.

Parti Malin in No 5 (Triolet / Pamplemousses)

On behalf of every fan, big thanks to the leader of the Parti Malin, Danrajsing Aubeeluck for his participation and presence around the island, even though he gathered only around 793 votes. As usual, people did not believe in him. He did predict a defeat of Navin Ramgoolam in No 5! Before writing the last words of this post, I wanted to share this fb post :

malin fb

Now, the new government should always keep in mind that the population have high expectations for the next years to come.

Looking forward for a new Mauritius, in every possible way…

Vive l’alliance LEPEP et l’Ile Maurice!

Viré Mam!

13 thoughts on “Mauritius Elections 2014 – Bravo LEPEP!

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  1. I agree with @Nayar. Actually, Mauritians already made the mistake of voting a party in “Balié-caro” style which will lead to a very weak opposition. Remember the weak opposition in 2005, when Navin and co. took over? Until 2014, they abused as much as they could. I wish I am wrong but with a weak opposition, it will be the same sinking titanic, just that the captain will bear a different name.


    1. Good luck avec papa piti. Dans le bon coter, Pou ena festival creole. Deveaux pou retourne tourisme. Tam. Tam recoumenser. Banne soorkun et mahadehoo pou essays fer papa piti cancel nouvo carte didantiter. VAT et autres taxes Pou augmenter. Ou roder. Ou gagner. Papa piti! Good luck!!!!


    1. This message should be printed and saved and kept in a safe in the Prime Minister’s Office – next time that a PM is shown the door, this message contains exactly what should be said in the circumstances:
      – the affairs of the State and its institutions must prevail above everything else: Police, ESC, etc;
      – handing over with the President;
      – thanking his voters and all who gave him support previous to this;
      – accepting defeat;
      – acknowledging the sovereignty of Mauritians in choosing a team different than his;
      – wishing the new team the best.

      What a dignified way to bow out. Bravo.


  2. Mo pas vote ou support vieillards ki pour besr loser et anti progress (metro leger). Shame sa ki fine arriver zordi. Acoz banne dimounes couma sa bloguere la ki pena vision et banned anti gouverneman ki sa ine arriver. Anti progress. Ava guetter couma sa bannne anti progres la pou survive avec papi piti et 2 uncle creole. VAT pou monter end avril capave avan meme. Bez sa matelot.Good luck.


    1. Yes, devlopma was everywhere: widened motorway corridors, new roads cross-linking Mauritius around bottlenecks and reducing commute time drastically, Bagatelle and Riviere des Anguilles dams, tablets for students, free transport for elderly and students, new hospitals, new airport etc, etc.

      But everything is marred by incompleteness:
      – The widened motorways are still narrow near bottlenecks (Phoenix roundabout, Mer Rouge, Quatre Bornes is now crossed by a massive 4-lane mess, the ring-raod disaster speaks for itself, etc),
      – abrupt changes in speed are matronned by stupidly located and limit-set speed cameras (110 to 80km/h in less than 200m…),
      – Bagatelle and RdA dams are marred by abject under-funding in preliminary geotechnical studies which eventually triggered the massive delays for addressing foundation problems,
      – tablets for students and their teachers are still non-operational (my wife’s tablet is sleeping sound in its casing because no app can be made to function on it),
      – free transport translates in elderly people and students getting abused and buses sleeping in their garage while their owners effortlessly rake in the cash at each end of the month,
      – new hospitals are just waiting their consumables and maintenance warranty period to expire before they revert back to what was already, and
      – the new airport is just another metal-clad building waiting a similar fate to that of Curepipe’s forum…

      Troll! Just remember that
      1 – you too are one of these “vieillards” in waiting – just try to remain alive for long enough and you’ll see… 🙂
      2 – Best loser system is another form of proportional representation. Proof: it guaranteed social peace for over 40 years already. The time may come when people may forget about their ethnic background when making key decisions, but until then, social cohesion is primordial for guaranteeing you to walk and talk freely to your neighbour.
      3 – progress is only a virtual concept – a metro-leger cannot vouch for modernity when a growing number of people are still eking out a living on miserly wages – and these poor people are not only the “festival creole” you are implying.
      4 – when yourself / your relatives will transit through the airport hungry and thirsty, guess who will be ripping them off with Rs80 per 0.5L bottle of water, let alone the bite-sized food items…?
      5 – going to Ilot Gabriel anytime soon? Give it a second thought when considering the +Rs300 landing fee you’ll need to pay…

      Need I go on?

      Bez ha, quand ou penser ki mo mem pa suiv politchik local, wadir mo p faire enn campagn en solo…


  3. Ti bizin retenir Beenik. Problem se kot Lepep pou gagne cash pou paie pensyon Rs 5000 ek ogmantasyon Rs 600. Donc, fer Beenik ki ti defane valer roupie ek baisse l’inflation fer li aller pou ki Dival ek V Lachemeenaidoo gagne simin libre pou devalier roupie. Beenik ti pou barre zot la route avek raison. Dévaluation fer plis recettes rentrer dans disik, textiles, touristes, ki vé dir plis taxes dans lacaisse gouvernman. Ala kot cash pou finance promesses largesses électorales pou sorti! Lepep pou gagne illusion enan plis cash dans poche mais cash la pou vaut boukou moins. Sa mem 2ème mirak ekonomik sa! L’inflation pou ogmenter ek sa ce plis grand tax lor ban pov. Paré Mam, devaluation pe vini! Marké gardé Mam! Sa mem zot ti fer entre 1982 à 1995.


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