Things that I will definitely remember when I’m voting in 3 days…

In 3 days time, over 900,000 Mauritians will be required to head towards their respective voting centers to exercise one of their constitution rights – The right to vote. With 2 consecutive mandates, the current government is looking forward to another victory and one of their main points in their manifesto is the implementation of the second republic, whereby the new president will have new super powers. If you ask me my opinion, I will definitely say that’s very frightening. Over the past years, we have seen so much with our own eyes. Some don’t even need to be reported by the media.


Yesterday, I asked my Facebook friends what they could remember of the past 9 years and below are the responses. As far as possible, I am also linking the points to related articles on my blog :

The negative points :

  • Water
    A large majority of the island suffers from water problems and despite this has been a serious inconvenience, the present government has not deemed it proper to find adequate immediate solutions. Instead, they want to go forward with the Metro Leger project, a project which will deepen the country’s debt position.
  • Unemployment
    Especially for fresh graduates who cannot find a job due to job mismatch on the market
  • Betamax and Hedging
    Mauritians had to pay a very high price for petroleum products while the price was decreasing on the worldwide market. Strangely, there’s now a second price decrease 3 days before the elections!
  • Unsolved mysteries
    For example, a suspect found hung in a Police station after being arrested in the “Roche Noire” case whereby he has been accused of stealing the prime minister’s watch there.
  • Law and Order
    – The country’s Attorney General had to step down after being accused of boxing a guy after an accident.
    Rise in the number of crimes, including rapes around the island.
  • Repas Chaud
    Several students have been poisoned and needed hospitalization after they consumed food served to them in a programme set up by the Ministry of Education.
  • Regulations reviewed by ICTA regarding imports
  • Flurorescent jackets for 2-wheelers
    The government had to review its position after hundreds of people started protesting on the streets
  • Meteo and flash flood
    Several persons lost their lives, vehicles carried away and much damage to public infrastructure after a flash flood strike in the island. The meteorological station was blamed because of their forecast and lack of adequate working equipment.
  • Accidents at Soreze
    Several accidents have been registered in Soreze, including one which made 11 victims as far as I remember. That dangerous curve on the motorway was subject to much controversy.
  • Strike by employees of the National Transport Corporation
    Employees of the state owned bus company, the NTC went on strike to make their voices heard, especially after a series of accidents caused due to bad state of buses.
  • The Mauritius Shopping Fiesta and Carnival
  • The ring road
    A failure whereby several areas of the new road have collapsed and been damaged, without even being put to use!
  • Construction of Melrose prison
    Weeks after the official opening ceremony earlier this year, the prison started to leak. More money had to be invested!
  • Medpoint case
    There was a huge scandal around the purchase of the hospital and the MSM members left the government.
  • Sousnouk
    It is no secret anymore. The extra-marital affair of a high profile politician with this lady went public after the latter made the police confiscate a camera used to shoot her picture. The media then exposed her life publicly, including the birth of a kid some years ago, and another one, just a few weeks ago.
  • The prime minister’s Rolls Royce
    The PM has been seen travelling in a private Rolls Royce in London. The authorities have been unable to investigate this matter.
  • Illegal universities operating in the island
    Several institutions have closed down while others are still operating without the necessary permits. Degrees given to candidates have been found invalid in some cases.
  • Incapable of handling the Street Hawkers problems
  • Production of electricity
    While the authorities have been promoting green energy, negotiations to allow a coal-based electricity power station in Albion have been contested. At the same time, several acres of land have been allocated to the family of a minister.
  • A Rs 50 millions governmental web site and infrastructure
    A local company associated with a foreign partner have charged the government Rs50 millions rupees
  • Government migrates to new domain after losing access to the domain
  • Restaurant Pandit at Trou Aux Biches
    Part of the public beach’s parking has been closed for the construction of a restaurant belonging to a religious person, close to the prime minister. Recently, that person announced that the PM has himself given the land to him willingly.
  • Construction of a boat house at Trou aux Biches by a person close to the PM
  • Access to Mon Choisy public beach closed and given to a hotel belonging to a person close to the PM.
  • During the economy crisis, stimulus package was given to companies without any transparency.
  • Free transport for students and elderly persons was very badly managed and these people are still suffering on a daily basis.
  • Wastage of money denounced by the annual audits in most of the governmental institutions and departments.
  • Tablets given away to students are subject to much controversy and problems.
  • Implementation problem with the Permis à Points and the Driving License Counterpart
  • Problems with speed cameras and their positioning in regards to inappropriate road infrastructures and for penalizing drivers.
  • Allocation of permits for jet ski to persons close to the PM
  • Ponzi schemes whereby people lost millions of rupees
  • Taxes imposed on people.
  • Other scandals related to Airway coffee, goljory, sournack, bangaleeaa.
  • Cheating in the Mauritius Turf Industry
  • Several reportages by foreign television channels
  • The new Biometric National ID card

Nevertheless, I can’t deny it. There has been much good work done too. But unfortunately, I feel that I am strongly deprived of my rights and joy of living in a so-called democratic country known as Mauritius.

The positive points

I will try to remember some of the developments made in the country during the past years :

  • Installation of surveillance cameras in different regions have contributed to decrease crimes and thefts there.
  • Construction of new hospitals, medi-clinics, playground areas in different regions of the country
  • Recruitment of large number of public officers including in the police force, fire service and in health.
  • More universities, also opened for foreign students.
    However, point to be noted : Several of these universities were subject to controversies after it has been found that they do not hold the necessary licenses and permit!
  • Construction of new roads (including Terre Rouge Verdun and by-passes to solve traffic problems

If you have other points to add here, feel free to contribute in the comments section. Personally, I think that I will stop here. It takes ages to build a reputation but it takes seconds to destroy it. I think that whatever positive things they might have done, the long list of negative points is enough, for me at least, to think twice before voting.

No 5 – Triolet / Pamplemousses


As an inhabitant of Triolet, the constituency in which Navin Ramgoolam has been elected top of the list for several elections now, I will now write this section without any bias. Truly, Triolet lacks nothing in terms of infrastructure, services and facilities. Just name it! A brand new mediclinic, a bypass road to avoid going through the dense traffic of the village, banks, children playgrounds, stadium, fire services, police station, a huge market place etc etc. And a top-class gymnasium is currently being constructed. I can’t complain about anything. Navin and the other elected PTR members have always worked for the village. However, is the same consideration given to other smaller villages in the same constituency?

But however, there are some things which hurt me. The arrogance of some people because they are close to the power is sometimes so evident. If you watch MBC frequently, you can probably notice them in the front line each and every time. As I sometimes call them, they are the “toutous” of Navin. Similarly various organisations and so called religious groups have complete support of the government. They say that they represent the hindous. Who gave them that right to say such things? On top of that, they can do anything they want. One thing for sure, I never met anyone who agrees or support these groups.

Next thing : I can’t enjoy the beach anymore. As a sea-lover, I used to be at the beach every weekend, for a swim or just for relaxing. The Trou aux Biches beach should probably be closed now. The parking space has been converted to a restaurant, handled by the Pandit Sungkur or whoever. I’ve never seen anyone eating in the restaurant. This is suspicious but who cares? The PM gave him the beach, as the pandit said some weeks earlier. A few kilometers from Trou Aux Biches, you got the longest beach of the island. Mon Choisy. I can’t say if it can be called as the longest anymore since the government has closed access to a part of the beach for the benefits of a hotel owned by another person close to the PM. And coincidentally, the authorities have also decided to close vehicle access to the beach under the pretext of sand erosion.

The story of the “pti copains”, alias “rodère boute” does not stop here. Stop reading about Robin Sharma or other inspiring leaders. All Mauritians should be asking for a biography of Mme Sousnouck. From a simple wife of a bus conductor, she now has businesses worth over several millions all around the country. That’s what I call a success story!

I wrote about this earlier : I’m neither fascinated into getting engaged into politics,  nor I’m not a “rodère boute“. There’s no “mot-d’ordre” given by yashvinblogs, but one thing for sure, I want to see new faces at the head of the country and I think that 2 mandates are too much. A new government must lead the country and grab this opportunity to solve all the problems, scandals and society issues while keeping in mind that the guilty ones need to be punished!


I published this on Facebook several times, I prefer to give a vote to Mr Aubeeluck, the leader of Party Malin. He always find ways to pull the crowd without having to give any bribes, money or food. Kudos to this man, although he has a few weird ideas. Not all of his ideas. He did announce a few things which were later included in the manifesto of the other large political parties.

Talking about other political parties, I would have definitely given a vote to Resistance, Lalit or the new Parti Justice Sociale. However, I find it a pity that candidates are presented to the public only a few weeks before the elections. Although the leaders stand good chances of being elected, same cannot be said for their candidates. The work on the field should have started years back if they want to get known by the public. Some of them might probably be engaged in social works but perhaps in one area only, not representing the whole constituency. However, if all of these small parties worked together and came to some agreement, I believe that they would have stronger probabilities of getting votes.

Remember this saying? United we stand, divided we fall!

Go out & vote!

I have come across so many people who are very reluctant to vote on the 10th December 2014. A large majority of them are youngsters. While some of them are fed up with the dirty world of politics, others think that their votes won’t change anything. The graphic below sums up pretty well the idea I wanna share.

You should agree, that one sperm did a pretty good job! So, don’t waste its efforts!

Do make the right choice on the election day so that for the next 5 years, you can at least say that you tried  to change things!


36 thoughts on “Things that I will definitely remember when I’m voting in 3 days…

Add yours

  1. Mo pa gagne compren couma dimoun per exciter pou al vot MSM ek XLD. XLD ti la main dan la main ar NCR 2-3 mois de cela. MSM pareil. Zot ti dan guvernma ziska 2011. Zot fin sorti acoz zot prop scandal Medpoint (1 cas ti copain). Zot rapel billet de la honte de SAJ: Rs 20? Ou bien memoir courte? NCR vraimem pas bon, mais SAJ ek XLD pas meilleur. Tou kaliter permutation nu fine truver dans le passer. MSM-MMM, PTR-PMSD, PTR-MSM, etc. Nu fine deza truv rezilta. Tou le temps pareil. Mauricien besoin malin, al vot ban lezot couma Resistans ek Alternativ ki sans ki zot ena puvoir zot fine reussi fair tir deklaration apartenance etnik ek fair coz travaileurs disik bouz divan.


  2. Lundi mo latete p fermal, mo prend panadol. Mo pas ressi bien. Lerla mardi mone essaye Efferalgant. Mercredi si mo pas ine ressi bien.
    Alors ki mo bizin essayer sa coute la? Mo essaye doliprane oubien mo rer essaye panadol? 😛


    1. Essaye tou, mais autant ki possib, pa en mem temps.
      Et rappel ou le fameux conseil de Chandra a bann grevistes de la faim: “To pa koné ki si to pa manzé to pou krévé?”


      1. B saem nous fine faire depi tous sa l’année la, nous p prend la moitié panadol, p melange ek la moitié efferalgant aussi nous ine essayé. La couma Yash ine dire mo penser nous bizin la tizan em la.

        And by your statement “To pa koné ki si to pa manzé to pou krévé?” I understand in this case that if we do not vote we are the ones who will suffer.


      2. Ah, I knew I could count on your astuteness in decoding my phrases… Keep it up!

        And let’s not forget: viré ou déviré, voté mam!


  3. How to choose? If you vote blok then you are probably giving a vote to some you did not want to. If you vote for an independent they probably will not be elected. The major allies have already made their own agendas and bought mass votes from cultural associations through election promises. What’s left? More of the same? Hopefully not.


    1. that’s the problem isn’t it: most people out there won’t vote for newer candidates believing they won’t win anyway. Out in the world Mauritius is like this huge symbol of African “Democracy” while the 3 same guys have been playing this game of power making all sorts of alliances that don’t make sense anymore. It’s not politics anymore, it’s pure mass manipulation, because they don’t represent anything, you’re not voting for what you believe and you feel like your vote will not even matter. That is one hell of a democracy. This country makes me sick, i’m really ashamed to be Mauritian.


    1. Weps. He always boasts about his final words regarding any decision which needs to be taken in the government but yet, when there are scandals, like medpoint, he plays it like “pas mwa sa, li sa”.


    2. Tann dire li pena le temps pou recevoir so banne ministres – so how come NCR prend decision quand li pas meme joine banne la (et conn contenus banne dossiers la) ? Boulle crystale ?


  4. “Rêves, fortunes et trafics au soleil : les secrets de l’Ile Maurice”
    Documentaire/reportage par M6.

    Dan place nou encolere ar media et le government akoz zot pa p fer nanier, nou encolere ar M6.

    Mauritians are so stupid and Ramgoolam has us so duped.


  5. Mo penser Kee cheong li kwon win soif pu vin ministre..comme di Paul berenger li comment ene ptit toutou li virer cot li penser li gagne ene chance vin ministre.. Un intelligence calculer,,


    1. Mé… li mem pa candidat kott lépep, donk, nargnié li pa pou gagné, mém si li’nn “viré mam”… Eski ou ti kapaw rann nou enn grand serviss explik nou kouma li capav vinn miniss si li mem pa enn dépité?


  6. Democracy is more than just voting!
    The country has been run by two major political parties with the SAME leader for decades. One who lives on the legacy of his father’s name and the other who came back from retirement to save his son’s reputation. Is this what we call democracy?

    Th Labour party assumed office for the past nine years and what have they done- sitting on a bed of lies, siding with their so-called ‘enemy’ and now pleading the public to change the country’s constitution. This is the question that “diehard” fans should be asking themselves. However, the answer that most are failing to see is that regaining power is their only interest and if tomorrow they are re-elected, the country might be moving towards a dictatorship state.

    On the other hand, all those in favour of “vire mam”, do they know what the party has to offer to the people. Hands down, it has been a good campaign but this goes beyond that just ‘a good campaign’. Will the opposition leader and his clan be able to deliver more than just amusing words and give the country its democratic system. It seems that the public now will be settling for second best. The constituents should not have to vote for a party because they have no other choice. Where there is a will, there is a way and here it is plain simple that Mauritius requires a political reform. Together tomorrow, we can abstained until a better party or a better reform.


  7. For a long time now, we have been hearing so many resident and non-resident Mauritians looking for a “3eme force”. At one time there was hope on the group ” wanted 15000 jeunes”. Now that we have parties like Rezistans et alternative or Ensam nou kapav or again lalit etc, we are still debating on whether these guys are worth a vote or not. If we don’t give them a push, how will any one there be a challenger to those two monsters? I agree with Yashvin when he puts forward Parti Malin, as ridiculous as this may seem, the guy has the merit to. at least, bring some entertainment in our life among all the stress and distress that have been brought to us.


  8. More negative points than positive points..
    Two mandates and he could not bring many positive points..
    Instead enjoying with population’s money behind our back..
    SAJ promised that he will put Navin behind bars if he is elected, however it’s difficult because NR is an ILLUMINATI member like his late father..
    In fact, it’s not us who decide who will be the prime minister, it’s the ILLUMINATI group which is currently dominating and controlling our society..
    Our vote is simply one small cross on a piece of paper..
    What power do our votes have on this island?
    Nothing.. we are here as spectators.. that’s all..


  9. Ling
    Lingpa pe dire ou: 10 Desam 2014- Jour Historik Et Okazion En OR Pou
    Unir Ene Nation Arc-en-ciel Ensam Dan La Modernite. Votez et Faites
    Voter En Bloc 3 Candidat De L’ Alliance Ptr-MMM Dan Ou Circonscription
    Pou Sa Vine Ene Realite. merci davance[Ling Lingpa]


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