Mone fini travay, laisse mo al lakaaz….

"Mone fini travay, laisse mo al lakaaz...." Fin de citation du Ministre Nando Bodha lorsqu'un journaliste a essayé de lui aborder afin de lui poser des questions. Pendant ce temps, des gens ont vu une partie de leur maison démolie sous leur regards impuissants car les autorités sont en train de commencer les travaux pour... Continue Reading →


Yashvinblogs Awards 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen, Warm welcome to the most awaited annual rendez-vous of the blog. Already at its fourth edition, the Yashvinblogs Awards has been a truly enriching series of events in which actors of our country are given the prestigious awards of the blog based on different criteria, namely their actions, activity, participation and sense of humor during the... Continue Reading →

What can someone buy with Rs150?

With the Rs150 monthly compensation approved for employees of both public and private sector as from January 2016, I have the impression that the government thinks that population will henceforth be able to afford BMW X6 and Audi vehicles, just like those that several of them have acquired since they came into power, nearly a year... Continue Reading →

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