Should the press stop giving importance to ‘socio-cultural’ groups?

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I have been waiting for this moment since a few days.

The first socio-cultural group ( or whatever they call themselves ) has finally held their press-conference to congratulate the new government while strongly criticising the previous government which they used to venerate. I have always been amazed at their guts !

I’m not necessarily pointing fingers to the group featuring in the above picture but most of these socio-cultural groups frequently boast about representing the 10 millions of people and thousands of temples in Mauritius. Yes, that’s the point; they represent imaginary people, associations and places of worship. Mauritians are always silently criticizing them in fear of being bullied since most of these groups always had the support of Navin Ramgoolam.

As I said in the past, I never met anyone who agreed with those guys. Personally, I never gave them the right to speak in my name, as part of the hindu community. They were neither elected democratically by the population to represent the population, nor they were given the permission to speak in the name of the population. Some of these groups sometimes hold their own elections to elect the same president and board members again and again. One of these persons even got a piece of the beach to construct his ugly restaurant!

Except for talking bullshit, they haven’t proved to be of any concrete use to our society, to our peaceful island. I believe that the press should stop broadcasting any of their conferences or messages to the population. That’s the only way to kill them or at least, make them realise that no one wants to hear or follow them. 

Just to say : Boot licking has just started!
Riyé mam!

What do you think?

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  1. Seeing all those spineless Socio-cultural associations now doing political pirouettes makes we want to puke! I hope the new government ignores them and treats them with the contempt they deserve. They only represent a past Mauritius and their political sale-by date has expired.


  2. Well, I used to have similar knee-jerk reactions when reading from newspapers the transcripts of all kinds of verbal fecal matter coming out of the mouth of self-appointed ethno-religious ‘leaders’. But then, it would be going against the fundamentals of democracy – which is to uphold the right of freedom of association, the freedom of thought, and the freedom of speech.

    The press we have is only the medium which exposes the fact that these organisations are still alive, and it is up to us to stay alert and exert the vigilance and use these same media to refuse and resist. Blogs like yours are increasingly becoming influential as they are the demonstration of active citizenship refusing to be represented by these egocentric people.

    Keep it up!


    1. That song rocks 🙂 Great souvenirs of the nineties. I do hope that people remain critical of the news and media information that is being displayed to us and ask questions and not take it as is only. …And listen to the whole album 🙂


      1. Oh yes… Great memories of discovering this revolutionary album incorporated tribal percussions and instruments mixed into that wall of sound… It helped redefine metal as an open, welcoming, all-on-board way in opposition to all other mainstream genres which would require strict compartments.
        About being critical about what is aired in the mainstream media, the same thing applies to all current news about the unending financial crisis, the Greek elections, Syria, Charlie Hebdo and the like – it’s only when digging through that we grow as a citizen of the world.


      2. Max Cavalera makes awesome riffs. His previous album ARISE was one of the few death metal albums that sold above a million units. Which is by the way a great album, songs such as DESPERATE CRY 🙂 The feeling and intensity when listening to that while going to College – a good dose for the day to begin 😉 Did you buy tapes at SMASH RECORDS??? I can still recall all the bands of the nineties but I stopped following up after. The Cavalera Conspiracy also has some nice riffs. Yes, the world has some plans of its own that definitely require a closer look what is being hidden under the carpet. Next to come are the dangers of AI!


      3. Oh yes! Smash Records was the best hang-out place for metal-heads at the time. I used to be there listening to every “new” sounds every Wednesday afternoon and Saturday mornings waiting for tuition to start…

        Another album that sparked my interest in politics and alternative views of the world in general:


      4. It was those days where you couldn’t download music or have access to unlimited Metal for …”free?”.

        And you valued what you had. Which means, when you put the tape in the record player, you listened to it from beginning to end – and even waited for the crap songs to finish, if its part of a band that you loved, forward was “evil” either ALL or nothing (atleast my principle). To do things more slowly, to wait from programs to load, slow internet connection, funny modem sounds: those were the days where we weren’t yet multi tasking “loosers” of today 😉 Look at the “lost” youth of today :p …they wished they lived in our ERA.

        I once placed an order at Smash Records for a CD: It took ONE YEAR to arrive – me and my friends considered it a worthy patience sacrifice for the EMPEROR. Am sure they tape copied that right away 😉

        WE – the metal heads of the north would travel by Bus to Rose Hill and get the tapes. Mine Frire and Basket Ball in China town. The best moments was always when one of the shop dudes (the one with glasses or that other heavy smoker: you remember their names) would put in the tape in the record player with the HUGE loudspeaker, turn up the volume and let you have some intro. That was EPIC! Double drums sounding with lightning speed: Fear Factory to be heard from far.

        And Justice For All was/is one of the nicest riff preference album I have of Metallica and some stuff like The Unforgiven from the Black Album. It has a consistency that makes it pleasant to listen to even now. Yes, it’s interesting how from Metal your mind can open: I got interested into classical music, literature and art!


      5. One year waiting for the arrival of a special import!!! That was the pleasure of being a metalhead back in the days 🙂 la-bouzi rouz gagne le-temps fini tou ha!
        I was one of the many cash-strapped loners who would save rupee-by-rupee to afford only one cassette per month. Nowadays, all my cassettes have been damaged by humidity…


  3. You should watch the pathetic display of submission to the new power by Mr Dulthummun these days, showing his subservient self at the sides of the poiliticians every time an MBC camera is in action, and giving his orders as if he was being listened. Others are playing on words to try to deceive authorities on their real intentions: VOH = Voice of Hindu = Vijay Om Hamara… If not funny, insulting the intelligence of lepep admirab…


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