Find your voting centre for forthcoming #GeneralElections2019

There are currently two ways you can find details about your voting centre for the forthcoming general elections being held on 7th November 2019:

  • OEC’s official web site and mobile app
  • Emtel SMS

> Electoral’s web site and app

The Office of the Electoral Commissioner of Mauritius (OEC) have put online a site and also mobile apps whereby you can type in your National Identity Card to get

  • The name of the voting
  • The voting room
  • Elector’s number

Click on the following link to open the web site :

The app also allows you to get live results :

No more house hold details

Luckily, unlike for year 2014, the electoral’s web site does not divulge your whole household details anymore if anyone keys in the National ID number.

Electoral Household

I wrote a post on this, so if you want to read, just follow this link :

> Emtel’s SMS

If you use Emtel, you can just send the following phrase to 789 to get the name of the voting centre only

elec <NationalIDNumber>

Send above to 789 if you use Emtel


So, only a few weeks to go… and keep tuned to the blog as I will definitely be posting about the things to remember when going to vote on the 7th November 2019. Meanwhile, you can read the 2014’s things to remember.


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