Reasons why the new National ID card now scares me!

Update 22 Jan 2016 : Deadline for the new biometric Identity Card has been extended till 31 March 2016… It has been announced that 2500 persons haven’t registered for the new card yet. It is important to note that the case is going to be handled at the Privy Council level.

If you had asked me my point of view on the new national identity card 30 minutes earlier, I would have a completely different stand as compared to now. I even participated in various discussions among friends and shared my views on Clever Dodo and Knowledge7 but this YouTube video published by Lalit Mauritius presents a completely different thing which I would call as the (dark) side of the coin new identity card.

Watch it first…

As you just saw, Lalit Mauritius said it all. I feel that I don’t need to add anything more to it.

The new card


With the distribution process which started today and the complaint / case lodged in court, things will definitely be moving fast hopefully. If you wish to learn more about the OFFICIAL use and benefits of the new ID card with the electronic chip, head over to this web site.

Spreading the word

After watching the above video, I was totally speechless. I never saw the new ID card in this way. I knew that there was going to have a whole load of data collected but Lalit Mauritius clearly goes beyond the official published benefits of having this detailed database of the population.

And then, I asked myself – Why is it only now that I’m realizing this? Definitely, I did not expect the national propaganda television company to broadcast this video or other reports but how about the rest of the media? And the other political parties who are always so keen to expose the bad deeds and moves of the government?

On a side note, did you know that tourists and most importantly, foreigners working in Mauritius do not have the driving license counterpart? Hence, they do not lose any fucking points on their DLC nor risk the suspension of their permit.

I do not know about you but I have definitely stepped on the other side now. You are free to join me and share this video (or my blog post) to your friends, family and even enemies.

So, where are the petitions that I have to sign?

Update :

  1. Sign the petition here:

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  1. My thoughts..
    Do people realize how EASY it is to make a fake ID card right now? The actual card is so easy to counterfeit that it can be done at home with a normal printer :p
    Just saying :p

    BTW, Facebook surely collects more data than this new ID card… LOL


      1. But it just not that, it a waste of money in a dangerouse project, Mauritius is a small island where it is needed to get more develop, but NO. There want to make ID CARD, Having seen others country with that, they don’t think seriously? Why not put all the money in developing mauritus? and also, they don’t help mauritius a lot, just for tousrism…


      2. 200% agree over your point they like to clone on other countries, they should spend it on the drought issues.


  2. A bit off topic but since you mentioned this…

    I have a UK driving licence with its counterpart and as far as I know, many foreigners who are stopped by the police are asked to produce the counterpart at a police station if they’re not carrying it with them. This is well before the DLC was implemented in Mauritius and places like Grand Baie are common for that check. However penalty points received here will not affect our licence just like if you would drive in some other country and commit an offence. If I was to drive in another European country though and receive points, it may be transferred onto my UK licence but that’s another discussion. Thought I’d clarify 🙂


    1. Just to join in and share my point of view (and experience). It’s less complicated and easier to have my foreign driving license at hand. It doesn’t belong to the local jurisdiction and therefore no harm at all. Paying the fine, and see you next time…

      Oh, and just for the record: A Mauritian driving license is not accepted for conversion in European countries. One has to pass theoretical and practical tests again. Unfortunately.


      1. I understand your point of view, and I rate the DLC as an educational part of driving here on the island. Frankly speaking, quite a good number of drivers wouldn’t even be allowed to go for the practical driving test in European countries, no offense – it’s a fact. Especially those ‘professional’ drivers.

        So, talking about fairness is kind of a different perspective. Anyone in this country – native, expat or tourist – has to abide to the law and highway code, there is no exception. So, where is the difference? It only lies in the actual consequences connected to ones behaviour. Yes, the ‘punishment’ for a local driver seems to be higher than for a foreigner but we all driving on the same roads…
        I already told you about my daily observations in your other article. And who posted that picture of a police car parking on a double yellow line? There are so many small issues to talk about this topic. Each of them actually not really worth to talk about but it’s the sum of all of those that matters… I really hope that the DLC is going to improve the general situation on Mauritian roads.


      2. Totally agree to what you said.

        Having never driven in a foreign country with an international driving license (issued in Mauritius), I wonder how it works the other way round? I mean, in regards to the penalty points or other regulations in force in the country I’m visiting.


      3. Well, as far as I know… ie. in Germany you have to settle the fine on the spot otherwise they won’t let you continue to drive. Eventually, it might be possible to settle the bill within a certain period but I’m not too sure about that. Penalty points etc. are not issued due to the lack of jurisdiction.


      4. Just to reply to the the “A Mauritian driving license is not accepted for conversion in European
        countries. One has to pass theoretical and practical tests again.
        Please don’t generalize. I live in France and have converted my Mauritian permit into a French permit just one year ago with no test whatsoever. It was a simple formality.


      5. Point taken.
        Interesting to see that various countries in the EU handle a commonly agreed and regulated document like the driving license differently. If it’s not too much to ask for, do you eventually have a reference to the French authorities to read about that. Some of my friends would be interested to know more about that. Thanks in advance.


  3. I have not watched the video yet, I will check it tonight…
    For now I would just say that maybe this is the cost of the so-called modernization we talk about! 🙂


  4. I am somewhat surprised that in general the public was not really aware of possible consequences of the collection of private data. It was for me suspicious that all finger-prints were required as well as other facial bio-metrics. This data once stored on server(s) could easily be used to track people’s movements. Also, the data could fall into the hands of a possible future repressive regime to target people like journalists. The authorities have tried to give assurances on the security of the data but not about the use of it. It is also frightening that there is a clause in the ID data law that allows future amendments to permit collection of other data. For example, they could add personal health data such as whether a person is HIV positive. Yes, you need an ID system but limit the private data collected. I am sceptical as to the real reasons for holding such data.


    1. Unfortunately, people (including me) looked only at the pros of having an electronic ID card, especially with what advances in technology can bring in. But it is good that Lalit Mauritius has “exposed” the cons so that people can realize how these advantages in technology can be used to invade your privacy.


  5. As a citizen, you should know of 3rd parties (non-Gov) who store your data and what their data integrity and retention policies are. Lalit suggests that Mauritius is not a democracy but under an authoritarian rule. It doesn’t make sense.

    Freedom of speech doesn’t mean that you should make idiotic statements.


    1. I’m not siding with Lalit when replying to you but a pure guess might be : They mean that despite we live in a democracy, we don’t have all the rights due, especially with all the incidents happening in the country (Just to quote : petits copains)


    2. “Lalit suggests that Mauritius is not a democracy but under an authoritarian rule. It doesn’t make sense.”

      Just asking: Dear Sir, should this phrase of yours be classified as falling under your own idiotic statements” classification too?

      Because, you seem to forget that most advanced countries do NOT force (yep, Rs100k fine + prison term in Dodoland, mind you!) their citizens to bear an ID card: just try to utter that in, say, UK, and prepare to be lambasted.

      And for god’s sake, WHY does anyone need to print on that card if one is married or not. What happens if their social status changes – go and have a modification? Where – in Port Louis? What about the people who currently are 59 years of age – go and have “SC” inscribed on the card just after their 60th birthday? Again in Port Louis? And what if the senior citizen bus pass is repealed – to whom does it matter if the “SC” imprint is there or not? Don’t you have a head for calculating a person’s age from one’s birthday…?

      OK, ok, I stop.


      1. IF you don’t have your ID card with you, that does not mean you automatically pay that rs100 000 fine. You can produce your identity card within such reasonable period, to such person and at such place as may be directed by the person making the request


  6. Add this to the debate:

    [audio src="" /]

    And more here.

    Technology is great: but that about the “checks and balances”. An example: the speed cameras are apparently fail-safe. But why:
    – Why are they not tuned to scan ALL possible infractions, such as detection of unpermitted line-crossing, crossing on yellow lights, etc, etc.
    – Why is there a grey area on whether ALL vehicles (including government, and embassy vehicles) are fined – the only way would have been attaching a unique serial number to each and every photograph taken and reporting to parliament on the percentage of ‘caught’. But no, we will never know.
    – Why do you have to purchase the photograph (dé-mil-oupi siouplé!!) in case you have to prove that you were not at the wheel at the time of taking the photo?

    I bet my money on a majority of Mauritians not giving a damn about the new ID card, just like they really like to flaunt themselves without any ‘pudeur’ on Fesse-bouc. Attention-seekers like this can’t be worried about privacy.


      1. Good question. The authorities can ask you for your card and request you to present it afterwards for your convenience. But how lenient will they be? Can they wait the time needed for you to get one? The law doesn’t say anything more as far as I know.


    1. Seen on the official website in the FAQ section.

      “How do I proceed if I am abroad and wish to renew my ID card?

      For Mauritian Citizens who are abroad and miss the Card
      Conversion period, they will have to go to the National Identity Card
      Unit during their next trip to Mauritius, even if the visit takes place
      after the conversion period.”


  7. the new fingerprint card may decrease crime like the one Michaela Harte.
    only fingerprint is obtained but don’t know who.

    That why the government want to have fingerprint for the whole population.


  8. Mo permette moi donne mo l’opinion sur la chose, sur la vidéo.

    Ancienne carte d’identité là ene joke ça. Mo carte couma dire ene photocopie plastifiée. Ine déjà arrivé ki mone bizin servi carte là à l’étranger pou prouv mo l’âge pou rentre dans ene bar, mais bane là pane accepter li acoz li paret fausse. Bien comique.

    Li normal ki tout dimoune bizin sarié so carte d’identité tout le temps, c’est ce ki mo faire déjà, et depuis une dizaine d’années mo même sarié mo passeport quotidiennement dans mo sac à main.
    Li normal ki bizin présente li à n’importe ki dimoune “officiel” ki demander. Zot pas pou ena lecteur empreintes forcément, ce sera juste pour un contrôle visuel, comme maintenant, certainement. C’est pas paski ena ene nouvelle carte ki pou ena contrôles tous les 100 mètres dans la rue. C’est ridicule de penser ça.

    Normal pou bizin payer kan perdi so carte. Et bien sûr, pli li ene carte élaborée, pli li pou cher. Nek bizin make sure pas perdi li. Li couma n’importe ki document, carte bancaire ou cash. Nek bizin mette li dans porte-monnaie et prier pou ki dimoune pas kokin ou porte-monnaie.

    Li normal ki à l’avenir, kifoi pou ena plus d’informations sur la carte,
    li normal ki ena ene l’article ki prévoir ça. Mais nou pou au courant
    et nou pou capav protester en temps et lieu si li ene atteinte à la vie privée. Inutile coz ça astère. Paski
    astère, péna aukène l’information compromettant.

    Residential address pou en numérique seulement, donc pas pou ena pou change carte. Dans ce cas, pena aukène raison pou ki li payant. Si nek bizin faire ene mise à jour numérique de la carte. Par contre, oui, pou alle mark SC, sirment pou bizin faire la queue, mais heureusement, pou bizin faire ça ene seule fois dans sa vie. Et grâce à cette carte, pas pou bizin alle faire la queue pou ene tas lezot raisons.

    Concernant le côté biométrique, en France (désolée c’est mo seule référence), tous passeports déjà biométriques depuis 2009 (avec état civil + deux empreintes + photocopie numérisée) et en mars 2012 ine vote ene la loi pou ene nouvelle carte d’identité biométrique avec les mêmes informations + quelques autres. Le conseil consitutionnel ine refusé ki ena ene gros database créé avec ces infos (risque piratage, risque détournement des informations), surtout accessible pou la police (fichage des gens honnêtes), et ine refusé ki capav utilise carte là comme pou ene signature électronique. Mais sur tout le reste (facilitation des démarches, etc.), c’est ok. Mo gagne l’impression ki ena ene tas pays (couma l’Inde) kine adopter la carte nationale d’identité, même avec la grosse base de données centralisée. Ki problèmes dans ces pays ? (ene vraie question ça, mo pas conner moi)

    Ceki important, c’est ki data là bien secure. Sur le site web officiel (ki mo trouve bien détaillé et intéressant), kifoi mank inpé l’information lor là.

    Concernant l’incertitude sur l’avenir politique de Maurice, beh li (presque) pareil partout, pas conner ki capav arriver dans 5 élections. Donc pou moi, ce n’est pas du tout ene argument. Li pas ene raison pou stop toute possibilité d’évolution. Mone casse ene grand riyé létemps madame là ine dire ça.

    Mais ok, kifoi pas ti nécessaire arrive à ça l’évolution là tout de suite vu ki nou en retard sur les grandes nations ki mone cité ci-dessus. Mais justement, ti pou cool essaye rattrape un peu le retard. Bien sûr, fodé ki mentalité corruption et détournement d’information changer à Maurice. Mais personnellement, mo faire confiance au gouvernement.

    Dans tous les cas, si ou pane faire nanrié de mal, on péna pou gagne peur.


    1. Mone apprecier seki tone dir à 200% mais le probleme est ki pu faire avec empreinte et biometrics nu visage. Sa faire mwa vine lo manifestation mo ti aller trou aux biches, kot fotograph lapolis ti p maja karo pu tire foto tout dimoune. Avec nouvo card identité et surtout bane DONNEES stockèes, to zis bisin 1 software pu donne twa nom tout dimounes ki ti present ainsi ki bane lezot manifestations line aller. Faire peur akoz bane infos koume sa, nu pas koner kouma gouvernment cpv servi.

      Nouvo carte c’est bien. Mais pas nu donnees biometriques pu espionne nu la vie privée.


      1. Oui, de ce côté là, mo d’accord, bizin conner ki pou faire avec ces données là. A priori, ceki to pé dire (survey manifestations, reconnet dimoune dans la foule) pas prévu actuellement dans la loi, si ? Eski ine écrire ene article de loi lor là dans la loi actuelle lor ça ? Si non, soit li pou ene nouveau projet de loi (à ce moment là, nou ava protester vivement), soit li pou ene détournement derrière nou lédo (lerla li pas pou ena aukène valeur juridique et nou pou capav porte plainte).

        En d’autres termes, moi mo pas tracasser pou ça dès maintenant. Bizin donne ene chance au gouvernement. Moi mo faire li confiance. Come what may. Dans tous les cas, la voix du peuple est entendue et Maurice pas pou vine totalitaire.


      2. Confiance en gouvernment? Nek guet moris ki p vini… Ou lire media 🙂
        Si mo ti ene ticopain, mo ti pu ena full confiance oui, mais pena personne dans mo laliane ki proche r navin, ni nandinee.


      3. Moi non plus mo pas faire partie des “ticopain”, bien au contraire. Mais ça situation là pas immuable. Le principe de “ticopain” est justement lié à Navin, mais li pas pou reste éternellement au pouvoir. Hopefully.

        C’est sûr ki mo pas pé ressi trop suiv ceki pé arriver à Maurice côté politique. Mo inpé excédée avec tout ça, tellement toutes les situations ridicules depuis quelques années.

        D’un autre côté, mo inpé fatiguée avec la jeunesse ki plaigner et ki pas faire nanrié pour le pays (tous mo bane camarades facebook ki nek poster, poster, poster, sans agir). Moi mo conner ki, personnellement, si ene zour mo décide retourne Maurice (bien probablement), mo pou faire de la politique pou redresse ça pays là. Bien bizin. Rappelle mo nom 😛

        Pour en revenir au sujet de base, ok, donc tous détournements possibles à Maurice pour ces données, dans l’illégalité ? Dans ce cas, bye bye Maurice.


      4. Entouka….bane “Highly competent” authorities kuma NIU ou lezot “zafer” gouvernement pa kwar pu ressi ale rod figir ene dimoune dan ene photo manifestation sa… gete sa bane employees laem to penC, zeleve sc kone servi ene PC pli bien ki banela….


      5. PAF!

        Zoli répons ha!

        Vrémém ha, keske ki nou ena a-foutt ar ki citoyenne Cherina Meetoo trouv dan Dodoland ou pa?

        Wadir sa nouvo ID la’ém: ki li ena a-foutt ar ki mo maryé/pa maryé, agé ou pa, etc, etc: li siposé ziss certifié l’association unique entre enn nom ek enn figir, c’est tou! Kan mo al la-cour, la-bankk, sipaki enkor, sél ‘purpose’ ki sa dokiman-la éna sé certifier mo l’identité, nargnié d’ott, point final.

        Sinon, eski si ou maryé (ou pas), péna inpé lé-dwa, figirr non-standard ou ki ou”middle-aged” li influanss ou capacité ferr kik transaction financiérr, férr témwagnaz ou kik lézott zafferr administratif ankor?


        Alors merde!!

        Déza ki bann gran-dimounn gagn gro difikilté pran bis pandan pik-time, mo ti pou conseil zott dégiz an zénéss, ek apré, kouma zott fini monté ek kontrolérr bordé, montré zott “bus pass”. Mé sélman, fodé aussi fér kikenn filmé sénn-la pou gagn enn prév de rasism anti-vié ek montré bann otorité absirdité zott bann systém ki siposé amélior kalité la-vie.


      6. Merci pour l’information YNK, bizin chek ça en profondeur. Et pourtant Singapour ene “démocratie autoritaire”. Comme quoi …

        Akash Gura Goredo, ou bane réponses inpé bizarres…


      7. Then, if as you seem so confident about “system ine montrer so preuves labas”, then, just suggesting you to try it for the first-hand experience, not rely just on the hear-say.


      8. Hear say?
        LOL…. I made my research on this before commenting, unlike you. FACT is the system has been performing well for 6 years in Singapore.


      9. How?

        Six years, I know, it’s been working fine for Singapore – albeit, it’s their authorities who say so, and everyone seems to agree with that.

        But, dear Sir, what about the citizens? Would you like to be followed at all spots with hounds (disguised policemen) everywhere, and every little thing that you do askew reported and traced back to you.

        Go there by yourself, gather first-hand experience, then we’ll talk.


      10. Dear Sir, there is a thing called the Internet, and if I can recall, the Internet is not censored in Singapore. If there were are any thing like you say (or speculate), I guess we would have seen it on Singapore blogs and websites.

        BTW, did you go there to gather first-hand experience?


      11. “…did you go there to gather first-hand experience?”
        Yes, I did. I happened to be there and the tropical climate made me suffer from dehydration during the first few days – to which I reacted “naturally” by having a sip from my bottle every now-and-then. And then I happened to realise that there was a nice, suave voice telling people to refrain from eating/drinking in public places… and then I realised that they were addressing this to the uncouth tourist that I was… and I was baffled to the point of being made self-aware of cameras oggling your every move at all street corners.

        Very sour impression – live it once, and you’ll feel the pressure for life.


      1. Same here….and I don’t think it will be illegal to walk without your id….maybe we will need to present it when needed only(like a crime), not as if walk with it 24/24..


      2. Dans tous les cas, kifer li ene si gros problème de marcher avec la carte 24/24 ? Tout dimoune sarié ene porte-monnaie, non ? Tout dimoune supposé capav présente ene pièce d’identité kan ene dimoune l’autorité demander, c’est la loi de base. Mo trouv ça on ne peut plus normal.


      3. Wii..mais zot pa pu that severe on it…mo penC pu kapav montrer carte la apres si…pa desuite desuite…..foD ena kit doute or something on a particular matter..well, let’s see…


      4. “Tout dimoune sarié ene porte-monnaie, non”

        Tou li-sien oussi bizin portt zott médaiy MSPCA.

        Allez, couché!


      5. Oui, Varun, mo penser ki li obligatoire ENA ene carte d’identité après 18 ans, mais kifoi li pas obligatoire sarié li (pas trop koner ki la loi dire lor là), mais li préférable si jamais ena ene imprévu ou ene problème. Mais ça, c’est ene lot issue, rien à voir avec new ID card.

        Mo pas pé compren le ton d’Akash Gura Goredo, pé faire joke ou soit pé coz mal ek moi là ?

        Sinon, pas nécessaire compare dimoune ek li-sien. Mo pas kone zot, mais tout dimoune autour moi sarié ene porte-monnaie dans poche ou soit ene ti sacoche ou ene sac à main. Si ena place pou bel bel smartphones, ou ena place pou ene carte d’identé.


      6. “dimoune pé trop dramatiser”

        Before making such a judgement, may I be allowed to recommend you some background reading and film-watching, just in case:

        – Fahrenheit 451 (book)
        – Brazil (film)
        – Soylent Green (film)
        – Gattacca (film)
        – 1984 (book)
        – Z (film by Costa-Gavras)
        – The Shock Doctine (documentary film)

        After you’ve paid attention to their substance, only then you tell all these anxious people if they are over-reacting or not.

        Not me, please.



      7. Attane, moi si mo capav faire la “cultivée” ek cite ene tas films et livres de FICTION : Alien, E.T., Prometheus, Rencontre du 3ème type, Super 8, Men in Black, etc.
        Ena ene tas dimoune ki gagne peur ki aliens pou débarquer lor la Terre ene zour. Pas acoz ça ki li ene peur raisonnable et ki bizin dramatiser.

        Nek Z et Shock Doctrine ki pas *trop* fictions. Mais pou aukène des 2, mo pas pé trouve le rapport avec la technologie, le database, le côté biométrique. Tout capav arriver sans ça, sirment déjà ine arrivé Maurice emba emba. Oui, ena gouvernements ki faire abus, mais ce n’est pas pour ça ki bizin arrête tout et gagne peur.

        p.s. Ou pena pou répone à mo bane messages si ou pas lé ki mo commenter après. Nianiania blablabla “not me, please, thanks.”

        p.p.s. Sorry Yashvin pour tous ça bane commentaires là, mais ça missié là pé agace moi là ^^


      8. “faire la “cultivée””

        Merci pour le compliment, mais franchement, c’est bien la première fois que l’on m’insulte de la sorte – exception faire de ce très très cher Pramod.

        Ena enn z’affaire ki appelle “dystopia”, ek maniere ki sa pé dérouler, Moris pé al dans sa direction-la bel vitess, ek bann espèce de prétentieuse (qui se trouve enfin quelqu’un qui ne courbe pas devant sa gracieuse majesté! ” ça missié là pé agace moi” – I was never here to make friends) trouve celà classieux de claironner sa couardise à se soumettre à l’arbitraire, et d’essayer bravement de l’imposer à d’autres, “faiseur de cultivé”.

        Bravo, et bonne continuation dans votre superbe carrière de mégère conne-tout.



      9. Depuis le début, mo pé donne mo l’opinion calmement sur la carte et mone gagne bane réponses intéressantes de Yashvin et d’autres. Mone dire plusieurs fois ki mo consciente ki ena risques et ki mo pé choisir faire confiance au système de sécurité. Si ou pas lé, faire ceki ou envie, mo pas pé impose nanrié. Arrête koz n’importe.

        Si ou trouver ki ena trop abus, faire kikchoz, faire politique, pas reste assiser derrière ou l’écran et donne conseils.

        Allez, bye. Mo pas pé révine ici moi, moi ki ti pé envie commence suiv blog Yashvin, dommage ena bane commentateurs nimps ki pas respecter dimoune. Répone ceki ou content. Impossible débatt tranquillement ici. Get lost avec ou bane insultes et ou bel bel phrases françaises là.

        La mégère conne-tout.


      10. Salut Cherina.

        Tout d’abord, fodait pas to decourager. Si Akash et twa pas partaze meme point de vue, sa pas veut dire ki tous les deux ena raisons ou tous les deux ena tort, loin de la. Ene bane objectifs mo blog, c’est donne ene plateforme pu laisse dimoune exprimer librement, et saken vine avec zot arguments qui zot truver faire le poids.

        Kitchose ki mone apprane pendant les 7 dernieres annees ki mo blog : Pas baisse les bras akoz to pas partaze meme point de vue ki lezot 🙂

        Aller, cheers!
        And keep coming in here, sinon to pu rate boukoup 😉


      11. ” Nianiania blablabla”
        Samem ki appel “donne mo l’opinion calmement” sa? Quel self-control, bravo…

        “Arrête koz n’importe”?
        Pa ou mém ki’nn traite moi de “bizarre”, hein?

        “Impossible débatt tranquillement ici”
        Dire plito ki ou pa siportt ki dimounn kapav ena l’opinion diféran. Ek sa, ou preferre zett lor bann couma moi ki pa sipportt “group-think”. Ek pli zoli ankor, ou pé extrapolate lor mo personalité tou: sa ki appel insultt.

        Bann ki’nn suiv mo manierr fair commentair capav témoigné: mem si li diamétralman opposé ar pou moi, mo accepté tou zott l’opinion, tankk ki li argumanté, pa ” Nianiania blablabla”, sa, non, pa gagn barr ar moi zamé.

        Mo ti cwar ou ena enn bon calibb pou débatt, mém si mo degré de “cultivation” (de culture, mo konné :-)) bien bien fébb konparé ar ou, ti bien stimulant pou débatt ar ou. Mo bien déçu ki nou pa contign sa tipti tug-of-war ‘verbal’ la.

        En tout cas, bien pa-sagrin ki ou pé déklarr forfé!


      12. hi j’ai lu tes comments et jsui pa d’accord ek toi dimoune pa p dramtiser juste get sa video la to pu comprend a kel point sa cart la et so data base pa secure dutt et a kel point nu p vine vulnerable face au monde entier merci


  9. After seeing the video…well here’s my opinion:

    Well I do agree that we need to change the current card. However the information that is being asked from us is something really sensitive.

    My main concern:
    Well as it has been said in the video, even if two finger prints will be present in the card, we are being told to give all our ten finger prints. We do not even know why this information will be needed. This is stored in a database which eventually I guess will be accessible through a network. My question is how secure is the network? Many people in IT might know that any system that is accessible through the internet is vulnerable to attacks from hackers. No matter how secure we claim a certain system to be there will always be a risk. Hackers are always one step ahead.

    Let’s say that the system will be on an internal network having no access to the internet. Even if the data is being stored by a third party and the access right is limited only to a few people in the data center. What happens if someone tries to use his power to acquire those sensitive information? Will they be able to stand up to their policy and protect that information.

    What might happen if someone gets access to the fingerprints in the system? Do you realize that this can be used against us and get us involved in crimes by using those finger prints?

    We cannot trust such a system. It all depends on the people.

    And life gets even more complicated: Should I carry my ID with me even if I go to the beach for a stroll in my shorts?

    Well I heard that we have to renew that card every 10 years and WE have to pay for it. Please confirm this but if it’s true then it’s a problem.

    We take all fingerprints from criminals… Why are we being treated as one??? 😦


    1. People are worried that you will be forced to carry ID everywhere. As I understand it from the video above, you do not have to. If you don’t have it, you should produce it later within a certain number of days. So really, you don’t need to carry it everywhere and there is no penalty for not having it on you… unless I didn’t understand it correctly.

      But this ID scheme is much much more than an ID card. The card itself is the front end and what you see. I wouldn’t be so much against it to have just the card with the 2 fingerprints on it and so on.

      The danger lies in all the additional info stored in the background. There was never any explanation as to why ALL 10 fingerprints are needed. This is absurd. Why store all this data as well? Having the 2 fingerprints on the card should be enough, there is no need to store it in a central database.

      Someone commented here that France did something similar with their ID but stopped short of having a central database. At least they saw sense. It is extremely dangerous to have all this data stored in one place.

      It’sa shame that that woman from Lalit is so soft-spoken. If she had added some powerful emotions to her arguments and said things such as ‘leve lepep moris’ while banging a fist on the table, she would have made a good politician. At the moment she sounds like a teacher trying to explain something and she did a good job at that.


  10. Prepare to dig out Rs100,000 as fines and imprisonment up to 5 years if you do not take possession of the new ID card in a 12 months limit.
    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Mauritius


      1. Still amazed by how can some people defend the new ID card. It’s a clear violation of rights guaranteed by the constitution.

        But oh well, mo bsn rentre ti copain aster!


      2. Wai. mo pou done toi 1 boute dan airport and 1 boute la plage kot to le. Si ena pou bouge hotel, station tou sa. nu faire li pou toi 😀


      3. they already have all the information they need on you (id card or not), it will just be faster to get it now


  11. Let’s imagine a small scenario. I am the PM of Cleverland.
    And tomorrow there is a manifestation against one of my implemented ideas. And I have the photographs of everyone who participated in it, and I want to know if anyone from the XXX sector participated in it, for ‘disciplinary actions’.


  12. i really dont understand y people are behaving in such a way .why should we consider what other countries are doing are we not enough mature and independent to make our own decision and concerning the ID card its a change should we not accept it because such information like the photo and finger prints i believe its only higher authorities which will be able to have access to them so why are we overacting. if things keep on going like this than i believe no one should go for an account on fb or take loan because it requires loads of more personal information so plzz i believe we should be practical

    et concernan card la perdi ben m penC tu dimune bzn kon assume zot responsabiliter e ki ban dimune o ba de lechelle perdi zot card pli souven ben li completmen bias


  13. I do agree that higher authorities will be having access with such kinda
    information about us.. But do we really trust the system where all
    these information will be stored. I personally do not believe that it
    will be be a secured one.
    What if those critical and highly personal details get hacked and modified or something. then what will happen?
    Do not forget that hackers are everywhere and we are surrounded by highly talented hackers.
    Storing such kind of information about us will lead to a disaster!!
    I read that facial alignments, GPS and fingerprints of our ten fingers will be stored? this is too much. This is definitely freedom infringement!!


    1. GPS –> BIG LIE
      There is a reason why fingerprints are stored, that’s to uniquely identify each person.

      And yeah, the system has been used in Singapore successfully for 6 years, and I know there are some very good hackers there.


  14. bein nous aussi nou bizin fer ene la greve contre sa carte la …
    parski li ene gaspiyaz ek li p tro interfere dan la vie ene personne ..vraiement c’est ene dangeux pou l’individue ;(


  15. quand on y pense ou est-ce que ca ne ce fait pas? doit on etre en retard au niveau technologique (et oui ca passe bien par la!) et pour un pays en developpement, etre en retard ne peut etre solution. du cote des empreintes, toutes personnes allant etudier ou travailler par exemple en france doit donner ses empreintes a l’ambassade et donc au gouvernement francais donc je vois pas quel est le probleme de donner les miennes a mon propre pays!


  16. Ha eski zot penC si gouvernement ou NSS ( NIU) si bizin info lor sme1 li pu bizin info lor sme1 like dossier medical, criminal records etc li pu bizin depan zis lor sa ID cart la….avan osi NSS ti p ggn info lor dimoune….lenpreinte 1 dimoune facile ggn sa, tousa info lor ID la NSS pas 1 grand zafr sa pu li pu ggn sa lor 1 dimoune….moi mo pencer sa new ID bcp zafr pu changer like ben case vol etc kot ena lenpreinte ki pas encre indentifier avec sa new ID pu fini ggn zot facilement….


  17. Mo sure si ffacebook demande dimune tou ban info la, zot ti mari content pu donner mai la zzot p fer 1 ta zaza. Btw empreinte digital la servi pu encode ban donne la


  18. dont be a victim of poor politics…when there is a move forward, its good to understand the politics and see that someone will make a big pickle out of this, we use our brains….we trust in our actions….and we will see ourselves prosper…

    BTW. facebook knows so much more about you…a biometric record for your government is nothing to what is already captured on you….and most of what you do is already public….

    so just have a little sip of reality, and if you are against all this information capturing….dig a massive hole in the ground and stay there.


  19. Those who are comparing to Singapore should note that it is the wrong comparison since Singapore and Mauritius law system about human rights are VERY MUCH different.
    Singapore limits the basic human rights to a massive extent.

    The “best system” to compare Mauritius is to United Kingdom.


    1. I believe that any kind of blind comparison is not really a nice idea. We learn the best practices from the other societies. Try to see if it is feasible for our society, our country, based on our lifestyle. Then we adapt… XD

      En gros we have to be comfortable with that change but also ensure that whatever is implemented does not have any drastic and negative impact on our country and eventually on our society and finally on each and every individual on the society in the long run … 🙂


    2. The system has been developed in Singapore by Singaporeans. That is why we are comparing with Singapore. The system used in UK does not use the same protocols and security features.

      People WANT to take UK as an example because the ID cards were discontinued there. BUT, what about other European countries? Many European countries have already adopted the new ID card AND the Biometric Passport.


  20. Bon mo penser personne pa contre 1 nouvo carte identitE..mais zot simplement contre le fait ki p bizin inclure nu donnEs biometriques dans sa carte la…kifer bizin inclure sa dan sa carte la?? Si nu pense li dan sa facon la…fer couma dire 1 dimoune ine al 1 place…line mange 1 bonbon et line zet emballage la laba mem line aler! Par pur hazard…1 crime arriver dan sa place la..l’enquete derouler gagne plastic bonbon avek dimoune la so l’empreinte lor la…compare l’empreinte la avk cki ena dan base de donnEs vu ke C 1 expert system extra puissant et nu l’empreinte li unique a pu fini identifier dimoune la…la pna a sortir de la boug la vine prime suspect ladan…juska ki li reussi prouve le contraire ki extra difficile a moins ki ena temoins…comme sa ena 1ta scenario ki kapav derouler…a priori c dan sa ban facon la ki sa systeme la capav contribuer a la securitE nationale! Mais li aussi capav zouE contre nu! Si ban pays comme Angleterre pane adopter sa systeme la li pa juste akoz 1 raison economique…si kumsa b nu capav dire ki maurice li ecomomiquement pli stable ki angleterre alors…laisse a desirer forcement!!!


  21. Let me admit that all those who want to be finger-printed will surely enjoy this one:

    Hah! Got ya! This absurd concept is indefensible. And those justifying it are exposing themselves to ridicule, sooner or later. And sooner or later, they will regret having had such hard feelings about the others who were actually taking rightful precautions…


  22. Bof nous pu rest dir dir dir mm..revolter lor facebook..argue mm..mai o final nu bane mauricien pu acepter tous ceki government impose tou. si zordi tous nu p vivre dan ene pays rempli ek bane politicien in vine ene cancer ki p ronge nu pays, c pas zot ki bizin blamer mai c nu mm ki la faute. nu prefere reste dan nu ti lavi, vivre nu ti lavie, devant nu ti television sans nu soucier nu ceki p arive nu societé. ceki bcp average dimoune pa koner ceki la loi pa pu tou dimoune dan moris. si zordi tou dimoune dan moris dir nu pa pu donne nu donné goverment cave fer? donne tou dimoune lamende? si persone pa payer lerla government pu met tou dimoune dan prison ki lol?? la veriter ceki goverment pa pu cave fer nanier pke le VRAI pourvoir dan nu la main, kan nu morisien pu resi realise sa lerla nu pu fer ene grand pa dan lavencement nu societé. nu pa realiser ki nu sou ene dictature passif, nu coman pane zamino ki pa conne nanier ek ki ale dan labatoire. zot nek divise dimoune, kan nu resi met nu religion,couleur la peau,classe social,difference culture,niveau l’education de coT lerla nu jeune surtout pu cave esperer amene nu ti iles vers ene meilleure future.


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