Patrick, shut the heck up!

la ferme

First of all, my sincere apologies to all the Patricks reading this post. I really thought a lot before using those words in the title but I’m sure that each of you will understand my point. Please rest assured, I have nothing against you nor your name but by the end of the post, you might probably guess who exactly I’m referring to.

J’en ai ras le bol!

I can’t hear his voice anymore, not even on the radio!

Personally, I think that he just speaks rubbish while trying to cover up things happening in the country and taking Mauritians for stupids! Each time he opens up his mouth, I can already see how low he will stoop. His way of trying to make everything seem dramatic is simply pathetic!

*sigh* Short post! I just hope that I’m not the only one who thinks that this guy should stop being an ass!

11 thoughts on “Patrick, shut the heck up!

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  1. i join you to tell him what an ape ass mouth he has…only $h!t coming out of it! One just need to watch the video on the ID card and will realise that he’s stupid to the boneS!!! pfff!!!


  2. Ki Patrick?
    Bruel? Expert poker et “casser la voix”…

    Sebastien? Expert en blagues scato…

    Assirvaden? Nita D so manév pandan conféranss-dé-préss PTr, et expert en tout…


      1. Weh, mo ti pé éssaye enn taktik la-poliss: avoy dé-trwa foss ar enn sipozé-vré, apré guétté ki arrivé.
        Ah-bein, saki mo trouver sé ki-férr napa nomme li?
        Guétt kouma S Jagatsingh nomme bann fat-cats & co kri-kri, péna pou pérr la-dan. Enfin, sakenn so maniérr aménn so blog, mé, ti pou bien intéréssan trouv enn ti-koutt ki / kouma bann contribitérr pou azoutt zott boutt… Sans nomme l’innommable… 🙂
        En tou ka, bizin konpran li: si li pa férr sa, ki pou foutt ar li, déza ki académikman…? Alor, komm bon politi-chien ki bizin rézerv so plass pou 2015, li bizin ranpli lesspass ar inpé yap-yap pou ki Sa Mazesté rappél pou pran li enn kontt. Ki ou dir?


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