So, I went to have my new ID Card…

After waiting for ages to see changes in the new biometrical National Identity Card, I finally decided to go for it before the new deadline of 30th April 2017. Despite being totally against this ID Card as it is currently, I felt that I had no choice left after the numerous attempts for local groups... Continue Reading →

Anyone with your National ID number can get your address and names of people living in your house

You have probably heard about the different ways of checking if you are registered to vote for the next elections. But did you realise that the electoral commission actually allows anyone else to access some of your personal details just by entering your National ID Number? Wanna give a try? -> Searching for an... Continue Reading →

Reasons why the new National ID card now scares me!

After watching the YouTube video, I was totally speechless. I never saw the new ID card in this way. I knew that there was going to have a whole load of data collected but Lalit Mauritius clearly goes beyond the official published benefits of having this detailed database of the population.

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