Triolet : Village de la courtoisie


Le bloggeur du village is back with a new post!

Triolet, the longest village of the island, unveiled its new nameplate today as “Village de la Courtoisie”. I came across the new sign board while driving back home this evening. Something I find strange is the mention of “Brahma Kumaris” on the board. Anyway, life goes on.

Triolet : Village de la courtoisie

Triolet Mediclinic

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I also grab this post to publish these 2 pictures above, that of the brand new mediclinic constructed near the Triolet Market, along Bonair Road. At this particular moment, I wonder what will happen to the dispensary situated at Dispensary Road. of course! lol.

Coming back to the new nameplate, I just hope that the inhabitants of the village will honor it by being courteous and be exemplary in their daily life whether while driving, walking around, communicating with people, parking your vehicle or helping others around. In short: stop being an asshole by thinking only about you 🙂

See ya and take care!

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  1. Hmm…

    I’m split between dismay and laughter…
    Probably because I really don’t even see anyone (apart from the very few careful citizens reaing this), whether inside or outside Triolet, taking any firm commitment to avert these very four potentially fatal situations at all:
    – crossing the road outside pedestrian crossings
    – waiting and giving priority to pedestrians on their crossing and anywhere else where it’s not yours (round about, emerging into a main road, merging into a principal lane etc)

    – giving proper signal before turning, halting, or emerging from a parking situation
    – stopping on yellow lights.

    Allé, montré mo figir enn koutt nou gété…


  2. Hopefully the inhabitants will live up to that name plate. Because currently I don’t think this is the case. At least from what I see. I live in Mon Choisy and everyday I go through Triolet when I drive back home. I am appalled by the lack of courtesy of the Triolet local drivers (I know they are locals). The main road is bordered by many shops, streetsellers and little flea markets. The drivers just drive and suddenly stop to buy vegetables and what not. Not parked up or anything. They just leave their vehicles on the road and go tend to their private things. Utter lack of respect for other fellow drivers. And when I beep, they don’t hesitate to stare angrily back like I’m on the wrong. My trip home has now become a dangerous game of zigzagging on the road.


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