Sinon tou korek?…. Apart sa?


You just simply can’t say that this did not happen to you. Despite you already told the person a lengthy story, he might still come up with the “Apart sa?”. In the same context, you probably came across somebody in a supermarket who asks you: “Ki to p faire la?” or someone who phones you in the middle of the night to ask if you were sleeping or someone asking “tou korek la” while you are queueing up in the hospital.

Sometimes I’m so tempted to reply :


And what about somebody calling you on your fixed home phone line and tells you “Hey to lakaaz?

… Non ta, mo p casse ene poz caudan! :/

Any more examples to quote???

6 thoughts on “Sinon tou korek?…. Apart sa?

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  1. C ene zafer de preske tou les zour sa. ‘Aparte sa’ et ‘sinon’ vini automatiquement, mais parfois kan to fini dire tou seki to ena pou dire, ek dimoune la dimane toi, ‘aparte sa?’, lerla to nepli coner ki to pou dire li, sipa to pou coz lor letemps, fraiser, politik ou autre chose .. 😀


  2. Moi ine déjà arriver mone telephone mo mama lor telephone fixe @ home et ask li cot li été la? C après ki mone réaliser mone pose ene question stupid parski li normal ki li @ home. Lol


  3. One day, a friend was waiting for me, and since i was late, he called me. The conversation was as such:

    Me: atan mo vini la ..

    him: kot to p aller?

    me: mo passe toilet mo vini la

    him: b kifer pff!!

    me: dimoune ki ale faire in toilet? :3

    him..ohh sorri, pa tarder


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