Attending Robin Sharma’s conference by the Young Labour party

Dear Yashvin,

I have attended the conference of Robin Sharma at SVICC yesterday and I can tell you that he is a great man and not a new recruit of the labour party as you have posted earlier. Indeed, he did a great conference on leadership and nothing on politics.

Robin Sharma did neither talk about politics nor the labour party. I have appreciated his performance on “leadership”… Robin Sharma explained how we should think positively and stop complaining for nothing by preparing our mind to do its best in our work or at school, basically through leadership skills.  His conference started at 13:30 and ended one hour later. The stage was set up in the middle of the conference hall and everyone was seated around it. I was fortunate to get a first row seat but we were not allowed to take pictures. Security guys were present everywhere in the hall.

After the speech of Robin Sharma

Navin Ramgoolam took the mike and talked only about politics.  He talked about free education which his father introduced and did not hesitate to criticize his political opponents in front of Robin Sharma. Personally, I think that the youngsters (including myself) felt ashamed with our prime minister at that moment. He then talked about free transport that he introduced and had the guts to defent the CT Power when he talked about “Maurice Ile Durable” project.

Ek ine plein la tete to bann zeness, comme touzur. I’m sure that MBC will broadcast large extracts!

Question time

I would like to tell you that our prime minister did a very poor performance “display” to the youngsters.. We were not allowed to ask him questions. Instead, I have the impression that questions were prepared beforehand by the labour party itself and only selected people were allowed to ask them. When one of the youngsters asked a question on the economical crisis, law and order, the prime minister started to criticize the newspapers and the private radios.

At that moment, several persons left the congerence hall, including myself…

I sincerely hoped that you could have assisted the conference today and have seen by yourself before making unnecessary comments.

I am a great fan of your blogs and appreciate your posts.

Wish you all the best for your upcoming post.
Best Regards,

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  1. A poor presentation by the PTr but uplifting by RS. It is a pity that we have to listen to the usual rhetoric and not hear some concrete solutions for the country. We hear a downplay of crime figures but that is not the issue. The issue is the nature of the crimes and the insecurity felt by the population about the degradation of their country. Pity that the party does not grasp the feelings of the citizens. Regarding economic development it seems strange to me that the Labour party is promoting self-employment by an entrepreneur vision for the people. Strange that Labour promotes capitalism? I guess you could say when is Labour not Labour – when it is Ptr? I am sure most young people would have come away from the conference slightly disappointed. We did not hear anything about improving the unemployment situation of the qualified university leavers for instance. There is only one road for the young professional and RS made the point. You need to make your own future. Get out there and give us a new vision for the future of the country otherwise we will stay in a time-warp of deja-vu.


  2. When the TV host announced that the PM also answered questions. I was like ‘Whoa whoa, the PM is at last answering questions coming directly from the public. Then the first dude asked his question (quite pertinent question I would say). And when the PM answered the question, this is was my reaction:

    He was doing his thing again. He start giving his answer and say “zot conee mo dire zot ene zafer” and then proceed on telling something that is totally irrelevant to the question.

    Anybody can learn that. Just Google’ how to answer a question without answering it’.

    I saw a lot of people wearing red Polo shirts at the event. What was the ultimate purpose of the conference?


  3. My friend who went there was asked to wear a red tshirt at the entrance. She refused. She however liked the talk of robin sharma


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