Eski nou pei bien malade?


Since the launch of this “Nou pei bien malade” campaign in the island, all the buzz created around it has turned it into the talk of the town, at least, if we forget the tons of scandals for some time. Various parties are being involved in the debate, especially on the words used. At the same time, several other concerns are being raised and discussed practically everyday in the local media.

But did anyone ask you what you think?

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Nu appel 1 sousou 1 sousou

Personally, I don’t find the words harsh or disturbing in any sense. If some people are reading in between the lines to come to political conclusions, that’s their way of seeing things. But if we reached this situation today whereby some words are hurting part of the population, it is the sad truth that not all Mauritians have not been playing their roles and assuming their responsibilities correctly. As discussed previously by my blogger friend Yasir, each of us should be concerned by the situation prevailing in the country. SOME of us simply don’t care about our environment.

Now, everyone should take their responsibility to build a better Mauritius, whether you are that guy who throws away his cigarette on the road or that parent who’s allowing his kid to throw away his plastic bottle out of the car’s window or the one who’s dropping his dholl pourri’s paper on the road or those factories which are polluting the nearby river or that powerful group who’s trying to blaming others while dumping their waste everywhere or even those authorities who are not reacting appropriately and promptly to the worsening situation.

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  1. Thanks for back linking.

    Unfortunately, yes. The country is sick. Not only rubbish every where, you see school students smoking. There are some measures that can be taken e.g. Parents monitoring the behaviour of the children, which seems to have been abolished unfortunately…

    Some vehicle owners not being ticketed for unacceptable black/thick smoke from their vehicles.

    As for the advertisement which the govt is against, i think the advsetisement should have been titled “a nou nettoye nou pays”. Otherwise foreigners will think the govt isnt doing anything which is true on one side lol..

    All the shopping malls out there require high power for their lights at night. Some other issue for producing electricity. Due to increase in malls, i am wondering if power centers will be able to provide this much… I.e burning more to produce more….


  2. I see nothing wrong with that campaign. On the contrary it is worthwhile sensitization of the population. I find it strange that the political body takes it as criticism aimed at them? In your article you mention that everyone should have been doing their part for the preservation of the country’s environment. This is the main message of the campaign from ecologists who are sensitive to the degradation of a small island. The sooner that trash sorting, collection and recycling is enforced the better. Local municipalities need to play their part too.


  3. The way things are going on nowadays, it really scares me. Each and every person is concerned about his own self. Even while cleaning their yard, there are certain who simply throw off their thrash in the yard of their neighbors. At least their own yard is clean. This is the kind of mentality that we are living in today.
    If in a certain region there are people littering on rivers to such a point that the river has grown stinky, it is then that the people of that region will raise their voice to the authority saying nothing is being done. And then the authority will simply have to come with machines, spend money to make the place clean and renovate it to please the people, who will then hail the politician who has done this but no authority has the guts to rebuke those who have caused this and try to sensitize the people about their responsibilities, just because of the fear of losing votes.
    This is the kind of society we are living in, where the government is kept hostage at every opportunity and the politicians have always encouraged this mentality.
    Just imagine this scenario: A parent and a child, every time the child cries, the parent just hands over a lollipop in his mouth just to shut him up. The child grows with this habit and is used to do this every time he wants something. And while he grows, his wants increase. I feel that this is the way our society has grown into. Our society is used to getting incentives by politicians, just to satisfy their self wants. When something goes wrong, all they can do is play the blame game. In a way it is not only the government but the society itself who has contributed a lot to this current situation in our country.

    Tell me something honestly: during an election campaign, if a politician comes to your door step, what will you ask him in return for your vote? : “Ki to pou faire pou nous pays” or “Ki to pou faire pou MOI?” This is where the difference actually lies.
    Thus this society have nourished the politicians and the politicians have nourished this society.

    This ad actually talks about each person in the society has his role to play in protecting the environment and in the development of his country. So what is wrong in that? In my opinion even if the MBC has banned this ad, everyone who can promote it must do so. Do not wait before it’s too late.


  4. It is true, our country is a state where if no serious measures are undertaken, we’ll end up being like ‘India’, with a saturated population and market.

    Everything in this story is about the ‘cultures’ of people, if someone is taught to put his/her stuffs in the bin since childhood other than dumping it anywhere, he/she will abide by this throughout his whole life. E.g, Most of the time, while walking on Port Louis I put all my debris in my pocket and whenever I don’t find a bin and If find a bin, I put it there… I even saw ‘office people’ (those office people – bien cravaté) throwing away there things in front of public. So, we conclude, parents are to be responsible for these mishaps.

    Let’s just hope to see some ‘evolution’ in the future generations.


  5. A striking ad was surely necessary to attract Mauritian attention…but setting up an ad is very risky…different aspects should be taken into consideration(for e.g type of public, size of population, tourism and so on)…

    As for our new Mauritian generation, they really do pose as a bad image to Mauritius. It’s all a question of education. There is something known as ‘civic education’. If this is implemented in the Mauritian Education System, our country will be just perfect. In the view of where the future of Mauritius lies, youngsters should be given better education(and if I may say ‘appropriate education’ by analyzing OUR education system).

    Mauritius may be a small country…mayB insignificant in the eyes of others, but still it is an independent country. Nothing should be taken lightly…and that’s exactly what Mauritians do…the mouth speaks but the hands do not act….


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