Some SBM customers reported weird incidents today.


After the downtime and lateness in their credit cards /smile card deliveries following their banking system upgrade couple of months ago, several SBM customers have reported some unusual incidents today.

Incident #1:

For example, I personally know two friends who got their saving accounts debited because their credit card overdues were processed today instead of the begining of the month. Important to note that SBM representatives did acknowledge that their systems had a problem.

However, some hours later, everything was back to normal, fortunately. The deducted money was put back into the respective accounts and no traces of these unwanted transactions were left. Obviously, SBM cleaned up their sh*t without informing their ‘valuable’ customers.

Incident #2

Another friend received a mail from the card monitoring department of SBM, requesting him to confirm an online transaction he never carried out. Normally the card monitoring department calls customers following an online transaction on the credit card. This mail from them is very strange, especially today.

Wondering if this is included in their new process or if it is rather related to the fact that there has been some panic due to the credit card incident?

Anyone noticed anything weird happening in your SBM accounts too?
Or perhaps you received the usual SMS notification early this morning to inform you that your account balance has been modified but finally after checking, you saw nothing actually happened?

Bon weekenddddddd!

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  1. Looks like they’re still trying to find their way through their own system. I am at SBM and I always fear that someday this whole thing will just go bust. Do you think they have some type of insurance for this?


  2. Not that I know of. Well incidents do happen though. Interesting thing about SBM is that when queuing up at an ATM, the q is not that long compared to MCB 🙂


  3. I sort of got a mini heart attack when I received a mail asking for confirmation for a $169 charge on my “card” but after looking at the card number properly, well, the card number isn’t mine. But the name is. Weird things happen I guess.


  4. There’s still problem with its smile system
    i went to sbm pamplemousses and if you come like 3 hours after the opening hours and get to the customer sercice thing
    you gotta wait 2 hours more just for your transaction to get completed

    by that i mean, all their service are paper worked, then all what they type on paper are then added to the system, they take their time to go and submit the papers and you gotta wait and wait

    when you are like gonna recharge/reload smile card, if there;s a problem with the system, you wait about 2 hours and then when you finally meet the officer you get the response which is like we have problem with our system,
    they might even suggest you to go to the nearby sbm like ssrn hospital, goodlands etc
    i was a happy customer of sbm till lately im usatisfied of its services


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