Ocean Basket La Croisette – Eat for Free

Ocean Basket Platter for 1


For some minutes, let’s forget the whole series of dirty political incidents in our country.

Since for some weeks already, Ocean Basket of La Croisette, Grand Bay has launched a promotional deal / campaign called “Eat for Free”. The concept is simple and well explained on its Facebook page. You bring one or more persons to eat and you eat free in return, that is, you don’t pay. So, if you bring your friend, you just handle the food bill to him/her with a smile. Do note that drinks are not included in the deal. So if you ordered Rs1000 of food and Rs200 of drinks, your total bill will amount to Rs500 + Rs200.

Getting the voucher

What you have to do? Register online with your email address on this page and you will soon be mailed the voucher with your name on it. Just print it and present it upon your visit to the Ocean Basket La Croisette. I wonder if an electronic version on my mobile or tablet works πŸ˜›

And as you can guess, nothing really comes for “free”. By submitting your details on the Ocean basket La Croisette page, you agree that your data will be used for “providing services, maintaining client relationship, sending notifications about promotions, responding to requests“.

Ocean Basket SMS

Personally, I like the food at Ocean Basket. Value for money! And the people there are always smiling, caring and ready to assist you. If you have not been there yet, you should make for it. At least, grab this “Eat for Free” deal as an opportunity to taste the food at a reduced price.

But now, if you are like me, married or nearly-married, it does not matter :

You are always the one to foot the bill πŸ˜›

9 thoughts on “Ocean Basket La Croisette – Eat for Free

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  1. Ocean Basket is rather expensive but definitely good value here in South Africa. A clever strategy too.


    1. On some extent, I have to add that the few times I have been there, I always ended up with something similar on my plate. Perhaps, I should try to see if I can taste something else the next time.


      1. for seafood, I’d advise a few restaurants at Grand Baie (if you want to eat fish)

        for sushi, sushime at ebene (but there’s a price to pay), and for those huge prawns, maybe spur or restaurants at grand baie…


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