SMS Alert : “Complete tou precaution”

After the disastrous flooding of the 30th March, the prime minister asked the three mobile operators to implement a SMS Warning system which can be used to inform Mauritians about critical weather changes. Exactly two weeks after his request, the mobile operators (Orange, Emtel and MTML) got the ‘opportunity’ to test their new systems.

I did get the message but ONLY 12 hours after the Class 2 cyclonic alert was given:

SMS Warning

The content of the message itself was a bit *cough* *cough*. It was kinda incomplete or perhaps incorrectly phrased  Bref, the message itself left many persons amused. Was that written in Kreol Morisien? IMHO, on top of being very late, it gave a feeling that the system was not really ready. The message could have at least been properly formulated or perhaps more helpful.

btw, anyone is aware if the messages were sent in alphabetical order? Several of my acquaintances have never received their SMS.

Anyway, nice day to everyone!



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  1. The idea was to warn people so they can take necessary precautions, not tell them what they already know. So they need to work on their timing.

    On a side note, you’ve got 2 errors in your post:

    2nd paragraph : “I did got the message..” should be “I did get the message..” or “I got the message…”

    And your link to kreol morisien is broken.

    Have a nice day 🙂


  2. mo encore p atane mo sms. mo ti p dire ene camarade lot fois la meme kan pm ti annoncer ki pu lancer alerte sms ki deja orange so rezo deja en couyonad, enfin p encore atane meme. kave si imelda faire ene de retour, kave gagne li!!


  3. Just look at how the media just sells that as an “innovation“, without even checking whether the thing worked and was on time or not – information is a highly perishable commodity, if I may remind them. Now, just imagine the logic of the grossly over-priced mobile phone
    companies: they can send you unwanted advertisement all at once, but when it
    comes to critical life-saving information, they need to do it in
    batches… Ar nou-mém!

    Just for the sake of completeness: Eurange again failed miserably, this time in Rodrigues. Imagine all these families already in the dark, now unable to seek help…

    Now the robotic pseudo-female voice adddressing you:

    “Eurange… Nous aimons nous foutre de votre gueule, ou que vous soyez. Alors, pour que vos compatriotes Rodriguais n’aient plus raison de se sentir exclus, nous leur avons mis un coup dans les couuilles, et ce, en plein cyclone, pour qu’ils le sentent bien. Maintenant, célébrez! Si vous survivez, la vie change avec Eurange. Eurange…”


  4. Well the owner comment I have is that my wife received a message @ 3pm approx her number is 250xxxx and I received my message @ approx 7 and my number starts with 256xxxx now I wonder what if it was a FLASH flood !!!!?!?!?!?!?


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