Bloggers Meeting 2013 – Bagatelle


This event was long awaited, especially since the last one was held back in December 2011. Today, we finally met at Bagatelle for lunch. Very enriching and interesting, this kind of event is a great opportunity to meet and interact with other people sharing the same passion as well as sharing tips and personal experiences. It also allows us bloggers to tag a face to a specific blog 🙂

Thanks again to all those who turned up today:

And hope to see more people active in the Mauritian Blogosphere!

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    1. Hello Yajna!
      Welcome to the world of blogging.

      Just had a look at your freshly created blog. Don’t worry, blogspot and wordpress are only tools. The most important things are your content, passion, willingness to share and of course, the amount of time you will allocate to blogging ( hopefully in the long run).

      A few pieces of advice for right now ( from personal experience) :
      – Try to include a picture to illustrate what you will be writing about. – Find the types of topics which suit you the most and talk about them. – It is also a good idea to introduce yourself to your readers, you did it right straight away
      – Try to add a personal touch or style if you wish

      And lastly, the blogosphere itself is a world. Make blogger friends, join our group on Facebook and participate actively to create an identity among bloggers as well as to keep regular readers coming 🙂

      Good luck!


      1. Unfortunately, I fear that as long as Orange continues to provide such a crappy internet speed, videos and podcasts won’t be too popular as compared to traditional text and images.


  1. Nice write-up and wonderful picture. It was a real pleasure and even the kids had their fun – either playing on the tablets or with the ‘Meetoo’ kids.

    Looking forward to the next gathering…


      1. Thanks ! Unfortunately , Im away from facebook for the time being, but will catch up soon ! 🙂


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