Calling 999 for help

Ever dialed 999 to ask for police assistance?

I did not believe my cousin’s word when she told me about the call she made. Recently, I dialed the number and they picked up the phone nearly when I was going to hang up! You might probably end up killed by that time!

One thing for sure, ordering for a pizza is much faster nowadays!

Wanted to know if these were isolated cases or if anyone got any similar experiences too?

8 thoughts on “Calling 999 for help

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  1. Komié fwa mo pou dirr zott ki la-poliss sé énn véritab tabazi?

    Zott nék bon pou attann kott zott contwar pou ki ou vini en personne, vinn dirr zott ki’nn arivé karantt-douz koutt, lerla ékrirr zaffér-la pandan 2-zérr-tan, lerla ou al lakaz ar labouzi rouz pou enn rézilta ki zamé pa vini.

    Enn ti lékzamp enn ka réel: enn bann camarad ti al disco dan Grand Baie, éna enn miniss-so-piti ti extra sou (zott konné kisann-la sa: mem verre pérr li kan li démann barman verre pou bwar vodka) ti pé zour gro-gro zouré parski li ti kwar ki mo bann camard pé blok so simé sorti dépi parking: 2 flic ki ti la-ba dir mo bann camarad ki ti en-kolérr: “Guétté, ou éna enn problem ar li? Al station férr déclaration.”

    Li exceptionel ki ou gagne enn gablou ki azir kom enn vré pro: inn déza arivé ki dévan fotograf le mauricien, enn trafik béz enn karaté-kick pou intersepté enn pik-pokett lor bisiklétt. Mé sa zour-la, enn poul ti gagn lé-dent sirman.


  2. I think the police force is paid with your tax money to protect the THUGS and MAFIAS in power and to keep you under control. I think its obvious.

    Do these parasites who thrive on your tax money respect any traffic lights? Or stop at junctions / roundabouts? Or drive under speed limits? According to our constitution are the laws of this country not suppose to be for everyone?

    Is the police force here to serve the public or their masters?


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