Logging off SBM’s IB and the french spiderman


I have a good news for you : We are finally on Friday! 🙂

Coming to today’s post : Yesterday night, I ROFL at the sight of the following message which was displayed onto my screen while trying to log into the internet banking :

I’m 200% sure that it got something to do with the error I received while attempting to log in earlier in the morning (apprx – 12 hours earlier). Fortunately, everything got okay when I just gave another try, that is, 24hours after my first login attempt.

That’s an additional reason for SBM to think about upgrading their internet banking. This reminds me of the disastrous days when MCB upgraded their banking system whereby ATM‘s were unoperable, accounts showed errors while nearly all computer-operated processes were damn slow. Anyway, I still have my SBM account while I closed the MCB one last year.

Another news, don’t know if it is worth sharing : This day was also marked with the french spiderman, Alain Robert, climbing the Mauritius Telecom Tower to officially launch 4G in the island.

@yadhav13 noted a very interesting fact :

Have a nice friday and bon weekend!

12 thoughts on “Logging off SBM’s IB and the french spiderman

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  1. SBM internet banking worked ONLY once for me on INTERNET EXPLORER and the UI is really ugly (like many websites designed by so-called web ‘designers’)

    er.. Shall I say more?


  2. “Alain Robert climbed the MT tower faster than the YouTube video which is still buffering…”

    I vote this as Dayalog of the Year 2012!

    Who seconds this motion?

    PS: you’ll probably read that I’ve been interned at Brown Sequard if my office colleagues find me still laughing (as I have been doing since reading it this morning) when it’s time to leave…


  3. “Yesterday night”???

    Yesternight is preferable, as said by Oxford dictionary! 🙂
    I believe there is no day at night, maybe in your case! 😛


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