Visit to Ile de la Passe


After Ile Aux Aigrettes and Ile Phare, today our virtual glass-bottom boat will leave us on the débarcadère of the Ile de La Passe island for a quick visit on this island. Full of ruins,  these were once fortifications used to protect the Grand Port bay from the rocky island.

It was nearly 3pm when we reached the island. Once off the boat, we made several groups to explore the land.

The ruins and the location itself looked so unique. In my opinion, this small rocky island might be a perfect place for photoshoots. This might interest some people who are are secretly reading the blog 🙂

As you can notice in the picture below, there were already some people on the island. They looked like they have been camping here or perhaps only for the day. Bottles of beer showed that they were having good time there!

And now, let’s have a look at other signs of life on the island. Below, a green lizard :

And here, that’s me 🙂

The Ile Phare had a magnificient view from here. See it for yourself :

Continuing our adventure on the island :

And finally, our boat waiting for us…

I hope that you enjoyed the trip to the 3 islands (Ile Aux Aigrettes, Ile Phare and this one, Ile de la Passe). After embarking, we took the direction of the Blue Bay Marine Park where we had some nice snorkelling and swimming among fishes.

That was damn cool! You have to do it! Since I do not have many pictures of the marine park session, I might perhaps write on it some other time, why not on another visit?!

I will end the post here with some tips about the “Guess Where?” challenge currently being held till the 28th March 2012. Here are some tips to help you finding the locations of the shots:

The first picture is in the southern region while the second one is on the north-eastern coast of the island.

You think that you know the answers? Why don’t you post them on this post here : ?

Leave you here, good luck and see you soon!

13 thoughts on “Visit to Ile de la Passe

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  1. place for photoshoots?

    actually on reading the first article itself i thought that a group of people may land there :p

    the 3 trips sound nice and educative as well, surely in my ‘do’ tasks for the coming holidays among friends and families :p


    1. The trip is not that expensive. You can bring up to 15-20 people on 1 boat depending on its capacity and the weight of the people lol. Some nice time, together… Away from the mainland, but still so close to it.

      Since I do not own the islands, I cannot prevent people from going there but surely these posts must be inspirational for many Mauritians.

      Thanks @le_voyageur for reading 🙂


    1. Right! I would say that over 75% of Mauritians have never been to these islands. Is that an exaggerated percentage?

      Wonderful moments indeed. I have been to the northern islands and this time, to the south-eastern ones…


  2. Aren’t these ruins areas protected areas? Why are people being allowed to camp/litter inside? o.O

    Anyway, they didn’t bother with the lighthouse, why would they preserve this. 😐


  3. i used to go camping on thiss island.  it is a nice place to fish.  mo still rapel nu ti p fer discotek lor lille lapasse.  nu instrument ti bouteille coca, dekti et caraille.


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