Savatte Dodo

Good morning folks!
Hope that you are doing great. I’m pretty in a bad state right now because of this weather. Sore throat and feverish. The sore throat is one of the most awful things that happened to me. After a visit to the hospital yesterday night, I am feeling a bit better and ready to go to work today.  Be careful, because it sucks to be ill!

Anyway, wish you good health and have a nice day.

Here’s something I had written some days back when I felt that “Savette Dodo” needs a post on this blog 🙂
Have a nice Friday and a wonderful weekend!

Right now, you are probably saying to yourself :”Guette lo ki line ekrire non!” Yes, I did it, simply because sometimes we tend to forget things that were once part of our daily life.

Today, let’s pay a tribute to those blue and reddish-pink (if I can call it so?) coloured rubber sandals which have been worn by practically most of us.

The “Savatte Dodo” barely needs any introduction, except perhaps for the latest generation of teens who might be ashamed of wearing one of those sandals. Savatte Dodo can nearly be considered as (an extinct) part of the culture/heritage of the island, just like the “Gateau Merveille“. Years back, it was probably among the most worn sandals in the island, whether you are at home, at the the beach or for any other time.

Slowly, the sales dropped mostly due to the introduction of brands like Kito, Forward Step and more recently, Ipanema into the Mauritian market. Few shops (mostly old traditional ones) still have pairs of Savatte Dodo in stock and from what I heard, production has already ceased since some time.

Who is the Mauritian who has never worn a “savatte dodo”?

To end the article, :

Question : Kouma zotte koner si ene touriste ine reste moris depi imper letemps?

Reponse : Li met savatte dodo!

18 thoughts on “Savatte Dodo

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  1. zis bring back memories…n how i used t0 get beaten by my mum wit the savatte d0d0…i still g0t 1 pair 0f it…i usually wear it wen i g0 t0 the beach…zis p0st sure bring back mem0ries


  2. Kan la pluie tomber to marche r sa savatte la, li fair (chouenk, chouenk….)  lol. Indeed they formed part of our daily lives as ‘savatte léponge’. Now my daughter besides me saw dat foto on this blog and said ‘Papa, get nou savatte toilette’…


  3. li seryer li just that i find it not as before.. even though i wear rider, haivanas or ipanema im still a fan! rembering me i need to buy a pair before it goes extict :p


  4. thanks for the article. faire moi rapel lepok ti p zoué mayé ek police volere dans lekol primaire ou meme dans nous lacour.. mette savatte dodo dans la main ek galoupe pied nu. aussi gagne baT ar sa savatte la ek pas bisin dire ou ki kaliT dimal surtout kan li mouillé 😛 .. chagrin ki nepli mette li mais mo pu faire ene maniere asT ene savatte dodo pu revivre sa bane moment la.. 


  5. Wai. savat leponz. mo kwar mo dernier mo ti mete mo ti ena 15 ans par la. pou al fer 19 ans ki monn abandonn li. Kifer. Akoz enn fois mo ti met savate dodo pou al marse grand bassin ek mo f inn bizin kase ar sa. lerla monn desid pou sanz savate pou al aster enn ki pli comfortab. ek depi sa inn blier li net. 2 dernier savate monn aster ti 900 rs. Soldes kot Adidas. ek last one was 600 rs kot iPanema. Vrai ki li bien pli konfortab pou marse.

    But I also heard that Savate Dodo got better these days. much more comfortable. Dont know if true.


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