Guess Where? (March 2012)

As a regular reader of the blog, you surely know how this game works but quickly, let me explain it to others first. This is a monthly challenge game in which you need to guess the locations where the pictures have been shot.

Without losing time, let’s jump into the game.

Picture 1 :

 Picture 2 :

The rules of the game

As usual, the few simple things to follow in this game :

  • Do not post answers on Facebook/Twitter/Google+
  • Answers whether good or wrong WILL NOT be published and will be viewable only when results will be proclaimed.
  • If you have any other comments/questions, do post them in a separate comment (without any answers).

Results and name of winners will be published on Wednesday 28th March 2012.

Good luck!

Answers update on 28th March 2012.

Hello. Sorry for being extremely quick today, I am not feeling well at all. Severe headache and most probably fever. I will just announce the answers and winners winner:

Picture 1 : L’escalier, in the southern region of the island (No Google map link yet)

Picture 2 : Butte à l’herbe, found just after Calodyne, in the north of the island.  (Google map link)

Winner:  Only devildinesh gave both correct answers.

Congrats to the only winner! I feel that I should have announced a gift for this month’s game! 😛

Low participation rate. Very low but still, the post was highly viewed and liked on Facebook. I guess that most of you did not have any idea where they were shot.

Time for me to have some medicine and a good sleep!

Thank you for reading 🙂

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