Food poisoning at university’s EOY party

Below is an article submitted by one of my readers. Well, it seems that this problem has not been widely published/broadcast in the media. Was there any attempt of cover up?

On Thursday 22 December 2011, there was an EOY (End of Year party) celebrated at a prestigious university in Mauritius. Several caterers were present to distribute food after receiving the tender from the Administration.

The next day, several students received their Christmas gift, even though Santa didn’t delivered that particular gift; FOOD POISONING. A large group of students found themselves in hospitals after having terrible belly pain, diarrhea, stomach ache and puking.

Facebook groups concerning that particular University started getting flooded with wallposts about students complaining about their misadventure.


Whilst some close allies to the Student Union started discouraging students to go forward with the matter, a few courageous ones didn’t give up and continued with their fights.

What is more shorting is that some people are making as if food poisoning isn’t such a big issue. Perhaps, they will only react if one of the students dies!

And of course, we shouldn’t punish the caterer! Let other people take the services of those particular catering and be ill or in the worst case scenario, let some die! We should be selfish! (Note the level of sarcasm.)

And finally, “pas moisa, li sa”

We want the truth and not some cover-up. We want the responsible to be held accountable and prosecuted in a court of law. Food poisoning is a very serious issue and shouldn’t be “a la legere”

A bon entendeur, salut!

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  1. UOM & prestigious? LOL

    Coming back to the food poisoning causing delhi bellies, this is no matter to overlook. This is a criminal case of negligence, & if proven guilty, the caterer can have its permit revoked. The SU should also take some part of responsibility for not checking the food quality & hygiene.

    Oh, & that cover-up thing is very real. Saw some students discouraging people from going ahead & then deleting their posts once they failed.


  2. Scoop, I did not see anything about this in the press nor heard anything on radio. I guess it must be a big embarrassment for the establishment. Food hygiene is an ongoing commercial problem better to take action before there are serious consequences.


  3. how can’t they not take this matter at its seriousness?:S,this leaded to students to encounter health problems which might even result to death.. they ought to sue the caterer  , and the students who encountered problem eating those stuffs must take actions against those caterer and i guess that it’s just mauritius, a caterer who’s working honestly would never make food resulting to food poisoning, might be because of the face that he’ve been working at uom eoy for more than 3 years, he didn’t cared about health of mauritians and rather focused on profits=)


  4. aufaite mne ekut sa lor radio ce matin..ti ena ene temoignagne par ene zelev comp science…bt its stupid how they r tryng 2 cover up this unfortunate incident by baseless points..

    c.a.d si SU li pou bane zelev, si 2min ene zelev perdi la vie akoz negligence SU bisin reste trankil?? wowww…


  5. I never understand why the Student Union of UOM is always afraid to go to the press… Surely this is not their fault, it is the caterers’ fault and the caterers must be punished so that this doesn’t repeat itself at another event. Let’s just hope that this caterer is not a relative of a SU member or an UOM administrative officer. :p 

    Also, all student who have been ill must lodge a police complaint, surely the police will investigate the matter irrespective of what the SU or UOM administration says… 


  6. they are afraid to voice out..some because they wnt get to come to the nxt EOY..some of them think that there will be no more EOY..and some are simply was in the newspaper the Independent today and hopefully in le matinal tomorrow morning..its really sad to see students ” future of our country” afraid to voice out…


  7. ya du bez ladans bonhomme. maru ti lesprit, kel chance i didnt eat that day. e lor la ti p laguere ek café ex common pou pa vend delo akoz n soi disant caterer in ggne sa contract la. force moi pou boir dilo vital??? e payer par m cas??kot peeee alerrrrrrrr!!!!!!


  8. SU is here to look after the students and i dnt think that they will put the caterer first. Concerning food poisoning, how come with different menu got foodpoisoning- ena in eat mine frite , ena in eat kebab, ena in eat grillade, ena in eat chips..DNT u see that the problem can be elsewhere according to the Ministry of health, ena gastro dan ler with the weather prevailin. On 24th December at Candos hospital from 9am till 10pm- 840 cases of gastro registered. So We better take our  precaution for the coming end of year. We let the authorities do their job mais li pa korek pu dir ki la SU pu pren action kan  zelev mort. We have always put students first


    1. So, you’re indirectly saying that the students who got ill, made up these stories? Sir, I don’t know how smart you are, but seriously, that comment? Well, you must be really tried after writing so much. Please, take some rest. I won’t be running away. 

      And I can STAND AND SHOUT that there was FOOD POISONING at the EOY party. This is a fact which has been CONFIRMED. I hope Mr Nitish can shed some light. 
      Dan Maurice, ena 1 mentaliter, apres la mort la tissan!


      1. Get well soon 🙂 And make sure you lodge your complain at the Administration office and of course at your local police station.


    2. Mr kendevil_8
      Quoted from what you say ” We let the authorities do their job mais li pa korek pu dir ki la SU pu pren action kan  zelev mort. {We have always put students first}” – 
      were u part of the SU???

      According to the health Minister, bla bla bla…comment se fait-il ke mo pan tan sa dans information?? ou m dans journal??


  9. my intestinal infection is also for real….
    and by the way that was not “grillade” but something that look like charcoal at first sight!!!


  10. res ou lakaz, manz manger seki ou mama/papa in cui ou pu res en bonne sante. b non bzn al trainer amizer. b ala malad aster


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