Police vehicle in parking reserved for Disabled

Nice capture by Reuben.

They were perhaps attending some urgent request and blabla. No comments.

If you have similar pictures, don’t hesitate to mail them to me (yashvin[at]awootar[dot]com).

16 thoughts on “Police vehicle in parking reserved for Disabled

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  1. Hey wait a minute ! Are you making a mockery of police. They are doing their work on official duty. They don’t deliberately parked for their own fancies for hours or more. If ever there’s a need to remove it, they will gladly remove it as they know it reserved for disabled person.  Had other vehicle parked there then there could have been some problem to remove same,  You got it right.  If you don’t trust police then who the heck will you trust; perhaps some outlaws!!


  2. La Police, Fire Brigades et Ambulance ena prioriter d’apres Constitution Maurice, alle prend renseignement kan pas coner( En tout cas banne Anti-Police pou reste Anti-Police meme zotte et tout les temps zotte pou trouve zis defaut La Police)

    Note: Pou la personne ki finne upload sa photo la=> Et si dans sa moment la ene membre de to famille ki finne faire ene accident !!! La Police la ki ti bizin faire? Dire pena parking et zotte continuer zotte la route ? Lerla aussi to ti pou trouve defaut meme !!! Grandi inpeut !!!
    By the way, you may be Anti-Police but we need these Essentail Services for the good running of our Country and if we go against the Law it’s obvious that we have to bear the consequences, there is no reason for me to be Anti-Police if i get a contravention tomorrow because i believe that i would have been my fault


    1. “there is no reason for me to be Anti-Police if i get a contravention tomorrow because I believe that i would have been my fault”

      Try to picture this:

      – you are driving at ease below the speed limit on the motorway and without encroaching any demarcation, when all of a sudden, the driver car overtaking you on your right hoots and gestures to you that something is behind you: you check your right-hand-side mirror, nothing, central rear-view mirror, still nothing. Left-hand-side mirror: a policeman waiving in your direction from the road reserve (emergency lane). You pull over just in case you get a fine for failing to stop, and when the guy approaches you, he yells at you that you have been driving on the emergency lane… What do you do?

      – you are driving at ease in town when a policeman stops you and tells you that you have been talking over the phone. Problem: you have forgotten your phone at home, and your passenger’s phone is in her purse, under the backseat… What do you do?

      – you are swerving away from a main road into a lateral / secondary road, when a team of policemen pulls you over, and tells you that you have committed an offence. Which one? No answer, but please wait. You wait. One minute goes by. After many minutes have gone by, you dare to ask, you get the same response: please wait. They keep talking to each other in their group, there is no one on the road at this time of the day, but after about 15 minutes, you wave at them, you get the same answer… What do you do?

      All of the above are real-life situations that people close to me have had to endure: no offence committed but pulled over an accused of an imaginary one.

      It’s not at all in my habits to wish for bad things to happen to other humans like me, but if ever this happens to you, will you still keep licking the boots of these policemen that you seem to adore so blindly…?

      Happy licking!

      As for the other essential services, to your eyes, anyone who is finding fault in a thing is necessarily
      anti-thing? Nice. But can you show us where Yashvin is writing
      anti-Firemen or anti-Ambulance things in this blog, please?

      I personally find very little to complain about them: I’ve been treated and cured very well when I happened to be bed-ridden in a hospital, firemen are very prompt to extract people from wreckages and, as far as I know, have never (safer, but negative sounding, sorry: not yet been) caught in cases of questionable ethics . To me, it’s a plain case of very poor recruitment practices: your people should be screened on the highest moral standards, especially when they are to enforce regulations or administer justice. Else you end up with magistrates wielding guns for ending a parking quarel / being found guilty of “traffic d’influence” on young women, and policemen who attract the best tabloid titles with the “best” infractions – rape, pedophily, murder,
      extortion, swindling and latest: smoking illegal things in groups in a
      tea plantation…). Wow.


      1. OK, your work description tells you that you have to enforce a regulation, right?

        So, you are normally expected to make a walk around parking lots and put a ticket to all offenders, right?

        So, why on earth should you go there with colleagues during normal working time (they are in uniform), and have them looking out while you put a ticket to your own car…? With normally unused duplicates (the normal ones that we receive are
        white in colour)?

        And place it inside the vehicle (normally it is pinned under your wiper on your windscreen)?

        So what game are you up to with a official (government) document like this?

        Ask yourself this question now: à qui profite le crime?


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