Nexteracom : Understanding this art

Here I am, blogging live from Ebene, comfortably seated in the brand new DCDM Consulting office, from the 1st floor of Nexteracom Tower 1 building.

Now that I am in here for some time, I gonna use that as an opportunity to write a bit about how’s life in here. That’s gonna bring in some new topics/discussions and above all, hopefully some fresh inspirations from what is known as the Cybercity.

Before landing in Nexteracom for office assignment, I have been here only once, for a quick tour in Metropolis (we might have a topic on that later on). But last week, when I came in here in broad day light, I was pretty much confused when I saw this thing below.

You simply can’t miss the yellowish metal structure :

I must say that I was amused too, because I could not make head and tail about this. At first look, it gives the impression of being some uncompleted work. I don’t really know how to call it. For short, let’s say “abstract work”.

Since I am no expert in art, I tried to ask around, how people felt about it, what was it’s meaning, if there’s one. Till now, I haven’t come across anyone who said anything positive about it, yet, this thing is here and hundreds of people pass by it everyday, without giving it a damn importance.

Quoting one of the pharses I often while conversing with some close friends:

“Trop profond sa, to pas pu comprend.”

What do you think about it? Your views/critics are the most welcomed.

25 thoughts on “Nexteracom : Understanding this art

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  1. It’s just a pergola.
    Yes, remixed to fit the prevailing hi-tech mood of architecture around the Ébène area…

    But as Stephanie Chong Leung rightly says, it’s like a piece of cake on a pile of shit. Just look at the incredibly dirty surrondings, and you’ll get what I mean: so much office space but no propoer planning – let alone implementation – neither for pedestrian passages nor for parking spaces: all green areas have been destroyed by either people forced to cross them or cars parked erratically wherever yellow lines are absent… Add to this the muck and debris deposited by heavy equipment leaving the various construction sites onto the roads after rain… And the litter flying around that shows that either mauritians don’t know what bins are made for or they feel any need to place the goddamn bins anywhere… And the stray dogs: waiting for chinese labourers from the construction sites to cater for their presence? And the road markings that help you to get lost more often than not, and the non-existent road signs… Ayo, laisse mo arett la-mem…PS:For those who do not seem to like the pergola’s shape/colour, I’ll prefer not having anything to
    say about your tastes: it’s just a question of living with your era.

    Because otherwise, if we go by your standards of ‘old is better’, then we should
    accept only vintage cars, purchase Coca Cola from pharmacies and drink
    it only as a medicine,
    compulsory hats for gentlemen, no matchstick but stick rubbed on a stone to get fire, etc… 
    Come on… 🙂


  2. peut etre bane la fine mal pren mesure et bane “piece” la pa fine build pu fer..ine fini depense $$$ pu sa..alors zot ine pose li cot li donc li vine con. art


  3. It is there for a reason and the reason is to make people puzzle and talk abt it like we are doing. If it would hv been straight and orderly no one would give a damn thought abt it. And its a way of breaking the rule that everything has to be perfect with perfect level etc. I CANT THINK OF ANYTHING ELSE..


  4. The Cybercity ebene area in general can be very attractive from far but actually very bad design and worst access for pedestrian. There is no decent pavement,actually no pavement itself. and no proper directions can turn like a yoyo in that place. technology and architecture is here to ease our life not the contrary.  lol


  5. “Art” is not necessarily about having something pleasing on the eye – though it can help.

    The fact that it creates a reaction in people around makes it purposeful. 

    Just like Picasso doesn’t resonate among the non-initiated, I somehow expected most people not able to appreciate this.

    Its boldness, the aggressive shapes create a reaction. Imagine if it was just a plain thing instead. No reaction whatsoever. 


    Funny (and sad) too that most people would relate more to happy hour than to Guernica (google it)


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