Did you know? 2 out of the 4 speed camera flashes to fool you

Did you ever ask yourself why there’s actually only one opening for the camera while there are flashes on both sides of the two installations at Camp Chapelon?

This is the front of the camera, with the lens hidden behind the glass window.

Have you been fooled?

I always had doubts about this point but this is now confirmed.

Be careful, the police usually hide somewhere in between the 2 camera installations, ready to take your picture just in case you want to speed beyond the authorised 80km/hr.

And NO, yashvinblogs.com does not encourage you to drive beyond speed limits.

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30 thoughts on “Did you know? 2 out of the 4 speed camera flashes to fool you

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      1. Hey… that is be a valid question. Imagine that both Mr. Carrot and you are right. That a policeman turns the camera manually towards the previously-outgoing traffic.. in a random timing. In this case people would be foolish to think that they will be caught over-speeding while travelling in only one direction. In my books, this is still a good system


      2. I have not seen anything like this yet nor heard anyone talking about the camera changing position. Been over 1 year since they are there, and they have not moved one inch, or a degree.


  1. Is the conclusion of your article the results of (1) an investigation only you have made or (2) an investigation you have made with the help of the police and/or the Speed Camera installation team? There may be a risk that you have overlooked certain details or the need to have that flash light. 

    Can you either (a) have the confirmation from an authoritative source or (b) do a scientific and fool-proof experiment by going over the speed limit in the area of the supposedly useless flash and tell us in a couple of weeks whether you have received a speed ticket and fine?

    Btw, is the traffic branch equipped with an online website which let drivers know what law-infractions they have been found guilty of?


    1. This doubt was confirmed when I was in a taxi, heading towards Ebene. The driver was clearly at about 85km/hr just when he passed the second camera. Astonished that the camera did not flash, I asked him if the cameras are not working. He told me that this flash does not and the camera works the other direction., and that the flash is only there for, nothing in fact. And he had a speed camera detector too, which showed no sign when he went through this specifc camera.

      Mauritius traffic branch? You must be joking lol. No, not yet.


      1. dalylight li pa work flash mais asoir li work mne deja truV avec sa ban cameras la zot programer to cav fer 84-85km/h mais la haut 85km/h fine


  2. I doubt this. I was driving to Port Louis the other day and some 300 meters from the speed camera a car overtook me. Since I was driving at around 75km/h I guess he/she was over 85km/h and it clearly looked like he/she was speeding. Just some 10 meters before reaching the camera that person got flashed. That thing looked bright and I saw it light up. So.. For this thing to be able to have a detector while we only see the flash I guess there must be a camera hidden somewhere. If nowadays a camera can get smaller and smaller to fit a mobile phone, yet loaded with features (12mp, flash, auto-focus, HDR) I think we can imagine the rest. But to tell you the truth I too was intrigued by this supposedly “flash-only” camera.


  3. Consider this.. A “Speed zone” is a delimited area. Therefore you will to be monitored when entering that zone and not when leaving it. Right?
    And we can agree that the speed zone starts and ends at village or town borders or when there’s likely to be pedestrian crossing (even illegally) or heavy and slow moving traffic


  4.  …got flashed too like 1month ago, from port louis heading to ebene @ 87km/h…soo  ummm i guess this shit works..:S…


  5. “Be careful, the police usually hide somewhere in between the 2 camera installations, ready to take your picture just in case you want to speed beyond the authorised 80km/hr.”you’re right i often notice policeman on the passrelle. they use to hide behind billboard on the passrelle. but now dunno where they hide because the billboards have been remove.


  6.  i always knew  that there was only two camera and four light , because my car is equipped with radar detector , if am coming from p> louis  toward soreze   my  detector will buzz only  at camp chapelon  and not the one situated at Mayflower ,and it is vice versa when going to P louis


  7. There is no random selection nowadays. All valid pictures taken are sent to the car owners. Valid means : A picture with the plate number clearly seen and only 1 car should be on the picture.


  8. What if you are driving parallel to a car exceeding 80 kmph??? how do they determine which car was exceeding the speed limit as I suppose the camera controls both lanes of that road!


    1. In Mauritius if there are 2 cars the picture taken is not valid. In other countries some cameras take about 3 pictures and they compare frames to see which car was going faster.


  9. update: camera changed direction. the one near montebelo towards indian oil flashes.
    the one near plaine lauzun towards plouis now flashes.


  10. took photos of the camera 6.12.2011 from Reduit to Port Louis
    you can use them to update your bloghttp://i306.photobucket.com/albums/nn252/yojaz/2011-12-06154453.jpghttp://i306.photobucket.com/albums/nn252/yojaz/2011-12-06154547.jpg


  11. @yashvinawootar:disqus yes they do rotate the position of the cameras.. thats the purpose of the lights on both sides of the road. 


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