No, I wasn’t the birthday boy

Right now, you should normally start cursing and shouting at me, but please give me a few seconds to explain why I did this. Some of you have probably noticed my birthday being displayed as 22nd August 2011 on Facebook. Many rushed to my wall to leave a few words. Some txt’ed/gave me a call me or even came to meet me.

Really, thanks to all of you. Some of you said really good things 🙂 lol.

But, unfortunately, this was only a kind of experiment : I wanted to see how many among you actually remember

  • my date of birth or
  • remember having wished me only a few months ago (5 months to be exact *last year’s post*) or
  • use the “See friendship” link.

Facebook has made “birthday” wishing some kind of daily routine. You log in early every morning. You see your friend’s name in the birthday section or your news feeds showing your common friends commenting on his status. Facebook has kindda spoiled the fun. Sure, it helps a lot in connecting people but today’s example clearly shows how much you really know your friends and vice versa.

Sometimes it might be useful to click on the “See friendship” link to view any interactions you had with your friend. Everything is displayed, from wall posts to photo tags and also, if you wished him/her on an earlier date 🙂

For example, CarrotMadman6 wished me twice this year and most of you fell in the same trap xD

Ok, you can now swear me now. As for me, I had a nice time, smiling at each and every wishes sent to me. Also, so glad that so many people actually care about me and filled my FB wall with all those wishes.

This has probably been one of my biggest jokes you actively participated.

Update :

Of course, big thanks to all those who remembered my birthday and did not wish me on the 22nd August 2011. True friends indeed 🙂

Take it cool. Chill!

Don’t forget the “Recommend” or “Share” buttons 🙂

23 thoughts on “No, I wasn’t the birthday boy

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  1. LOOOOL This post made my day 🙂 I had a nice laugh. 

    I removed my birthday date too on my facebook profile last December and this year, no one wished me, not even the good friends. As always, only my parents and my nanny remembered … Actually, it was the best birthday I ever had with my parents, a very calm one.

    It’s even more irritating when someone posts “HB” on your wall …. :/ 


  2. Had me fooled too. I guess we rely too much on the automation of information rather than the social and human contact. Which proves that there is a difference between a virtual friend and the human one. There is only one outcome to this experiment, that is that we all storm your Ebene office and demand a piece of birthday cake!!


  3. hahahaha :p you’ve lost your mind :p. 🙂 Facebook is pretty practically to remember birthdays :p i don’t even remember the birthday of my parents!

    hahaha dimoune pa pou croire to birthday next time


  4. the boy who cried wolf….
    Next time.. people will think twice.. before wishing u… 😀

    But nice prank.. original.. lol..


  5. mari lol sa, like an idiot i was the first wishing you, then on second thought i remembered that you share birthday with my cousin esha and she was born on the 22march, to status la i knew to p pren nisa .. lol, ti comment but someone removed the comments :O


  6. pffff, me I thinku are making fun of us!
    In fact even before FB, nobody would really know when was ur birthday, people don’t keep track of these kind of thing…u know it when someone tells u abt it, like lets say “it’s my birthday tomorow lets go on n celebrate in the bar” n you wont try to challenge it
    I don’t think the mistake is on FB, or us not willing to keep track of birth dates of friends, we’ve got thousand more important things to think of when is a real birthday!


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