After Sales Service at F@st Clique

You have most probably seen him commenting here or perhaps you are one of his friends on the various profiles which Facebook eventually blocked. Today, the famous Tushal will be our guest writer and he will be ranting at one of his purchases. Before starting with the article, I just wanted to add the following to this article:

Les Malheurs de Tushal

So, let’s go before he starts to kick me!

After Sales Service at F@st Clique

Many among us have bought items from shops and despite being under waranty, we prefered to throw them in the bin knowing the amount of hassle we will need to undergo to get the product repaired or replaced or refund. The big question:

Why is it that many shops offer a crap after sales service?

My story is simple :
On 26th November 2009, I bought a graphic card (9500GT 512MB) at  Rs2,600, which was covered by a 1-year warranty, at least, that was written on the receipt. After a few months, the graphic card started to show overheating signs but since I was on a tight schedule, I didn’t drop the card. However, I managed to go to one of the outlets of “F@st Clique” on 23rd November 2010 (Still under warranty period). In return, I was loaned another graphic card. To be honest, a crappy card.

Today we are nearly at the end of the month of May 2011 and I am still waiting for my card. At first, I was told that I will get my card repaired in 1 week time, but the 1 week never came. I’ve spent more money in travelling back and forth the computer hardware store than the actual price of the card. I even sent a “notice” to the Managing Director of that hardware store giving him till March 2011 to either replace the card or refund me.

But still, I was told to wait. One of the excuses from the Managing Director is that I didn’t inform him of my trouble. He insisted that I should had text or phone him on the hotline to inform him of my issues.

  • But Sir, then what is the use of having different hardware store outlets around the country?
  • Why don’t you just close them and do your business by hotline?

I dropped that card at one of its outlets almost 6 months ago.

Sir, I bought a graphic card.


Some of the messages exchanged between Tushal and the Director :

  • “Already told you. . am lending you one. I won’t refund.coz you used the card nearly full can take a card today itself at any of our outlets. I am fixing your 9500gt.””
  • We never received a single complaint. We also selling graphic cards with 2yrs waranty now.
  • U bought for Rs 3,000 but even though some companies bought for millions, I treat all customers the same.”

My advice to my dear friend Tushal :

Play Solitaire or Mario Bros, no need for any high performance cards, that will save you money and a lot of time too 🙂

Any feedback or personal experiences to share with us? About F@st Clique, or any other shop. Feel free, and please don’t write the full company name for God’s sake!

wow. Did I just mention God? 😛

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  1. Update:

    Met with the owner of Fast click today.
    Had a nice chat.
    And I took a new GPU with a 1 year-warranty.
    GT 240 FTW.


    *Next stop: Article about a newspaper in Mauritius.*


  2. @Le Voyageur: I dont agree when you say you stepped out from Jacey because staff was distributing sweets….and this is why you did not buy the netbook…despite travelling so long…sparing all these time…just coz some sweets??? Did you at least ask them for some sweets???
    Come on man…most of the staff at Jacey are very kind. I dont think one of them would have refused to address you if you talk to them. A computer shop is not a “boutik” where you walk and the guy asks you….”wi missier….ki ou pou prend”. I know jacey since 10yrs or more. They are a pioneer..they are amicale and friendly. The joke I liked most from you: You asked somebody…he didnt came…sorry…didnt come…!

    At Tushal> You topped up by paying additional Rs850 so as to get a higher performing card. Because the equivalent card that I was supposed to replace you was a GT220 512MB.

    At mina> There is a mauritian saying that says: Do you trust your own hands?? The answer is no. Therefore I dont trust my technicians. I had case of fraud, theft that were discovered well after. Also, if you read all my answers in this blog, just know that Tushal was given a card on SAME DAY on loan. So, how can you still say bad after sales service?? You should not read bits and pieces…you should read all before commenting.



  3. meilleur place pu asT pieces computer c’est jacey(cot lopital civil ou pli facil derrier casernes central). depi 4 yrs mo asT pieces computer r li ek jamais line donne moi locassion fer complainte so prix li imbattable ek so after-sales service li tro top ek moi mo 1 technician computer. Jacey( so ban pieces top quality. Jamais zote pu ggne complainte r li croir moi depi 4 yrs mo pren tou ban pieces cot li


  4. @fastclick: to ene top toi} .. lol .. moi kin passe ladan, to pli koner ki moi, lol ..

    i stepped in, they saw me, and they resumed with their sweets, simply because they thought “ene piti 15 ans sa, kot li pou kav aste netbook sa”

    and let me tell you one thing, i went to talk to a cashier about the netbook, the way she looked at me as if i owe her something, and one of the others were sitting on a table while talking loudly, i asked for one, he never came, i did went buy that netbook elsewere..

    i stayed there 10 whole minutes waiting for somebody, nobody ever came!

    mais to ene top toi, to pou sanz laveriT laaa, cki to dire pou vrai .. lol .. to conne tou 😀

    you may find it weird but i care more about being respected than paying less! dont treat me like sh*t only because im 16 😦


  5. @Yashvin

    I think that you should take employment as Consumer Protection Officer since u solved this case in 1 day while Tushal was struggling with it for the past 6 months. From your experience, maybe it will an easy task for u to protect the consumer rights of 1.2 million Mauritian. why are u wasting your time @ DCDM consulting.
    Keep it up!!!


  6. Tushal 9500Gt la nvidia … dan bez mem sa car li trop chauffer … ki fer to p prend Ati man pa cav reparer sa banne carte la.prend ene lot plitot 🙂


  7. Just wished to share these with you guys, i have been buying computer parts with the guy since 2007.

    At that time fast click did not exist, we used to meet in NPF parking in his car to the sales/returns, lol (btw the car was like a megastore of computer parts). There were time when parts were not compatible or faulty or failing but they were replaced without any issues.

    But one thing which i would agree with you guys, at times fast click employees do not treat complaints or call backs seriously (thing which i experienced myself).

    The best thing to do in these cases is to call Ashwin and you are sure to get your problem sorted out. I am sure as Ashwin said, its not about a Rs3000 graphic card but maybe more of a miscommunication issue.

    Cheers Avinash


  8. “Play Solitaire or Mario Bros, no need for any high performance cards, that will save you money and a lot of time too .”  lol, laughed a lot at that comment haha

    Tous sa-la pou ene malheré 2600 rupi. ^^

    better buy an HP dx series pc from the start , though high price, but no worries for a long while 😛


  9. They really employ retarded people ! had an encounter with 2 of them eating like pigs at the infotech 2013 and when asked what to do to play the lan.. they referred me to teenagers who were playing !!..


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