Discovering the Planking craze

Planking. The word might seem weird and new, isn’t it? Perhaps a bit stupid too. But in fact, this “practice” has recently (and dangerously) gained attention over the world. And tested it briefly for you today, but let me re-assure you, we did nothing dangerous nor special 🙂

A few days ago, I came across this word on Facebook and it was a bit of fun when I really discovered it. Basically, it consists of :

  1. Laying face down with your legs straight, and toes pointed
  2. Keep your arms straight too on your sides, and fingers pointed.

It seems so easy, isn’t it? But the challenge here is to do something unique and exceptional.

A few shots of Zainab giving a try :

And that’s me, trying to lay down on a stem :

A few ideas from youtube :


You must probably be laughing at us right now, and at me more specifically, isn’t it? Planking is easy and straightforward as long as you are laying on a flat surface.

But holding your whole weight on one or two areas is pretty tough, and even more if the contact areas are small. And don’t forget that you also have to lift up your legs so that they are at a horizontal level, same for your arms.

According to Jaya, there exist 2 yoga poses which includes a few steps with a very close resemblance to this planking. The cobra posture and the boat posture. Still remember the wind relieving pose?

One of our fail trials (Thanks to Zainab for playing the game) :

Till now, I haven’t come across any planking attempts made by our Mauritian Facebookers but there exists an official planking page where people around the world contribute by sharing their shots.

However, be careful! Don’t attempt to do anything dangerous for the sake to have a nice planking shot. A guy fell from the 7th floor while trying to plank on his balcony. That was his last planking attempt. So, take care and don’t blame me if you break your bones.

btw, many thanks to all of you who participated in the previous post. Over 120 people promoted this blog by clicking on the “Recommend” button and 15 more people shared the post on Facebook.

So, the next things you should do right now :

  • Click on “Recommend” or “Share” or both
  • Add a comment about how you find this new craze. (Again, we just tried it, we are not really fans.)
  • If you wanna give it try (you are not forced to), do share the photo or link in the comments section 🙂

Happy Planking!

16 thoughts on “Discovering the Planking craze

Add yours

  1. A tribute to planking. There are a lot of stuff like that on the internet.
    “Photobombing” is actually very popular.

    But mentos in coke will be forever my favorite.


  2. What a great way to burn out calories and rip those abs off! Didn’t know it was called planking and it was game whatsoever but I often do gym planks in my training sessions.


  3. Eat with plank!

    Translation: manz ar li planss.

    That was probably my most fecal contribution to date…

    No! Let’s reverse it and everything else: the reverse-plank pose is actually a pose for total relaxation that I’d recommend to all those who have trouble finding rest, composure, calm and sleep: bonne nuit les petits…


  4. Ok let’s hope this is not a dangerous craze like the one where kids strangle themselves in the school yard! So what do you call people who do planking….. Plankers or ???kers ??


  5. lol, funny indeed! so much better than that stupid ‘duckface’ craze storming over the world.. and i think i saw some mauritian girls doing it on fb, i think im gna punch my screen if i see that again.


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