Should politicians respect their opponents?

It is no secret, some (if not all) politicians use strong words and very often, an abusive language while criticizing their opponents. Each one of them have their own approach to bring their opponents down in order to gain the confidence of the population.

But very often, they cross their limits and they do not realise that they are sending a bad signal to the population. Sure, the political agents are there to applause and whistle during the speech but one should not take that into consideration.

They are only puppets, paid to dance to the tunes of the political parties.

Now that the general elections are only a few weeks away (5th May 2010), the number of traditional “meetings” and “reunions politiques” will multiply throughout the island.

I hope that the long awaited guidelines for the forthcoming elections will put things right and bring some ethics and respect in this dirty politics.

Previously, Mauritians have witnessed several incidents right in the National Assembly, the same place where most political decisions are taken. I also wrote on a similar topic similar in November 2009.

So, dear politicians, please spare me from those personal attacks and rude words used while addressing to the Mauritians.

How do you think the politicians should behave during the coming days?

Can someone please mail me a few pics that I can include in this post?
(including those from different political parties).

Puppet image (modified) from here

20 thoughts on “Should politicians respect their opponents?

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  1. I like the title. and agree to it. Although i’m not a big fan of politics, nor i am in favour of any specific party ; after watching the discourse of our dear Paul Berenger on mbc yesterday, (as a young citizen of this country) i was utterly disgusted!

    Some of what he said, I quote :

    “Quand mo get rashid bebejaun, mo gagne PER mo dir ou!! taler so leker al areT! mo gagne per moem!!”

    “Javier duval li, li souriant partout! Mem dan lenterrement li souriant em (while doing a mock of the person), ile maurice : c’est un plaisir , ‘THOU’ (spitting action) ”


    Well, i certainly would NOT want such a joker to become my prime minister.

    I’m neutral by the way. 🙂 I wonder what the MMM supporters have to say to this.


  2. Listening to some of the political press conferences you sometimes wonder whether it is a “slander” match. I get tired of hearing the negative abuse of political opponents. So far none of the political parties have clearly presented, in detail, their political program for the future of the country. I am sure that voters would like to know what social changes are proposed instead of hearing how bad opposing individuals are. So far, I have no clue as to what the major parties will offer if they are elected. It is a poor political scene which leaves the electorate just voting for their favourite colours without substance. It reminds me of football matches with a lot of flag waving.


  3. I hate MMM…Love Labour party

    Berenger is jealous…he knows that he will lose…thats why he is making fun of them….and I don’t think that people will vote him.


  4. wehh marI dialogue BerengeR in largE hier .. suis “Non-political” et d’apres moi Paul Berenger remplace Komiko xtra bien .. [moV riyE mne riyE hier] ..


  5. If you have the population behaving like kids in the playground, then what do you expect politicians to do?

    The population gets the government it f*cking deserves.


  6. @Yashi : Unfortunately since you are not in Mauritius, I guess that you haven’t heard the speech (and watched the gestures) in the speech mentioned by the friends above. Tune to the MBC’s web site and view yesterday’s news bulletin of 730pm…


  7. I watched Berenzer’s speech. It was hilarious. He should consider being a stand up comic after the defeat of his party. Making cheap shots is common in election campaigns. Get over it.


  8. @Yashvin: I read about the speech. The funny thing is that we are all acting surprised as if it’s the first time this has happened. This has been going on forever, and that’s only because we Mauritians (the majority) love it, hence my comment about the politician mirroring society.


  9. @yashvin: so what?? well, let me just repeat myself, this has been going on for a long time, so I don’t know why everyone is surprised. And secondly, people love it, all politicians love it, that’s why it has been going on for a long time.

    That’s what.

    Should I repeat my whole comment again? I have already done it twice, I could do it a third time if you want.


    1. Politics is what drives this country, whether we like it or not. Dirty, foolish or funny, we Mauritians are the one who choose the members of the govt.
      You got to live with it…


  10. Hey Yashvin kan eski to pou fer ene review banne site web banne parti politik?

    Examples dezastres: Si to get site msm, to pou trouver ki ena critik sithanen et ptr. LOL. pas update du tout. pareil pou ptr ki p encore provide link a programe lalliance sociale 2005.

    2010 la, non? lol


  11. It clearly seems by their behavior that they are fighting for power and not for the country… Had they been fighting for the country they would have more concentrated on the benefit that would be offered to the people here rather than criticizing their opponents.


  12. Yeps,its true. I agree that most politicians badmouth their opponents. They should in fact tell what they will be doing for the citizens, what are their plan of strategy for the economy in the forthcoming years? How will they serve us, Mauritians are not interested in listening to these “commentaire”. But nope. i believe most politicians should go and pursuit a course of political science. This will help them to be a better politicians. Respect is MUST. Politicians are role models and like an old saying “we lead by example” so what are we gonna learn especially youngsters.
    that’s what i think..


  13. i’d love to see the speech.. loool.. buh for sme reason i hvnt been able to view anefin on mbc’s web..

    Buh yhh this aint the 1st tym.. its always been this way in mru!! & yu sed it ryt Yashvin “we all gotta live it” .. i guess changes dnt exist in mru.. atlst political changes dnt!! 😉

    To my view politicians should respect their opponents.. @ the end of the day it aint about them getting personal!! its all about what they’ll be doin for the country to progress if elected.


  14. By speaking such words and repeatedly insulting others in meetings he lost credibility. I am amazed that the ladies in his party did not ask him to tone it down a bit. It destroyed the image of a responsible official and I am sure it lost quite a number of votes. Hearing that kind of language from someone standing as a candidate for PM would make anyone think whether you would want that person representing your country. I believe he committed political suicide the party would be better represented by a female leader.


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