Yashvinblogs Awards 2017

Ladies and gentlemen, The whole team behind the most prestigious and most awaited awards of the Mauritian Web has the utmost pleasure to welcome you for theĀ 6th consecutive year to our in-house awards ceremony, the Yashvinblogs Awards 2017. Held annually, this ultimate aim of this ceremony is to recognize the immense contribution of the various... Continue Reading →

Should politicians respect their opponents?

It is no secret, some (if not all) politicians use strong words and very often, an abusive language while criticizing their opponents. Each one of them have their own approach to bring their opponents down in order to gain the confidence of the population.

Whom should you listen to?

Wait ! Let me be clear first, I am keeping this post neutral and I won't side with any political parties.

While some would say that Politics is really dirty, others might say its amazing and confusing..

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