Motocyclette, Pas doubler dans gauche papao!!!

After spending a superb night camping in Flic en Flac with Nitin, Vissen, Elie, Ashley, Charles and Yash, I woke up at 10am and decided to return back home. I was feeling sick and could not stand the sight of bottles anymore.

So, I drove back home and on the way, I dropped 2 of them in Port Louis. And right in front of “Cinema Anand” in Triolet, a motocycle hit the side of my car while I was turning to my right. The picture below best describes the accident.

The motorcycle came out from nowhere and crashed right into the front passenger’s door of my car. I stopped the car immediately and got out to see what happened. Fortunately, the rider got up and was not hurt. And at that moment, I saw his police uniform on him. Yes, he was a police officer and he was overtaking other cars from the left…

Then, I parked my car a few meters away to discuss what we should do. My car did not get any scratch but his motorcycle was a bit damaged. I explained to him how he was at fault by driving in that way. He kept his mouth shut and asked me to accompany him to a garage to get his motorcycle repaired. I told him that I was not going to pay a cent from my pocket and if he wants, we can do a “Constat ร  l’amiable” or file a police case. We met in the police station where he refused to do an agreement between us.

I was OK for a police case since I knew that I was not the one to be blamed. As more police officers surrounded us to hear about the accident, I felt even more confident that I was not at fault. I refused to accept any guilt and the police officers there started to write down the details.

We got into a police vehicle and went to the accident spot for marking the point of impact. The rider (police guy) tried to give another version by marking a different point of impact so that he could trap me. I clearly said that it was much far away and the proof : Fresh traces of petrol could be seen at the point where he crashed into me and he fell off his motorcycle.

Then, we got back to the police station and after some 30mins, he sent another officer to tell me if I would agree to go on with an agreement (“Constat ร  l’amiable”). I said yes and finally, the guy decided that it was not so serious. I am sure that the reason behind this stepping down is that as a police officer, he knows that he will lose the case.

He told me that he is cancelling the case and there won’t be any need to do any agreement. Before I left the police station, we both signed in the diary book to set everything on paper.

And that makes another additional proof that confirms that I know how to drive confidently on the roads ๐Ÿ˜‰

#FAIL and Shame at you, driving your 2 wheels carelessly despite being a police officer!

Sure, I lost nearly 2 hours today but at least, this accident gave him a small lesson about how he should be driving ๐Ÿ˜›

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  1. sa banla jamais pou cmprnd sa yashvin (la queue cochon jamais pou vin droite). . Jour ban motocyclette aret doubler dan gauche, mo mange mo propre savatte!


  2. bannes lor 2 roue pli vulnerable lor sime ek malgrE sa zotte pas prend precaution.

    Letemps to retournE asoir to trouV combien pena phare, pena mem antenne zotte roulE mem.


  3. lol b ki masine to ti p ruler, n catapillar blinder???? akoz to pane gagne n ti egratignure si ๐Ÿ˜›

    li so moto in damaged.. saem mo p ask :p


  4. Fran tout! Ban motocyclette ban malade ca.

    Et moi dans to place, mo ti pou filmer tout. Pour ki ban garde la gagne 1 bon lecon.


  5. รƒยขy0 les policiers d’ojurdhui . fioufff ๐Ÿ˜ฆ .. en passant tne pan tire photo mobylette laa ?


  6. @Carrot : yashvin always wins ๐Ÿ˜›

    @Tushal : Zamais motocyclette ti ena 1 fason sire pu conduire. Mo penser ki bisin eduque population bien, mais kel exemple. Policier meme p faire li!

    @Fadil : Heureusement, mo loto pane gagne narien. akoz si ti pu ena 1 ti rayer si, l’assurance pas ti pu couvert mo croire bien.

    @Vicks : Encore ene fois, la polis bisin plis controle zotte.

    @Saheer : haha, ene ti rayer pena. C du solide man!

    @Frantz : si ti ena mo camera, mo ti pu faire 1 ti reportage tout ๐Ÿ˜› lolz

    @Le_Voyageur : Mo pane pense prend foto moto la lol. c pas important ๐Ÿ˜›


  7. Glad to hear there are no injuries. This is quite a common example of an accident due to negligence. The motorcycle rider must have seen that the traffic had stopped to let you turn but he still tried to pass at speed.


  8. Luckily no one gets hurt. mais ki fer to penser lassurance pa pu couvert ene rayure?? dude, im sure you are paying a lot to the insurance company to insure your car. so whatever damage/scracth resulting from an accident (in which you are not at fault) they will have to pay for the repair. dont let them bs you. im sick of their yearly premium increase and each year,they will come up with something to justify the increase. unless you are a manager/ceo/president of a company.


  9. A picture is worth a thousand words…

    Dans to cas, si ban policiers la ti faire zot travail complet, sa policier la ti bisin gagne ene lcontravention parce ki line doubler dans gauche!

    Failing to follow ‘code de la route’ and causing accident!


  10. Hahaha doubler dan gauche c Highway pour mobilette les gars.. Alors nou les chauffeur de 4, ou 6 roues.. Nou plis bisin peur pour les mobilette ki nou transport rayer..


  11. 1. Traces of petrol sa ou traces of mazout camion?? so colour pa imper trop noir?
    2. to pann prend nimero loto ki ti donn toi chemin?
    3. to ti kav tir 1 ti foto motocyclist la (coumsa nu osi nu ti pou kav prend compte kan nu trouve mam la) ๐Ÿ™‚
    4. “.. I was feeling sick and could not stand the sight of bottles anymore…” 1 chance to pann dir sa dan station ๐Ÿ˜›
    5. hmm.. from the diagram.. p paret to next car pou 1 Mazda RX8 ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. @Aum :
      1. Petrol motocyclette la sa. so sipa tank ti tomber tout lol.
      2. Na, pane pense sa ditout, malheuresement
      3. lol, cpv essaye trace sa. bisin veille li passer!
      4. lol. I was not drunk, for sure. Et en plus, plis ki 9hrs ine passer since last drink.
      5. **shy** didn’t get any nicer pic ๐Ÿ˜›

      @Jo : Indeed, justice done against a police officer ๐Ÿ˜›

      @Michael : Kouma mo ti dir laO, bisin faire ene bon education, pas zis “Met linze couleur pu remark zotte lo simin!”

      @Dragon : hmm, sa fodait kikene dans le domaine cpv dir nu si to ena raison. Toute fason, si sa ti al la cour, cpv li ti pu ramasse so bezer ๐Ÿ˜›

      @TL : Insurance excess sipa ki, mo pas trop comprend. Apres nu cpv koze sa ๐Ÿ™‚

      @Mike : Indeed and I am sure that some people would have quietly accepted their guilt and paid the reparations of the motorcycle.


  12. What would you have done if
    (a) your car was damaged to some degree (more than a scratch)
    (b) the culprit (i.e. the policeman) gave another version of the accident (lying), thus incriminating you. For sure, according to your statement he was trying to find a way to incriminate you.

    My fiancรƒยฉe had a car accident on friday, a guy did not brake on a crossroad while waiting to have way and reversed (by failing to brake or balance his car) into her car. He then denied all accusation when he realised there were no real witnesses and that she was alone in her car.
    Thank God that there were no real damaged done.


  13. fr tention astere bne la pas rode mete sa r twa akz tone fr 1 policier baisse latete.. lol. zot bien grand noir sa bne mams la.. :p


  14. “motocyclistes, cyclistes et pietons zot en metal zot…ban voitures et autres vehicles ki en chair et en os…zot pa pou ggn dimal donc zot fer c ki zot envi lor chemin… c’est ban chauffeur ki bizin per atansion zot bleC…” voila la mentalitรƒยฉ des pietons et usagers des 2 roues dan notre Beau Pays q’est l’ile maurice…ban 4 roues et autres vehicles zot couyon zot paye road tax akoz ici chemin pa pou zot… des fois ggn envi desan ale bez zot 4-5 coup pieds…pfffff….


  15. bon c vre ki to pa ti pu gagne oken kas depi lasurans akoz to sipozer depass n excess lerla bnela paye li pu toi…

    par example, ena lasurans so excess 8k, donc mem si to loto asurer tu risk, sipa ki risk enkor, si loto la in endomager imper e ki lasurans so expert in evaluer damage la < (less) than 8k, then toi em to paye to zafer… mem si li 7500, to bzn paye tu..

    aster si damage la in evaluer lor 9000 wid an excess of 8000, zen lasurans pay 1000 e toi to paye to excess 8000… lolzz :p

    bon saki mone dir zot la, c proprieter laem entort e li ena lasurans tou risk…

    bt pu toi yashvin, sa moto la entor, donc mem si ti pu ena n egratigner, b moto la so lasurans ti pu done toi all…

    anyway.. mo pa koner sipa zot in compran kisoz, bt pli kler ki sa kk lolzz

    remaining at your disposal lolzz


  16. lol saheer ena raison.. si moto la ine accepT li entord, so lassurance pou rembourse toi tou banens degats.. li pou prend imP letemps though.


  17. la police p fer campagne sensibilisation pou de to deux la roux.. lor la la police meme p double dans gauche.. bez sa.. la loi li pa applique pou tou dimoun..


  18. @Bernardo : hmm, for sure, if my car was damaged, I would have insisted for a constat a l’amiable or a police case.
    Yeah, the large difference between the markings showed that he was trying to set up something fishy. And finally, since he refused to go further with the case, he feared that he might be blamed for his driving…

    @Kavish : Fortunately, the police officers there were neutral. They did not try to influence my decision. And the motorcycle guy worked in a different region.

    @Sach : Mone fek poster ene lot foto lo mo photoblog. Ene boug p saryer ene bar feraille lo so moto! pff! Ene lot exemple bien commun lo nu chemin.

    @Saheer: Hey seryer, tone donne mwa imper la limiere lo sa la ๐Ÿ˜‰

    @vicks : wai, letemps la sa sire. en plis, l’assurance bisin vine cheker tout sa.

    @vyky : l’exemple vient d’en haut… lol


  19. Li vrai ena certain Motocyclis pas con roule moto me pas pacave dier tous dimoun pas cone roule moi gramatin tanto mo servi moto pou mo al travail Apre gouvernment in provide sime pou moto ou double a gauche pan bon ou doudle adroit pa bon nous prend l’exple 1 mobylete li pa capave roule omillier ban chauffeur loto dier roule dancoin aster quand ou tourn a gauche ou pa met flacher ou pa zet un coudeil dan retroviser et pas blier mo travail chauffeur dan companier prive . Dont forget when you make drive slowly and have look carefully


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