Vivement les vacances! Zéro embouteillages!

Ah, si seulement la circulation pouvait être aussi fluide tous les jours…

L’utilisation de notre réseau routier existant peut être exploitée convenablement. Et si les heures de classes étaient ajustées afin de réduire le nombre de véhicules sur nos routes?

Certes, le nombre réduit de bus n’est pas le seul facteur qui est responsable de cette fluidité sur nos routes. Il y a aussi beaucoup de parents qui sont en vacances ou même certains qui quittent la maison plus tard que d’habitude afin de s’occuper de leurs enfants. Peut être certains laissent aussi leur voiture au garage? Et faut pas oublier, certains fêtent encore la Pâques 😉 Joyeuse fête à eux!

Alors, vous en pensez quoi sur ce sujet?

12 thoughts on “Vivement les vacances! Zéro embouteillages!

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  1. Bien vrai. Meme mo pena zenfant mo sorti 20 min plu tard aster, and no need to faire le tour to avoid traffic these days… Donc a lot of people do leave their children to school as well…


    1. @Kavish : Bonne kestion!
      I can say that in my company, we have the possibility to adjust our working time… that’s great 🙂
      Other companies should follow this too… flexi time, that would solve lot of problems.


  2. I think bisin mete ene bus lane…kot cki voyage par public transport gagne priority to reach somewer 1st!!..ek de nos jour….ena boku Bus climatiser…alor priviledge these thgs…Perhaps if in a first instance, govt makes people pay at a very cheap price…lerla zot pou voyager…


  3. flexi time ou bien travay lakaz em.. c vrai ke ein peu travay to oblizer al buro.. mai i think some can be outsourced to home.. there is telephones, skype, video conferencing, email.. mcroire fax oci ggne envoyer par internet si ena scanner nah?
    bus lane entierement dakor.. mai pou change bne structures d routes.. sa hard.. cmbien lakazs to kner ki a peine 1m depi la route? kot pou al aranze bne bus lanes la?


  4. I’ll have to dissagree with you. From ‘baie du tombeau’ to ‘pailles’ the traffic is still congested.

    Just this morning, i was stuck in port louis AND in pailles. It is indeed holidays.

    I hope they open the new lane soon enough..


  5. Adjusting the school hours or opening another side-lane is not a solution in the long run (this will just delay the pb). The pb is that the no. vehicles will continue to increase but the roads are gonna stay more or less the same!

    There should be other “alternative” routes (why not equally robust than the highway?) to serve the purpose of linking the main cities.

    Encouraging people to leave their cars for the public transport, I personally don’t think that’s something which is going to work in the current context of Mauritius. In other countries it works, because the means are well adapted to the comfort of the people.


  6. A real 24/7 public transport culture around the office areas would definitely encourage people to leave their cars, as well as work on shift. Let’s hope it becomes reality in the near future. HRDC has a lot to do. We can’t rely on NTC for that. It just has to start with 1 route e.g. Ebene-Rose Hill-Quatres Bornes-Curepipe at night from the other operators e.g. UBS, RHT… And the rest will follow…


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