How was your first beer?


I must admit it, I hated it at the first sip.

Usually, for the first time, the setup might be like this: You are at a small family party/gathering. While the “adults” are drinking beer and eating snacks seated at some table, the younger ones are playing domino or carom in some corner. Then, someone brings in a glass of beer so that others can taste it.

“Beurkkkkkk! jamais pas pu boire sa!”

And now, some years later…. No comments…

uni beer

I discovered the ‘real taste’ of beer during my university days, thanks guys! 😉 Very often, we still talk about those wonderful days… And now that we are all working, life is even better…

Anyway, just finished a bottle of Phoenix at home, like a big boy.

Bon Weekend Everyone!

Oh, I nearly forgot… What about your first beer?

btw, Alcohol abuse is bad for health… I bet you know about it already!

22 thoughts on “How was your first beer?

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  1. my first reaction was like ‘ how do they enjoy that thing :s its really creepy to drink that..’ till now i haven’t still drank this


  2. fran tou, same as you.
    au debut, burk, li pas bon, li amere. coka, fanta, and sprite was best at that time 😉

    mais doucement doucement in commence par ban vin.
    vin roser et vin blanc(mateus, black tower, etc ).

    apres pas coner comment mais la bierre so gout passer. puis in alle avec ban whisky, tequilla, rom, sambuca, etc etc


  3. my first taste: damned i hated it… it was fuckin disgusting…

    Years after: Holy fuck, this is a fuckin sacred drink, how could i ever have it.. its just PERFECT! i drink more beers than water per week!



  4. well ive tasted beer for the first time when some was left in the bottom of the glass of some uncle or dad …found it gross..but then i learned to appreciate it..and really nothing beats a chilled beer when its hot!


  5. I can’t even stand the smell of beer…so drinking it is totally NOWAY!!

    Am a non-alcoholic drinker..never really liked the taste of them..except for a lil bit of osi..pffff!!!!


  6. That picture:
    Mé! Sé enn top candidat pou le jeu: Where is it?
    Pa kott James ça: abé kott-ça ça? Dan cascade Réduit? Kot CEB, derryerr terrain football CNFF? Pré kott UoM mem ça?
    Doing this nowadays is apparently illegal. Good old days…


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