Reasons to say “Bravo!”

The budget 2010.

[sorry, no image 😛 wow, its really a pain to look for a suitable picture here]

Strangely, the Mauritian blogosphere did not get overloaded with budget related articles. Anyway, following were announced yesterday evening :

Salary increase as from January, decrease in price of tv sets, fluorescent bulbs among others, Rs5000 grant for solar water heaters, creation of thousands of jobs, new income tax policies, and above all, no VAT increase during the last 5 years!!!

There are loads new benefits, I won’t get you bored, don’t worry.

Most Mauritians are quite happy with this budget, but of course, there’s always insatisfaction in the opposition party.

Anyway, after all, “l’Opposition”, the name says it all!

The mauritius police force


I must admit : The police force is giving very good results since some months!

They are becoming our local “CSI Les Experts” 😛 

Good job guys!


foot henry

[image via]

Note it down, it is the FIRST time ever I am talking about foot on my blog! Anyway, I don’t really know if I should call it Football, Rugby or Handball.

I wanted to include this section after watching the MBC news a few minutes ago. I have the impression that the french people do not really care about how the goal was scored. (A bit out of subject I know 😛 )

The French themselves would say : “La fin justifie les moyens.”

Anyone wants to share some more reasons?

6 thoughts on “Reasons to say “Bravo!”

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  1. Want to know if prices of moto decrease or nt i wanna buy a GN125h SUZUKI new. Thx any suggesgion have i can obtained a particular num like V7.


  2. Budget: how about the removal of customs tax on LCD TVs. Too bad for me I have already bought one.
    Football: I guess you would say the Irish were robbed…


  3. Henry Le Cheat.. Capitaine de L’équipe de France. Le message donné au jeunes. Il faut tricher/voler pour pouvoir gagner. Bravo Thierry Hand’ry


  4. I was not particularly happy with the budget, and I explained the reasons why here: I am not convinced about your statement “Most Mauritians are quite happy with this budget” ??? Have you conducted a survey to know that? L’ did one on the 18 Nov 2009 (results here: and most respondents were against the budget.

    Concerning Thierry “The Cheat” Henry, not the first cheat, not the last one either … We need video evidence in modern football to prevent cheats from winning.


  5. les francais sont chauvins , enfin surtout ceux quon entend a la télé!
    ce qui compte pour eux c’est detre en coupe du monde!


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